(Video) NFL: The NFL Doesn’t Want Players Using The “N-Word” & Here Is How They Plan To Stop It


This has long been a word that instantly sparks debate & controversy and that will never change. While some people may accept it as common use and a word of endearment, there will also always be people who still believe it is a very disrespectful word and will never allow it to become part of their vocabulary. Yesterday ESPN did a special about the use of this word in sports in light of some recent incidents that involved athletes. I personally don’t believe a network such as ESPN had the right to make themselves the stage for such a debate, because the use of this word goes much deeper than just being used in sports, but some good points were brought up. The NFL is attempting to make sure the word is abolished from the league by penalizing players who use it on the field, but is it realistic to enforce such a rule? Hit the jump for more.

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(Video) Sports: Still Killin’ Em! Lil Terrio Goes Slow Motion With This Dunk!


It has been a little quiet for Lil Terrio the past few weeks. Last time we saw him he was doing media day at the Super Bowl. But in classic Terrio form you know he will pop back up soon. Hit the jump to see his post today of him going airborne (not really) to dunk on what looks like a 4 or 5 foot rim in slow motion. Still manages to be funny somehow.

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(Photo) NBA: Paul George Gets Emotional Over Pacers Trading Danny Granger


Most NBA fans saw this day coming, but if you are the players involved it doesn’t make it any easier. Ever since the emergence of Paul George for the Pacers while Danny Granger has missed the better part of the past two seasons, the writing was on the wall for George to replace him as the star of the team. With the Pacers playing so well with and without Granger, the trade they made yesterday only made sense. George, who was pretty much mentored by Granger ever since the Pacers drafted him made a heartfelt post to his Instagram shortly after the trade. Hit the jump.

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(Video) NBA: Top Plays From Last Night With Lebron, KD, James Harden & More


The game between the Thunder & Heat had all the attention and for good reason, but there were some other big plays from around the league last night as well. Hit the jump.

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(Video) NFL: OUCH, Terrell Owens Gets Roasted & Nothing Is Off Limits!


Damn they did T.O. dirty! But in this case it was for a good cause. At a charity event last night in Philly, Owens was the guest of honor and he got it bad. As he sat on stage and was roasted, the jokes got more and more personal. But he deserves alot of credit because I am sure he knew that would happen but he took it all with a smile. Some of the jokes would really make you cringe though. Hit the jump for the video.

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(Video&Photo) Sports: WHOA! Is This The Best “Poster Dunk” EVER??


Tristan Carey plays college basketball for a small school called Longwood University in Virginia. But his dunk might live on the same way the super star dunkers do! In a game against Radford he literally took the term “poster dunk” to a literal level. People in sports always like to use that term when someone gets dunked on real bad, but there usually is not a image that could be put on a poster to go along with it. Well, not this time. The defender who shall remain nameless for his own sake is even caught looking right at the camera with a face that is basically saying “oh sh*t I am about to be on a poster”. Watch the video after the jump, but the video does no justice compared to the pic itself. Hit the jump to see both.

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(Photos) NFL: Damn, Redskins Star Fred Davis Arrested For DWI, Fell Asleep At Stoplight


This has been a bad, bad week for Redskins tight end Fred Davis. Earlier this week he was suspended from the NFL “indefinitely” for violating the league’s performance enhancing drug policy. He claims he took a substance that he did not realize contained ingredients that were on the ban list. Now late yesterday he was arrested for DWI, in the middle of the day! It is already bad enough to be arrested for that, but dude was that drunk at 3:45 in the afternoon?? Hit the jump for more and for pics of the arrest.

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(Video&Photos) NBA: How You Living? Russell Westbrook Shows Off His Orange Lamborghini


I wouldn’t expect anything different from a dude who loves to dress as loud as Russell Westbrook does. Prior to last night’s game against the Heat, cameras caught Russ pulling into the arena in his bright orange Lamborghini. Of course the car is dope. At one point this was a white Lambo, but Russ had the entire car done to what you see today. Hit the jump for the video and pics.

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(Photo) Sports Jokes: (Update) LMAO, Justin Bieber’s Citizenship On The Line In USA vs Canada Hockey Game


Update as of 2:15pm: Well Team USA Lost…Guess we keep Bieber 4 more years!

This is so wrong, but hilarious. If only it were true! A billboard in Illinois apparently didn’t think a spot in the Gold medal hockey game was enough of an incentive for Team USA & Canada today. The company who owns the billboard thought something else might makes the teams play harder. That something is Justin Bieber. And no, it’s not for the winner, it is for the loser of the game. We all Know Bieber is Canadian but has made his fortune and his stardom here in America. With the not so good news that has seemed to surround him lately, some Americans have grown so tired of him that even a petition was created recently to deport him back to Canada. Well Command Transportation, the company that owns the billboard decided to make it simple. Loser of the game has to keep Bieber and that’s that. The sad part is if this was a true wager, I can guarantee the hockey game in the Olympics would get the biggest ratings it ever saw! Hit the jump for more.

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(Photos) Boxing: You Thought Beats By Dre Was Expensive? Check Out Floyd Mayweather’s Diamond Headphones


I mean they obviously don’t call the man “Money” for no reason, but we already knew that. Floyd loves his cash and he loves to show us that he loves his cash. Make no mistake though, for as generous as Floyd is with himself, he is never shy about spending money on people he cares about and people who help him day to day. Just so happens today is a day about himself. If you thought Beats by Dre headphones were pricey then you will faint when you see Floyd’s diamond encrusted headphones that had a price tag of over $10,000! Hit the jump for the pic.

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