NBA: Report, Kevin Love Already Knows Where He Is Signing After Next Season?


Teams around the league are already drooling over the prospect of Timberwolves big man Kevin Love being a free agent after next season. Even though it won’t be till 2015, teams are already making roster moves to be in a financial position to acquire Love’s talents. It is a known fact that he will not re-sign in Minnesota. He already gave them his loyalty once by signing an extension, but that will not happen again since they organization has done nothing to show him they are interested in being a contender. But according to reports, unless you live in one specific city, you can forget about Love being on your team. Hit the jump.

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NBA: Which NBA Team Might Be Interested In Trading For JR Smith??


When rumors of the Knicks putting JR Smith on the trade market earlier this week hit the internet, most just chalked it up as a scare tactic. But with the benching last night during the Knicks win over the Heat, some have started to give more credibility to that story. Former NBA coach of the year, and current ESPN analyst, George Karl says there is a team out there with an interest in smith and they have considered signing him before. Hit the jump.

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(Video) NBA: LOL, Rockets Mascot Scares Players After Practice, Reactions Are Hilarious


This is funny. Air Clutch, the Houston Rockets mascot was checking the hearts of Rockets players coming out of practice. Some of the reactions are real funny, but I think Dwight Howard knew it was coming. Hit the jump.

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(Video) NBA: SMH, Dwyane Wade, Lebron & The Heat Sing Karaoke & Damn They Are Bad


They may sound terrible, but you are guaranteed to laugh. The Heat are hosting a charity event called “Battioke”, where the players themselves and some others will be on stage trying to win the crown as the best fake singer. Hit the jump to see the promo for the event.

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(Photos) NBA: LMAO, Gilbert Arenas Post First Selfie & Former Teammate Nick Young Goes IN On Him!


This is hilarious. Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas, who is in the midst of trying to make a comeback to the league, posted his first selfie to his Instagram account. Current Lakers guard Nick Young, who was teammates with Arenas back with the Wizards just destroyed him in the comments under the pic. Might be a while before Gil posts another pic. Hit the jump.

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(Photos) NBA: Was Kevin Durant’s Phone Hacked? Disrespecful Messages Sent To His Family Members!


Athletes time and time again post something to twitter and realize it was a mistake and attempt to hide behind the whole “I was hacked” act. But this time it seems like the truth. Last night Kevin Durant’s twitter account posted a pic of him smoking hookah, which was quickly deleted. Hookah is not a bad thing, therefore there would be no need to delete such a pic. Durant himself actually posted a pic of him smoking hookah a few months back, so it’s not something he is ashamed of. The more concerning thing is KD says his entire phone was hacked, not just his twitter. Disrespectful text messages were sent from his phone to family members, as well as the picture on twitter being posted without him doing it. Fellow teammate Nick Collison backed him up when deadspin ran a story on it saying he knows for a fact KD was in the middle of airport security when that pic was posted and it would of been impossible for him to do it. Hopefully his phone is good now, because I can only imagine what type of messages were sent to his family. Hit the jump to see the tweets he sent out about the matter.

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(Video) Sports: You HAVE To See This! 9-Year Old Girl Dominates Varsity High School Basketball


9 year old Jaden Newman is no joke. The 4th grader at Downey Christian school in Orlando Florida is terrorizing the competition at the varsity level on the basketball court. Make no mistake, this is not some case where the older kids are letting her score because they feel bad and don’t want to hurt her feelings. Jaden is the one hurting feelings out there by averaging 15 points and 7.5 assists per game. Remember, she is only NINE! She will be playing varsity basketball for the next 9 years she has left in school. I am sure opposing coaches in the state are already sick at the thought of that. Hit the jump for her highlights and you will see what I am talking about.

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NFL: Fanatic?? NFL Fan Brings Lawsuit Against The League For What?


Some fans are just way too much. Of course it is cool to be passionate about your favorite team, but sometimes you have to re-evaluate your priorities in life. This NFL fan, Daniel L. Spuck, who happens to be a Steelers fan, brought a lawsuit against the league last week for allowing the San Diego Chargers to make the playoffs. This dude really thought he was going to be able to stop the playoffs, lol. Hit the jump to see the case he tried to make.

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(Video) NBA: ICYMI, Knicks Hardaway Jr Soars For The Putback Dunk Over Ray Allen!


Everything was going right for the Knicks last night in their win over the Miami Heat. Shot were falling, they were playing team ball, everyone was making an effort. One of the best plays of the night came courtesy of rookie Tim Hardaway Jr, who threw down a sick dunk off a missed jumper by Amar’e Stoudemire, right over the back of Ray Allen. It immediately brought the garden to it’s feet. Hit the jump.

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(Video) NBA: LOL, Bad Night For Kenneth Faried, Durant Breaks His Ankles, The Reggie Jackson Posterizes Him!


The Denver Nuggets beat the Thunder last night, but it cost Nuggets forward Kenneth Faried a couple embarrassing moments. Early in the game Kevin Durant literally had him on skates with a crossover, and a little later guard Reggie Jackson exploded to the rim and threw it down in the face of Faried. Knicks fans, remember, this was the player they wanted to trade Shumpert for in November. Glad that didn’t happen. Hit the jump for the plays.

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