Bruh, listen to me, this DJ segment Flex is giving the world is literally Hip Hop Life!! Ok if you’ve been lying attention, nothing but the skillful have graced the our presence and if you’re like me, you appreciate every bit of it!!!

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I have to be honest, I take pride and appreciate this seg just a little more than you because I also Produce it, but when I watch it, it feels like I’m watching it like everyone else, like I wasn’t standing right behind the camera crew(s/o to AP, Jamison, Costello, Promotions Beth and Kelsey, and everyone else that works Hard on this) while it was being recorded, like I didn’t put time in making sure the details got set correctly…. I look at it with pure wonderment!!! Look at how Boogie is cutting up points in the record we didn’t even realize existed, see near the end when Flex realizes Boogie is showing us more key break beats Just Blaze didn’t get to…. this DJ thing bro, it runs deep!

Here’s some personal Info about Boogie Blind that gives you some insight on how he came to be the DJ he is:

– Where is the DJ from

– Where did you get your DJ name

‘Boogie blind is from me playing basketball it just stuck with me’

– Who was/is your inspiration as a DJ

‘My inspirations is my uncle artie art and my mentor Roc raida’

– First exposed to the craft when

‘I was exposed to djing by my uncle’


– When did you start as a DJ

‘Started spinning at 6 years old’

– First record you bought and in what format?

‘First record i brought do or die bed stuy divine sounds’, (Vinyl of course)

– Last time you carried a crates (if you ever did)

‘I still carry records when i do 45 sets but last crate was in 2001’

– Who have you carried crates for

‘Carried crates for roc raida at club vinyl’

– Best place in the world to DJ is

‘Best place to dj for me Japan and england’

– Biggest misconception about a DJ is ______

‘Biggest misconception is tuntsbilist cant rock parties stages clubs etc’

– Favorite song to play at a party

‘Favorite song to play is poison bell biv devoe’

– Favorite fallback song

‘Fall back song bust a move young mc lol’

– You can DJ for anyones party, dead or alive, that person is ______

‘I’d love to do a red alert bday bash’

– First time you bombed

‘I bombed at atlanta dmc 1999 i was shook’

– First time you rocked

‘First time i rocked was in 85 block party in my hood the kingdome’

– Toughest crowd to impress (doesn’t have to be a city, could be situation or event type)

‘Toughest is young urban crowd syou gotta remember fillers and be on point and rock the mic no really about skills but selections and timing’