Sports Reminder: 2014 ESPYS Takes Place Tonight — Hosted by Drake


Just a friendly reminder that it’s going down tonight!  The 2014 ESPYS take place tonight at 9p on ESPN — and it’s hosted by Drake.  I’m sure there’s going to be all kinds of surprises.  Make sure you’re tuned in!!

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WWE: This Rapper Will Guest Star on ‘Monday Night Raw’ — Will He Fight Someone?!

IFWT_flo wwe 1

I’m not a WWE fan, so this isn’t a big deal to me — but I know there are A LOT of WWE fans out there that might want this info.  I’ll tune in when Hov hits that stage. LOL, I know — it will probably never happen.
Anyways, a certain rapper will guest star on WWE’s Monday Night Raw next week and apparently there’s a surprise in store.
Hit the jump for details…

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(PHOTOS) MLB: Kate Upton Goes To Mexico With Justin Verlander & Her Jugs Are OUT OF CONTROL!

IFWT_Kate and Justin 1

We all know Kate Upton has a pretty amazing body — not to mention her boobs are pretty amazing.  So when new pictures of her surface in a bikini, you wouldn’t think it’d be a big deal right?!  Wrong.
She’s on vacation with her boyfriend Justin Verlander in Mexico and fans are going crazy over her bikini pics.  Check it out…

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(Video) NBA: So Cute! Teyana Taylor Opens Up About Dating Knicks Baller Iman Shumpert

IFWT_Teyana 106 6

Teyana Taylor co-hosted “106 & Park” yesterday and she opened up about her relationship with Iman Shumpert.  She couldn’t stop smiling as she talked about him — it’s so great to see a couple that happy!!
Check it out…

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(Video) Sports: Ouch! Floyd Mayweather on Ronda Rousey: Not Sure Who ‘He’ Is

Ronda Rousey Mayweather 1

Apparently Floyd Mayweather gives zero f*cks about UFC’s Ronda Rousey.  Yesterday he was asked about how she’d do in a fight against him and his reaction says it all.  Check out what happened…

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(PHOTOS) 2014 NBA Christmas Jerseys Unveiled!


It looks like all the complaining worked last season!  The 2014 NBA Christmas jerseys have been unveiled … and guess what they don’t have?!  Sleeves!!
Check it out & let us know what you think…

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(PHOTO) Sports: Won’t Want To Miss It! Chris Brown’s Going To Get in Drake’s Grill at The ESPYS?!?!

IFWT_espys 14

Awww man, everyone’s going to be tuned into the ESPYS tonight!!  Drake is hosting and we just learned about a skit that’s going to be taking place — and guess who it includes?!  Yep — Chris Brown!
Check out what we know so far & a picture from the rehearsal — that will also include Blake Griffin in the skit.  I wonder how Rihanna is going to feel about this???

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NBA: Shabazz Napier Addresses The Messy Situation About Unfollowing LeBron James on Twitter


The other day we learned that Miami Heat rookie Shabazz Napier unfollowed LeBron James on Twitter and deleted tweets after LeBron announced he was leaving the Heat.  Many fans called Shabazz salty & bitter.  Well now he’s addressing the situation.  Check out what he had to say…

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NBA: Was He Surprised?! Erik Spoelstra Speaks For First Time Since LeBron’s Announcement

IFWT_Erik Spoelstra Lebron  2

It’s been 5 days since LeBron made the announcement that he decided to head back to the Cavs in free agency … and one of the main people we haven’t heard from was Heat coach Erik Spoelstra.  Well he’s finally speaking, check out what he had to say about LeBron…

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MLB: Duped?! Truth Revealed About Mets Players In Derek Jeter Tribute Video!

IFWT_Mets players

By now most fans have seen the amazing tribute video to Derek Jeter made by the Jordan Brand — if you haven’t, you need to watch is ASAP — see here!  Well now we just learned a little interesting fact about those blurred-faced Mets players in the video.
Check it out…

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