#Freestyle055 Each and every week, sometimes more than once a week, we deliver True BARS, and yes it’s for the Culture!!! Ok this week is def a fire, the Boy Vado came Thru and ripped Harlem properly!!

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The Night: keep it funky, Vado did this last week and although he’s been asking to come up for a sec(and we knew he was going to kill it, but there’s a process), we had to space out the heat from last week to the heat of this week. So that night, when I pulled up, V was in the whip already there and waiting. but he stays downstairs in the car while Arsonal did his thing, then I came back down and got Vado, We get up stairs, and a discussion of ‘which woman is better to a man’ which got very factual, but in the mean time I saw V was getting ready. When it was go time, he went;