Sports: Usain Bolt Withdraws From Jamaican Olympic Trials, Status For Rio In Doubt

The fastest man in the world might not get a chance to defend his name thanks to a torn hamstring. Usain Bolt suffered the injury yesterday, during the Jamaican Olympic trials. Bolt won his 100-meter semifinal heat with a time of 10.04 seconds. He complained of a tight hamstring after his preliminary race on Thursday, and the pain resurfaced after his semifinal run.

NBA: Report, Dwyane Wade In Talks With Knicks & Bucks After Feeling Disrespected By The Heat

Dwyane Wade might just be using the Knicks & Bucks out of spite but for the first time in a while, it feels like he truly could leave the Miami Heat. Reports have indicated he is currently feeling some disrespect courtesy of Pat Riley and the Heat front office. They offered him $10 million for next season which is a slap in the face considering what other players around the league are getting. Not too mention it would be a $10 million dollar pay cut from last year. The Knicks, Bucks and Bulls are a few of the teams that could benefit from Miami’s slip up.

(Photos) Sports: NFL Players Are Mad They Didn’t Play In The NBA After The First Day Of Free Agency

With so many NBA players cashing in yesterday and the rest of this week for that matter, it’s easy to be envious of the money being thrown at them. About $1.7 billion dollars were committed yesterday alone to free agents with the majority of them being overpaid considering their output on the court. You had the record breaking contract of Mike Conley for five years/$153 million, which makes him the highest paid player in league history but there was much more spending going on than that. NFL players took notice and couldn’t help but feel a certain way seeing as they put their bodies on the line and make much less than their NBA counterparts. Some of them expressed themselves on twitter while all the deals were going down. It’s much easier to pay 12-15 guys on an NBA roster than it is to pay 53-60 players on an NFL team. Check the gallery to see how they were feeling.

NBA: Mike Conley Resigns With Grizzlies For Five Years/$153 Million Making Him The Highest Paid Player Ever!

Mike Conley has never made an all-star team. He has never been selected to play for team USA in the Olympics. He has never won an MVP award or even been recognized as the best player at his position. Today however, none of that matters because one thing he does have is the richest contract in NBA history! The Grizzlies have reportedly offered a five year deal worth $153 million. On average he will make more than $30 million per season which is the highest ever.

NBA: Report, Dwight Howard Signs Three Year/$70.5 Million Dollar Deal With The Atlanta Hawks

Dwight Howard wanted out of Houston and he got his wish. He has agreed to a three year contract with his hometown Atlanta Hawks. The deal is reportedly for three years/$70.5 million dollars. Howard had expected to meet with a few teams but the Hawks made him feel loved and he didn’t feel the need to meet with anyone else. The Hawks certainly won’t be contending for a championship with him but if they can win and build something the next couple years then this deal is probably a success. Howard has averaged 17.8 points and 12.7 rebounds in his career with the Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets.

NBA: Ayesha Curry Launches New Food Delivery Service Called “Gather”

We already know Ayesha Curry has skills in the kitchen. Now you will be able to sample her cooking via her new food delivery startup, Gather. The company will deliver ingredients and recipes directly to your door on a weekly basis. Each week a Gather box will arrive with Ayesha’s favorite meals for you to cook and share with your family and friends.

(Photo) NBA: Matthew Dellavedova Gets $38 Million From The Bucks, Lebron Makes It Clear The Cavs Won’t Match The Offer

Lebron’s intentions were in the right place when he tweeted about Matthew Dellavedova’s offer from the Milwaukee Bucks. He just wanted to congratulate a friend on getting a nice offer on the free agent market but he indirectly made it clear the Cavs were already moving forward without him. The Bucks offered Delly a four year/$38 million dollar deal, which the Cavs have until July 10th to match since he is a restricted free agent. Well GM/Coach/Player Lebron tweeted his excitement for his friend and wished him good luck in Milwaukee, meaning there is no way in hell the Cavs are going to give that type of money to him. Delly won’t be part of a winner like he was in Cleveland but $38 million has a way of making you happy regardless of where you are. Check the gallery for Bron’s tweet!

(Photo) NBA: (Update) Is Joakim Noah Officially With The Knicks? Post Picture On IG Wearing Knicks Hat

We have an update! The deal is now official! Noah has agreed to the four year/$72 million dollar deal that was referenced earlier in this story. Now they will set their sights on finding a starting shooting guard. *Original story below* The Knicks expect to have a deal done with Joakim Noah by the end of today but it looks like he is already making it official! Noah posted a picture on his Instagram a short time ago where he is rocking a Knicks hat and added a simple caption of “Jah Bless”. This is a move Knicks fans have been anticipating for days and it appears the wait is just about over. There is pretty much no way the reported four year/$72 million dollar deal will fall through at this point but just to be technical, it’s not official on paper yet. It definitely looks like it is in Noah’s eyes though! Check the gallery!

NBA: Bucks O.J. Mayo Dismissed From The League & Basically Banned For Life For Violating Drug Policy

Milwaukee Bucks guard, O.J. Mayo, who once was being referred to as the next Lebron coming out of high school, has now been kicked out of the league and is basically banned for life after he violated the league’s drug policy.

NBA: Stay Up To The Minute On All The Free Agency Moves Right Here!

We are on day two of free agency and don’t expect the money to stop being thrown around today after $1.7 billion dollars were agreed to on day one. There are still some big names out there that will affect the contracts of role players and stars alike. Guys are getting seriously paid thanks to the increase in the salary cap and while most of the players appear to be getting overpaid, the market says these guys are worth it, so it is what it is! From Timofey Mozgov’s surprising deal with the Lakers to the Grizzlies keeping Mike Conley for an eye popping $153 million, we got you covered with all the deals!

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