(Photos) NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers Cruise Ship Rescues Refugees Stranded At Sea

The Pittsburgh Steelers cruise ship made an unexpected pick up on their trip today. They spotted a raft in the Gulf of Mexico with 16 refugees just floating away at sea with nowhere to go. There are many Steelers players aboard the ship and they couldn’t believe what was happening.

NFL: Redskins Sue Former Player After Accidentally Paying Him $40K & He Refused To Pay It Back

Former Redskins linebacker H.B. Blades had an unexpected come up in late 2013. He randomly received a $40,000 payout from the team he hadn’t played for since 2011. It was a clerical error on the part of the team but when they tried to collect the money back, Blades was not trying to hear it.

(Photo) NBA: Crazy Fan Pays More Than $4,000 For Small Piece Of Steph Curry’s Game Worn Kicks

Yes you read that headline correctly. A fan dropped more than $4,000 not on an actual game worn pair of kicks from Steph Curry but on literally just a small piece of one sneaker.

(Video) NBA: DeMarcus Cousins Frustratingly Drills Chris Paul In The Back Of The Head With A Basketball

Players in the NBA are always trying to throw the ball off their opponent’s body if they feel themselves falling out of bounds with the ball. This case just felt and looked a little different. DeMarcus Cousins is a big man and I am sure he can throw a basketball with some serious force and Chris Paul can attest to that. As Cousins seemed to be losing balance, he chucked the ball with some real speed right at the back of CP3’s head. Now like I said, it could have been just a basketball play, but Cousins face right before it showed his frustration which makes this play look like he purposely did it. Pretty funny though.

(Video) NBA: Lebron Chokes With Game On The Line, Airballs Buzzer Beater In Loss To Raptors

Lebron James already gets alot of hate despite his greatness and I don’t like to pile on but damn man! Great players can’t miss shots like this that badly at that point in a game. The Cavs lost to the Raptors 99-97 last night but the Cavs had their chance to win it with the ball in King James hands. The result however was one of the worst memories you will ever have of a failed buzzer beater.

NBA: Doc Rivers Wants To Have Challenges Similar To NFL Coaches

Doc Rivers is fed up with getting burned by referees bad calls only to have the refs apologize after the fact. It has happened a few times now according to him which is why he thinks it is time for NBA coaches to be able to challenge a call from the ref, just like how NFL coaches can.

(Photos) NBA: Warriors Players Take Shots At Former Players Who Think They Could Beat Them

So this edition of the Golden State Warriors are in the process of maybe rewriting history in the NBA but that isn’t good enough for some people. There are many former players out there who think a team they were on would beat Steph, Klay and the rest of the crew. One of those guys, Stephen Jackson, said his own Warriors team from 06-07 would handle this group. For the record, no the hell they wouldn’t but it started a chain of other former players like Cedric Ceballos to also chime in with their opinion of what their former team would do. In the end, Steph, Draymond Green along with Andrew Bogut shut everyone down with a funny back and forth on twitter regarding the topic. Check the gallery!

NBA: Kobe Bryant’s High School Coach Motivated Him By Telling Him Vince Carter Was Better

We all know Kobe is the ultimate competitor so it comes as no surprise that something that happened about twenty years ago could still motivate him till this day!

NBA: Report, Joe Johnson Will Turn Down Cavs & Sign With Miami Heat Instead

Joe Johnson officially clears waivers tomorrow afternoon after the Nets agreed to buy him out. Most people thought the idea of him joining Lebron and the Cavs was a lock but as it turns out, it sounds like Johnson is going to take his talents to South Beach and link up with D-Wade and the Heat!

NBA: Steve Kerr Mocks Oscar Robertson & His Advice On How To Stop Steph Curry

Earlier this week, NBA legend Oscar Robertson had some advice on how to stop Steph Curry. His advice for lack of a better term was based on an old school mindset but after Steph went off for 51 points last night, his coach Steve Kerr took the chance to Mock the Hall of Famer.

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