NBA: Steph Curry Speaks On Phil Jackson Comparing Him To Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf

A few weeks back, Phil Jackson set twitter off when he compared Steph Curry to former point guard Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf (aka Chris Jackson). If you took a moment to think and not react, you knew he wasn’t necessarily comparing skill sets but as you know, most people only saw what they saw and went off. In light of the Warriors recent matchup with Phil’s Knicks, Steph was asked what he thought about the comment.

NBA: Kobe Bryant’s 2016 All Star Jersey Just Set A Crazy Record At Auction

The All Star jersey Kobe Bryant wore for just the first half of the 2016 All Star game just broke records on the NBA auction site and destroyed the previous record which was held by Lebron James.

NBA: Knicks Losing Ways Are Starting To Take Toll On Carmelo Anthony’s Loyalty

Carmelo Anthony decided to stay with the Knicks and take the free agent money before the start of last season and most folks assumed at some point he would regret it. The team didn’t look good and the future didn’t look much brighter but he decided to be “loyal” and stay. What has followed has been the worst season in franchise history last year and another crap display this season. Sure they drafted Porzingis to give some hope moving forward but Melo sounds like the losing is wearing thin on him after speaking with reporters following a discussion with Phil Jackson.

(Video/Photo) Sports: Serena Williams Puts Her Curves On Full Display Near The Pool


Serena Williams is currently in California for the BNP Paribas open and she is soaking up some sun by the pool. The curves are on full display while she enjoys the heat and her unicorn. Check the gallery!

(Photo) NBA: Robert Horry Takes Shot At Kobe Bryant With Comparison To Tim Duncan

Robert Horry managed to get himself more championship rings than Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan and a ton of other greats. He has seven rings to brag about, although you can argue he didn’t play much of a role in a couple of them but either way, so what? When you win that many titles that means you played with some great players and he damn sure did. He won rings with Olajuwon, Kobe & Duncan but when it comes to the last two guys, he seems to have a favorite.

(Photos) NBA: Derek Fisher & Gloria Govan Aren’t Keeping Anything Hidden Anymore

On the same day Matt Barnes tried to fight John Henson from the Bucks, another player he tried to fight wasn’t having a care in the world while taking pictures with Barnes ex, Gloria Govan. Her and Derek Fisher had no issue being in public together and showing lots of PDA while being out and about in Los Angeles yesterday. Since Fisher was fired by the Knicks he has more free time to spend with her while simultaneously keeping his head on a swivel looking for Barnes. Check the gallery!

Sports: Shaq & Alex Rodriguez Become Owners In Esports

The sporting world is changing and some people are ahead of the curve. Sports are no longer restricted to physical play on a field or court somewhere. They have now expanded into the living room and to be more specific, into our televisions via “Esports”. There is some serious money involved believe it or not and two superstars in the sporting world themselves wanted to make sure they were involved.

(Photos) NFL: *Update* Ravens Trey Walker Passes Away After Crash Involving His Dirt Bike

Trey Walker is in very serious condition after an accident last night left his dirt bike laying in the street and left him laying in a hospital bed with severe injuries.

(Video) NBA: Matt Barnes Tried To Fight Bucks John Henson After Both Players Were Ejected

When are people going to stop playing with Matt Barnes? John Henson of the Bucks tried it last night before realizing he really didn’t want any problems.

(Video) NFL: Broncos Player Reportedly Told Tom Brady He Would Eat His Children

According to Broncos safety T.J. Ward, one of his fellow Broncos teammates on the defensive side of the ball went Mike Tyson on Tom Brady the last time the Broncos and Patriots played. Ward was on ESPN’s “Highly Questionable” yesterday when he dropped the gem about defensive end, Derek Wolfe.

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