(Video) NBA: Former Dodgers Manager Hopes Something Very Bad Happens To Donald Sterling’s Mistress


Ever since Donald Sterling’s racist comments leaked out, his friends have been doing their best to distance themselves from him. He really has had no support from anyone which is what should happen after you say disrespectful, hurtful things about people. One person however who somewhat spoke up for him was former Los Angeles Dodgers manager and hall of famer Tommy Lasorda. He speaks on being Sterling’s friend for 30 years and he isn’t surprised by the comments he made, but he shouldn’t of made them. So he doesn’t really defend him but he acknowledges they are friends. His real issue obviously seems to be with V. Stiviano. He wants her to get hit by a car, but doesn’t wish her back luck, lol. I get the feeling Lasorda knows things about her after knowing Sterling for so long. I don’t want her to get hit by a car like Lasorda does, but I do wish the media would stop giving her attention. She is doing anything for a little fame and she did not release those recordings because she wanted to take a stand for minorities. She released those recordings for her benefit only. Hit the jump.

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(Video) NFL: Women Wearing Barely Anything Try To Become NFL Cheerleaders


The Philadelphia Eagles have some important decisions this week. The NFL draft starts Thursday, but before that they have to deal with another big decision. Cheerleaders! The Eagles held tryouts yesterday for over 50 women trying to make the squad for next season. It is safe to say some of them had no chance, but a few of the contestants look like they will do quite nicely at the pro level. Hit the jump.

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NBA: Report, After Firing Mark Jackson, Warriors Trying To Get Steve Kerr As Coach Before Knicks


Just when things finally are starting to look somewhat organized for the Knicks something has to come along and throw that off. Everyone knows the Knicks are planning to hire Steve Kerr as their new coach, some say as early as this week. With his long time relationship with Phil Jackson, Kerr has seemed destined for the job ever since Jackson was named president of the Knicks, even though Kerr has no coaching experience. Now another team who made their own coaching move is trying to break apart the marriage before it even starts. Hit the jump.

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(Video) NBA: Kevin Durant Gives Emotional, Tearful Speech While Accepting MVP Award


Kevin Durant had basketball fans all over the country fighting back tears yesterday during his MVP acceptance speech. After accepting the award, KD spoke for about 28 minutes with no pre-written speech, just spoke from the heart. He thanked each teammate individually, with special comments saved for Russell Westbrook. Surprisingly enough, he also had extra special words for Kendrick Perkins and Caron Butler for messages they have given him throughout the season. He broke down in tears numerous times, but especially when talking about his mom, calling her the real MVP. This was by far the best acceptance speech in NBA history. Nothing was cliche about it. Hit the jump.

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NBA: It’s Official! Kevin Durant Named 2013-14 NBA MVP!


Kevin Durant can now officially be known for something other than winning scoring titles. The Oklahoma City Thunder star broke through and was named MVP of the league today for the first time in his career. After averaging 32 points per game this year, he is the first player to win the scoring title and MVP in the same season since Allen Iverson did it in 2000-2001. Lebron James, Blake Griffin, Joakim Noah & James harden rounded out the top 5 in MVP voting, but KD ran away with the vote overall.

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(Video) NBA: Zach Randolph Suspended For Game 7 Against OKC For This Punch


Even though personally I want the Oklahoma City Thunder to win their series against the Grizzlies, even I have to say this is a cheap call. The NBA today suspended Grizzlies big man Zach Randolph for tomorrow’s deciding game seven for “punching” Thunder center Steven Adams. Punching is in quotation marks because it is hardly a punch. In fact during the game itself it was just called a normal foul. For some reason the league reviewed it today and decided the suspension was necessary. With that said it pretty much kills any chance of the Grizzlies winning the game against the Thunder. Hit the jump.

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NBA: Phil Jackson Delivers Message To Carmelo Anthony


Last week Phil Jackson and Carmelo Anthony went out to dinner and you had to know they were going to talk about nothing but the Knicks. Carmelo will opt into free agency officially on July 1st and Phil and the rest of the organization are doing everything they can to convince him to remain in New York. Melo has repeatedly said he would like to stay with the Knicks, but he also wants to play for a winner. Translation = He will stay with the Knicks if they show him something worth while. He has legit options when he enters free agency to leave New York and head elsewhere like Chicago or Houston. But reports say Phil delivered Melo a message during dinner and wanted to talk with him about it.

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NBA: Breaking News! Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Finally Speaks, You Won’t Believe What He Said


Donald Sterling has finally broken his silence. We have not heard anything from him since the tape of his racist comments was leaked last week. Everyone has been wondering what he is thinking and when would he speak. Today we finally have some answers but from the sounds of it he still doesn’t care about the words he actually said. Hit the jump.

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(Live Stream) Boxing: Watch The Floyd Mayweather/Marcos Maidana Weigh-In Live On #IFWT @6PM


The day is almost here. Floyd Mayweather takes on Marcos Maidana tomorrow night at the MGM Las Vegas. You can watch the live weigh in right here today. The feed goes live at 6pm. Hit the jump.

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(Video) MLB: LOL, Yankees Announcer Raps Jay Z Lyrics During Game


Not too often you can watch a slow moving baseball game and suddenly hear lyrics from one of the best rappers ever coming through the speakers of your television. During the Yankees game, Bob Costas, most known for his announcing of Olympic events, was covering the game with former Atlanta Braves pitcher John Smoltz when a sign was shown in the crowd referring to former Yankee Robinson Cano having “99 problems but the playoffs ain’t one”. As you all know, Cano left the Yankees for the terrible Mariners for a bigger pay day. The sign spurred a hip hop moment in the life of Costas as he educated Smoltz on the lyrics, lol. Hit the jump.

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