We have another winner from the #FunkFlexFacebookMessenger to be in the #InFlexWeTrustFreestyle Series!!! Every 2 weeks a talented unsigned artists gets That opportunity… spit next to Funk Flex!! Also the top Curator gets a chance to be recognized on camera, and be listed as Flex’s A&R’s!

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A chance to live one’s dream, at least for some, rap on a level that is known to be at the height of the Freestyle Genre, spitting next to Funk Flex, that’s the Bar for BARS… what is that really worth?? Some believe thousands of dollars, and they would definitely be correct, it’s just some of the some that are taking advantage of that fact and hoping to ‘get’ you to pay a whole lot out of your pocket for a chance to ’skip the line’, BUT there is NO ’skip the line’!! Our Platform is you pay $20-$30 for submission, then you get people to vote for the random order of artists(It’s Nice and Fair that way), and organically people float to the top and BOOM, a winner happens!!

Now what did Lightwork Jay get for spending his initial $30 you ask… well I am more than happy to tell you;

* A Post on InFlexWeTrust.com
* Promo from InFlexWeTrust IG/Twitter(50K+)
* Promo on Funk Flex IG page(800K+)
* Promo on Funk Flex FB Page(Almost 1M)
* Promo on Funk Flex Twitter Page(850K)
* To Freestyle next to Funk Flex
* And who knows, if Flex likes your freestyle, it might get some radio burn(MAYBE, IF he Likes it)

Lightwork Jay, and Acosta before him, and the artist(’S) that come after him all know…. Funk Flex’s name next to them alone is invaluable, and it’s the same reason the scams out there are working…. BUT only through M.me/FunkFlex, paying through PayPal where you are financially protected, can you get this value!!!!

Now let’s talk about the Free Part, to Curate and become an InFluencerWeTrust / an A&R for Flex….
Get in there and let your ear to those tracks, let your opinion be heard…. BUT don’t just click buttons trying to get a prize, you will do the artists and yourself a disservice, PLUS we know when that happens! But those that are truly voting will get a chance to be seen in the freestyle with Flex and the artists… EVERYBODY WINS!!!