NBA: Draymond Green Doesn’t Want To Give Lebron Mental Edge, Might Not Wear His Custom Lebron Kicks On Xmas


Draymond Green is in the midst of an all-star caliber type season and is the glue that holds the high powered Warriors team together. He is averaging close to 15 points per game, 9 rebounds and 7 assists and he has been putting up those strong overall numbers while wearing custom Lebron’s. Thanks to the Warriors Christmas Day matchup with the Cavs however, Draymond may have to put the Bron’s away.

NBA: Russell Westbrook Hands Out Gifts To Homeless Children In OKC


Russell Westbrook is one of the best players in the NBA but he is also one of the best guys off the court as well. He gets a bad rap from the media on occasion because of his playing style but those people are morons. He gives all he has and that includes his personal life. Russ and his “Why Not Foundation” helped over 60 homeless children in the OKC area celebrate Christmas and bring some joy to them and their families.

(Photos) Sports: People Are UPSET With Michael Sam After He Tweeted Out Star Wars Spoiler


There are already plenty of people who have had enough of Michael Sam and now you can add fans of Star Wars to that group as well. Football fans already stopped acknowledging his existence but until now, people outside the sports world really didn’t have any reason to dislike him. Sam tweeted out a spoiler about the movie and shortly after realized what he did and followed it up with the tweet that said “#oops”. We aren’t going to post the spoiler he revealed but we do have some of the reactions from folks on twitter and they now hate Sam as well. If you search his name on twitter right now you will see even more hatred. Check the gallery!

(Video) NBA: Gilbert Arenas Is Still Going With The Jokes Directed At WNBA Players


What Gilbert Arenas has been saying this past week about WNBA players is not cool. I have even seen people agreeing with his statements but he purposely wanted to be disrespectful about it and that’s not right. Last night he shared a video to his Instagram page saying this was the last of the jokes. This time was kinda funny because it wasn’t so much a personal attack on WNBA players but more so about woman wearing Jordan heels, although he does throw some jokes in the caption.

(Video) NBA: Reggie Jackson Puts Bulls Doug McDermott In The Spin Cycle For Real!


Reggie Jackson of the Detroit Pistons made Doug McDermott of the Bulls look real silly last night. In the third quarter, Jackson immediately knew he had McDermott where he wanted him when he switched on to guard him. He went right at him and had him spinning and looking all types of ways as Jackson went right by him.

(Video) NBA: Paul George Had No Filter Last Night When It Came To Calling Out Refs


Paul George can expect a fine in his mailbox soon. A visibly frustrated George couldn’t help from calling out the entire crew of refs after the Pacers tough 104-97 win over the Nets.

(Video) NBA: Draymond Green & OJ Mayo Have Altercation At Conclusion Of Warriors/Bucks Game


The Warriors got revenge on the only team who can say beat them this season with a 121-112 win over the Bucks last night. It was a good game on both sides and everything seemed fine until Draymond Green & O.J. Mayo had some words with each other after the buzzer and then pushing & shoving began.

(Photos) NBA: Kevin Durant & Kobe Bryant Had A Casual Dinner Last Night


Nothing to see here. Just two of the biggest basketball superstars on the planet casually eating dinner among the common folk. The Lakers are in Oklahoma City today for their game with the Thunder and the leaders from each team decided to have dinner together last night. Who knows what was discussed but you can bet your ass there are going to be too many people who think this is a possible sign of Durant leaving for LA next season. Check the gallery!

(Video) MLB: Dodgers Star Yasiel Puig Got Beat Down Outside Miami Bar


The night before Thanksgiving, Dodgers star Yasiel Puig got into a fight at a Miami Bar and now we have the footage to go with it. Employees of the Blue Martini bar stepped in and told Puig he had to leave after he and his sister got into a heated argument that reportedly got physical. One of the employees is trying to escort Puig out when he tries to slap him. That’s when you see an entire mob of people rush Puig and knock him to the ground and appear to pummel him briefly. For his side, Puig still denies ever touching his sister.

(Audio) NBA: Listen To Iman Shumpert’s 911 Call As Teyana Taylor Gave Birth


Iman Shumpert dialed 911 as Teyana Taylor started to give birth to their daughter but Shump was calm, cool and collected and pretty much delivered the baby himself. The 911 operator was somewhat of a douche bag at first but then he realized what was going on and did his best to give advice to Shump. You can hear both Teyana & Shump getting emotional in the background and who wouldn’t? They just witnessed the birth of their first child together and they pretty much handled everything on their own. Salute to the new parents and to their healthy babygirl. After this, I am sure nothing basketball related will phase Shump.

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