(Videos) Boxing: Instagram Beef! Adrien Broner Going At It Hard With DC Young Fly!

ifwt_ab dcyf 2

Adrien Broner is entertaining fans & currently going at DC Young Fly on Instagram.  In case you don’t know who DC Young Fly is — he’s a comedian from Atlanta that’s known on social media for calling out various stars with the phrase “Bring That Ass Here Boy.”
Well this should be interesting because as we all know — AB likes to talk sh*t just the way DC Young Fly does.
Check out what’s happened so far & let us know what you think…

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(Photos) NFL: Draya Announces That She’s Back With Orlando Scandrick

IFWT_Draya and Orlando4

Basetball Wives star Draya is back with boyfriend Orlando Scandrick, so all those side chicks can finally go take a seat.

Draya has resumed her spot on girlfriend on her the Dallas Cowboy player’s roster. Hit the jump!

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(PHOTO) NBA: Nah, He’s Not Dealing With LA Traffic Jams — Here’s How Kobe Gets Home From Practice


This should surprise no one, but in case you aren’t sure how the Black Mamba does it — we’re here to help you.  LA is known for their horrific traffic, so how does Kobe Bryant deal with it?!  He doesn’t.  He gets home another … easier way.
Check it out…

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(PHOTO) NFL: Another Aaron Hernandez Jail Letter Leaks, This One Includes Full Frontal Nudity


It looks like Aaron Hernandez hasn’t learned his lesson about sending letters from jail.  Another one has leaked & not only did it include more of his naked women artwork, but he brags about how happy he is.  Realllllly???  This guy.  Check it out….

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NFL Ban: You Won’t Be Seeing Beats Headphones On Camera Anymore — Here’s Why!

ifwt_nfl beats  2

There’s a lot of athletes that use & love Beats headphones.  You actually see it quite often, but not anymore … now that the NFL has banned them.  Sorry Kaep & Sherman!  Why the ban you ask?!  Check it out…

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NBA: Well This Doesn’t Sound Good — Check Out How Melo Feels About The Knicks Roster Right Now


Last season, Carmelo Anthony took 688 more shots & played 561 more minutes than any of his teammates — so of course he addressed his concerns with Phil Jackson … he needed help.  The Zen Master did make a few changes, but Melo thinks the team needs more help.
Check out how he feels about the current Knicks roster…

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(PHOTOS) Sports: Sorry Katy Perry, Your QB Crush Already Has A Sexy Girlfriend!

ifwt_katy crush 1

I don’t blame Katy Perry for this crush — I’m sure there’s a lot of ladies that feel the same way!!  Earlier today Katy made an appearance on ESPN’S “College Gameday” & she hit on Oklahoma QB Trevor Knight — she wants him to “call her.”  Well it ends up that we have bad news for the superstar — he already has a girlfriend. #wahhh
I wonder how feels about all the attention he’s getting now — and is there any chance that he will call her?!  I mean she is Katy Perry — A LOT of fellas would just love for her to hit on them!  Stay tuned & check out the pics of his current boo in the meantime…

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(PHOTOS) Sports: Aww Man! Did Drake Steals This NBA Player’s Hot Girlfriend?! These Pics May Be Evidence!!


Oh shoot, is Drake on his worst behavior?!?!  It looks like he’s taken the heart of a lady that belonged to Houston Rockets player Pat Beverley — according to reports, she’s moved out of Pat’s home & has moved on with Drake — into his condo.
Where’s the proof you ask & who is she?!  Her name is Lira Galore — 21 years old & a former stripper.  The evidence?  Lira has been posting selfies from inside Drake’s condo AND Drake and Lira have been taking separate selfies in his bathroom and while dining out.
I guess we’ll just have to wait & see if this turns into something serious (not likely though with Drake’s playboy ways).
Check out the pics (she’s got a crazy body!) & let us know what you think…

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(PHOTO) MMA: Yikes! Jail Letter From War Machine Leaks & Says What About Christy Mack?!


Geeeez-us, this guy just doesn’t stop.  War Machine is facing 32 charges including attempted murder, battery, kidnapping, and sexual assault of his ex-girlfriend Christy Mack. Well a letter he wrote from jail has leaked and it’s definitely not going to help his case.
Check out what he had to say…

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(PHOTOS) NBA: Well DAMN! Adrienne Bosh’s Ass is Looking Crazy at Heat Scrimmage!

Chris Bosh Distinguished Gentleman Birthday Dinner At Philippe

Let’s be clear, Adrienne Bosh has had a big ol donk for a long time (you can check out an old modeling pic in the photo gallery), but when she was spotted at a Miami Heat scrimmage the other day — fans really took notice! Some believe she’s getting ass shots and is going overboard with it & others are just loving and appreciating the view!
Check it out & let us know what you think…

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