NBA:(Video) Pau Gasol Loses Bet…Has To Do WHAT For First Time In 9 Years?


What most men do on a daily or at least weekly basis, Pau Gasol seems to never do. Pau lost a bet to his brother Marc Gasol and was forced to shave for the first time in 9 years. Now I am a NBA fanatic and I have seen Pau with facial hair shorter at times than others. But I guess that only counts as a trim. This shave was the first time in 9 years he had no facial hair whatsoever. His beard obviously does not really grow. Even with trimming it, can you imagine how some dudes would look after 9 years of no real shave. Hit the jump for the video.

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NFL:(Video) Crazy! Von Miller Gives Himself A Tattoo


Last week, California based tattoo artist, Phillip Spearmen flew to Denver to tattoo Von Miller and his father. While I am sure Spearmen did most of the work, Miller at one point is putting the ink to his skin himself. Miller seems like a quirky kind of dude, so him giving himself a tat, really does not surprise me. Hit the jump for the video.

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NBA:(Video) Dwyane Wade Catches Flat Tire On Way To Lebron’s Wedding, Everyone Wants a Picture


When you are a celebrity, simple things can become major. If most of us catch a flat tire on the highway, nobody will care. They will drive right past you and look at you while they do it, lol. But Dwyane Wade caught a flat today on the way to Lebron’s wedding weekend in San Diego, and even though he didn’t have to change the tire himself, just the fact D-Wade was there made things take longer. The guys trying to help are talking more about taking a photo with Wade than actually helping, lol. Got one dude doing all the work in the background. Him and Gabrielle are just stranded and waiting. Hit the jump for the video he posted.

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Boxing:(Live Stream) Watch The Floyd Mayweather/Canelo Alvarez Weigh-In Live At 6pm


You can watch the live stream of the Mayweather/Alvarez weigh-in right here. Click the link after the jump. The link will be live as of 6pm EST.

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Boxing:(Video) Adrien Broner Shows Up To Floyd Mayweather’s Gym…Floyd Talks Fighting Broner


There has been alot of whispers lately about Adrien Broner being out of shape and gaining weight. It got worse when talks started of pushing Broner’s next fight, which is scheduled for December, to sometime after the new year. Well seems like he wanted to kill any rumors and showed up to Floyd Mayweather’s practice session at his gym and wound up in the ring against Floyd’s sparring partners. Hit the jump to see more and to hear what Floyd says about a possible fight with Broner.

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Football:(Video) WOW!! This Football Hit Isn’t Even Fair, But Damn!!


Valley High School in Pennsylvania has a new star. Sophmore D’Aundre Johnson! The football player delivered an incredible block that just destroys a player from the other team. We have all seen hard hits watching games, but this block is seriously crazy, lol. The player is left on the sidelines with his helmet off trying to figure out what just happened. Hit the jump for the video.

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NBA: Kevin Garnett Says He Showed Rondo How To Be A Leader


I sure hope someone taught Rondo how to be a leader and better person for his teammates. Rondo has racked up a reputation as a player that teammates do not like, and being tough to coach. Now that he is the only all star on his team for basically the first time in his career, people are wondering how good Rondo really will be. Kevin Garnett thinks he will be fine because he showed him how to be a leader. Hit the jump for more.

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NBA: Will It Ever Stop?? Lamar Odom Charged With DUI


Earlier today, Lamar Odom was officially charged with DUI, regarding the night of August 30th. He was pulled over while driving on a freeway in Los Angeles. Police pulled him over for going to slow and suspected he was under the influence. Odom, however, refused to take any tests. He had his day in court today and it did not go well, but could of been worse. Hit the jump.

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NFL: The Drama Continues…Mark Sanchez Says He Is Better Than Geno Smith


The Jets are fresh off a hard fought lose to the New England Patriots last night. But it seems the organization can not get away from looking like a dysfunctional family or circus. The Jets have become a joke around the league, mainly because of the whole Tebow issue last year, and the coaching staff. Things are not getting any better with the current uncomfortable quarterback situation within the team. Even though Mark Sanchez is hurt, he feels he won the QB job. Hit the jump to see more.

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NCAA: Fake Drake Sighting Makes Texas A&M University Go Crazy


Drake causes a frenzy wherever he goes, even if he is not actually there. There is a huge college football game this weekend between Texas A&M and Alabama. Texas A&M features Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel, who since winning the award has become quite a celebrity and is friends with a bunch of stars, including Drake. Drake will be at the game Saturday to cheer Johnny on, but a Texas A&M student decided to make her campus go crazy when she tweeted pics she claimed she took herself of Drake being on campus. Problem was Drake is nowhere near the Texas school, and wont be until Saturday. Hit the jump to see the photos.

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