(Photos) NFL: Emails Reveal Tom Brady Calls Teammates & Coaches “Babe”, Takes Shot At Peyton Manning


More and more documents and details continue to be released to the public as part of Tom Brady’s appeal of his suspension. While most of them are irrelevant pieces of information the casual fan wouldn’t care about, a few of them are definitely interesting such as him calling coaches & teammates “babe”. Probably just a running joke with the team but his comment about Peyton Manning has been catching everyone’s eye.

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(Photo) NFL: Tony Romo Signs Endorsement Deal With Under Armour


Tony Romo’s bank account just got a little heavier as it was announced he has signed a deal with Under Armour, as the company continues to make strides in the market.

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(Video) NBA: Chris Paul & Elfrid Payton Try To Make Each Other Look Bad On The Football Field


It might be the offseason, but NBA players are looking for any excuse to get into the gym and stay fit. That includes Chris Paul and Elfrid Payton, who worked out together at a local D1 Sports gym on Tuesday.

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(Video) NBA: Brandon Jennings Is Still Firing Shots At Meek, Calls Him Corny, Says His Career Is Over


Brandon Jennings is definitely loving the beating Meek Mill is taking almost as much as Drake & his fans are. Jennings once again was firing off at Meek last night after returning from OVO Fest. It’s not really his fault he got so involved in this but it feels like he really enjoys it.

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(Photos) MLB: Tracy Morgan Receives Huge Applause At Yankees Game In Rare Appearance Since Accident


Tracy Morgan received a huge round of applause in the Bronx last night when he showed up and sat behind home plate at the Yankees game. It was one of the few appearances he has made recently since the tragic accident that almost killed him and did kill his friend, James McNair.

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(Photo) NFL: Proof Revealed The Baltimore Ravens Snitched On The Patriots Deflated Balls


The Baltimore Ravens have steadfastly denied any involvement about initiating this entire deflate gate fiasco with the Patriots and the NFL but they can’t deny and lie anymore. Transcripts were released of Tom Brady’s testimony in his appeal with the league and along with that was the email that started it all.

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(Video) NBA: Blake Griffin Talks About Beef In Hip Hop, Sounds Like He Is Siding With Drake


Seems like every possible popular athlete or entertainer has sided with Drake in his “beef” with Meek Mill. It’s feeling like it’s the whole “sitting at the cool kids table” effect, where currently Drake seems like the popular jock in high school and Meek is just the nerdy quiet kid so everyone wants to pile on. It’s going to be very interesting if Meek winds up firing back with something crazy and all these people who publicly took sides wind up seeing him and want to show love.

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(Photo) Sports: Meek Mill Gets Roasted By Wrestling Legend Scott Hall For Disrespecting The Undertaker


Everybody has an opinion about the Meek/Drake beef and I mean EVERYBODY. At this point you all know the backstory so I don’t need to recap but when Meek came back with “Wanna Know” he sampled the music of WWE legend, The Undertaker. The beat was so mean but the song overall didn’t live up to the hype. Apparently another former legend in the ring, Scott Hall, was not happy Meek decided to use the Taker’s theme song and then not come strong with it.

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(Photo) NBA: Steph Curry Shares A Family Moment With Daughters Riley & Ryan


Steph Curry and his wife, Ayesha, were blessed with another baby girl, Ryan, last month. Of course, the Warriors star already had a daughter, Riley, who became loved by NBA fans this spring after she took over some of her daddy’s postgame press conferences. Now she has competition for cutest daughter ever but that isn’t stopping her from showering her baby sis with love.

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(Video) NFL: Janay Rice Says It “Pisses Her Off” When People Call Her Husband Ray A Wife Beater


Whether you agree with her or not, Janay Rice is still vigorously defending the integrity of her husband and currently “former” NFL player, Ray Rice. The couple did an interview with ESPN which aired yesterday, talking about Ray’s battle to find a job again and how things have been since that fateful night in Atlantic City when Ray hit her.

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