(Photos) NBA: Lebron James Hates The Lebron 11 Kicks??


Sneakerheads and basketball fans alike may have noticed something about Lebron this season. His highly marketed and sold “Lebron 11′s” are barely ever touching the feet of King James himself. He has been wearing the Lebron 10′s almost every game with a couple exceptions. I personally prefer the 10′s over the 11′s anyway, but there is a very good reason Bron has refused to wear the news ones. Hit the jump.

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NFL: Adrian Peterson Said He Thinks About Playing For WHAT Team?


Vikings fans are scared to death as they read this, lol. They can relax however, at least for now. AP is under contract until 2017 in Minnesota, but we all know star players have a tendency of getting their way when they want it. Peterson is from Texas and admitted he still thinks about playing close to home for the Cowboys! As a Giants fan myself, I never want to see that man with a star on his helmet. Hit the jump to see what he said.

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Boxing: Watch the #RigoAgbeko #TapiaKirkland #MacklinRuss live weigh-ins TODAY at 3pm ET @HBOboxing


HBO’s hit late-night boxing franchise wraps its 2013 slate with the world-class tripleheader HBO BOXING AFTER DARK: GUILLERMO RIGONDEAUX VS. JOSEPH AGBEKO, JAMES KIRKLAND VS. GLEN TAPIA AND MATTHEW MACKLIN VS. LAMAR RUSS, presented SATURDAY, DEC. 7 at 9:45 p.m. from Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, exclusively on HBO. The HBO Sports team of Jim Lampley, Max Kellerman and Andre Ward will be ringside for the action. Hit the jump now to see the weigh-in for these fights live!

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NBA: Report, Kobe Will Be On The Court For The Lakers This Sunday!


We have constantly been hearing about possible return dates for the black mamba himself, but this one seems legit! Coach D’antoni admits even if for whatever reason this Sunday does not work out, the return is only “days” away. While doing an interview with ESPN Los Angeles, Kobe said “We got to see how it feels tonight. I’m going to try to get another hard session in and then [Friday] morning try to push it again and the same thing tomorrow evening. Continue to just keep on measuring it”. The Lakers have surprisingly been playing decent without their hall of fame leader. But everyone in La La land knows they need Kobe back to be respected and remain in a playoff hunt. There is probably no other player in the league who is as competitive as Kobe, so if he can go Sunday he absolutely will. The Raptors are the Lakers opponent on Sunday, they better be prepared.

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NBA: Miami Heat Looking To Make A Trade


The Miami Heat are currently 14-5 and in second place overall in the eastern conference. Not in a bad spot at all, but they know they could be doing better as well. The Heat are currently looking to make a splash in the trade market because of the issues they are having with Dwyane Wade. Hit the jump for more.

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NBA: Report, Carmelo Anthony Is Going Hard To Convince Rajon Rondo To Come To The Knicks!


Earlier this season there were whispers of a possible Knicks/Celtics trade involving Rajon Rondo, Iman Shumpert and Amar’e Stoudemire. That deal obviously never really went anywhere, but now reports are saying Carmelo is constantly in Rondo’s ear about trying to make him being a Knick a reality. Hit the jump.

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MLB: More Breaking News, Yankees Curtis Granderson Leaves The Bronx For Queens!!


The Exodus from the Bronx continues for some of the Yankees best players. Robinson Cano just signed with the Mariners for 10 years/$240 million and now Curtis Granderson has signed with the New York Mets for 4 years/$60 million! Granderson didn’t have a great year this past season because he was hampered with injuries, but before that he was playing an a all-star level for the bombers. Luckily for him he probably won’t have to move from wherever he lives since it is still NYC, but like Cano, whenever he shows his face at Yankee stadium in a visitors jersey he will be booed to no end. If he can stay healthy this should be a pretty decent move for the Mets.

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MLB: Breaking News, Robinson Cano Signs 10 year/$240 Million Dollar Deal With The Mariners!!


So long New York! Robinson Cano better get used to crappy weather, but I am sure $240 million dollars in the bank will make those rainy Seattle days fun. Reports are saying Cano has agreed to a 10 year/$240 million dollar deal with the Mariners. This comes not long after the Mariners President stormed out of a meeting with Cano and Jay Z, after they asked for more money at the last minute. The original offer was expected to be around 9 years/$225 million, but when they showed up, Jay Z asked for 10 years/$252 million! The Mariners walked out of the meeting extremely angry with Jay. But obviously after thinking about what Cano can bring to their team, they met in the middle and settled on $240 million. This contract is a big risk for the Mariners because of how long it is for with Cano’s current age. Congrats to him on the new deal, but there is no guarantee he will be happy in Seattle for the long term.

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(Video) NBA: Which Current Member Of The Lakers Said “F*ck Jason Kidd” !!


Sounds like “Spill-gate” still gets under the skin of some Lakers players. Jason Kidd pulled that stunt at the end of the game between his Nets and the Lakers. The Lakers still won but it seems Shawne Williams is still bothered by it. He basically accused Kidd of cheating and right off the rip says “F*ck Jason Kidd”, before catching himself and trying to be a little more politically correct. Maybe Williams is really mad at the fact that if the Lakers were in the eastern conference right now they would be around third place, instead of eleventh place like they are currently in the west. Hit the jump for the video.

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NFL: SMH, Russell Wilson’s Seahawks Teammate Pretended To Be Him To Get WHAT?


This story is actually pretty funny. Seahawks defensive lineman Michael Bennett realizes his quarterback Russell Wilson is a much bigger star than he is. So why not use that to your advantage to get something nice off the field right? Well he went for it and it worked, hit the jump.

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