(Audio) NBA: James Harden Is Still Confused As To Why He Wasn’t Selected For Any All-NBA Teams

At first glance when you see James Harden’s stats for this past season, 29/6/7 per game, it’s shocking that he didn’t make any of the three All-NBA teams. Once you really start thinking though, is it really that shocking? He is someone who treats defense like a joke and when you remember the six guards who made the teams ahead of him, it becomes more understanding as to why he was left off. That still won’t prevent him or his teammate Jason Terry from questioning how it happened though.

(Video) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Made Some Serious Cash Betting On The NBA Playoffs

We all know Floyd Mayweather loves to put money up on sporting events and he apparently was back at this week. He showed off his winnings after he made more than $200,000 betting on the Warriors in game six of the Western Conference Finals and then added another $63,000 last night by betting on the Warriors again in the first half against the Cavs. Of course, all of this is pocket change to Floyd who probably already bought a new car with it. Check out his winnings below.

Sports: 2 Chainz & Kenny Smith Get Together To Help Donate To Renovate Basketball Courts In Chicago

With all the violence and negativity going on in the city of Chicago, any piece of positive news is welcomed on the highest level. Chicago was once known for its ball players and street courts just as much as it’s now known for gangs and shootings but Kenny “The Jet” Smith, 2 Chainz and the Full Court reFRESH initiative are hoping to get kids back on the court shooting hoops.

NBA: ESPN’s Doris Burke Speaks On Drake Flirting With Her & Gregg Popovich Making Her Cry

Doris Burke has been around the game of basketball for a very long time and she loves every second of it. As you might expect when you’re around the game that long, you will have plenty of wisdom to share as well as personal stories from over the years. In a recent Q&A with New York Magazine, she reveals how hard it’s been at times being a woman in a field dominated by men and has a couple interesting stories for us.

(Video) NFL: Lawrence Taylor’s Wife Arrested For Domestic Violence After Attacking Him

Lynette Taylor, wife of former Giants star, Lawrence Taylor, was arrested and arraigned yesterday in Florida after she allegedly attacked LT and caused him to bleed. Police were called to the home and said when they arrived she was cursing them out and tried to kick and hit officers as well.

NFL: Longtime Friend Of O.J. Simpson Believes He Will Confess To Murder Within The Next Year

The ESPN documentary “O.J. Made In America” is set to premiere next week on the cable network as well as ABC and the anticipation is pretty crazy for it. After the FX series “The People V O.J. Simpson” wowed audiences over the course of ten weeks recently, interest in the case is back as high as it was during the trial itself. One of the people featured in the doc is Simpson’s long time friend and former police officer, Ron Shipp, and while he was at the Los Angeles premiere of the doc, he spoke with the New York Daily News and revealed he believes if O.J. is released from prison in Nevada by next year that a confession to the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman will be coming.

NCAA: Top Pitching Prospect, Donny Everett, Tragically Passes Away After Drowning Accident

Vanderbilt University pitcher Donny Everett was one of the best professional pitching prospects in the NCAA but sadly he won’t get to fulfill his dream of playing in the majors after he tragically drowned yesterday. He had just finished his freshman year at the school after deciding to go to college, despite being drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers while being named the player of the year in Tennessee during his senior year of high school.

(Video) NBA: Stephen Jackson Says He Confronted Racist White Guy For Calling Serena Williams A Gorilla

When Stephen Jackson was in the NBA, he was a no nonsense player. Just see videos from the “Malice at the Palace” when he and Ron Artest were in the crowd throwing punches at fans in Detroit to get an idea of how he was. Luckily for the racist sounding guy in this story, Jackson is no longer that same guy or there might have been a serious problem at the gym a couple days ago.

NBA: Lamar Odom’s Friends Believe He Is Back On Drugs After Finding Crack Pipes In His Home

Lamar Odom has appeared to be doing much better lately but his close friends think it may be a sham. We have seen Odom out at fashion shows with Kanye and the Kardashians, we have seen him hanging with Khloe a few times and we have even seen him out having drinks with friends on a few occasions. On the surface he may look like everything is ok but people close to him felt something was up and showed up at his house and reportedly found drug paraphernalia.

(Video) NBA: Steve Kerr Shows Off His Karate Skills By Destroying Clipboard During Game One

Early in the third quarter last night, Warriors coach Steve Kerr was very frustrated with his team and he decided to put some fear in their hearts by showing off his karate skills. Coach Kerr took his clipboard that he normally would draw up plays on and just straight up destroyed it by striking it with his fist. The clipboard shattered into pieces and maybe it worked because it wasn’t long after when the Warriors started to make a run to open up the game.

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