How Bad Do You Want It? Teen Pays For Breast Implants With Fake Credit Card, ID!!

Now on the lamb, a teenager with some serious front work is being sought by police. The woman allegedly used not only a fake ID, but also a stolen credit card to carry out the procedure. So far, investigators believe that the woman is 19-years-old, but so far it’s all they know. The actual surgery took place on April 12, 2012. It wasn’t until months later that the Doctor’s office was able to determine that the card used was stolen. Hit the jump for more info.

(Photos) Two Dogs Chasing A Cat Chew Through A WHAT?!?!?

Here, we got dogs that’ll chew a hole through the wall — or in this case, car. Two pit bulls were on the hunt for the cat — which, after spotting them ran for dear life. It found its way to the wheel well of a car, waiting on top of the tire, when the dogs began to bite through the car. Many residents of the Florida town expressed much concern for their children: many feared that it could have been one of them chased down by the pits. Check out pics after the jump.

(Caught On Tape) *GRAPHIC* Man On Fire Is Cheered On As He Burns To Death!!!

Classic case of the Bystander effect. It happened on Halloween in West Hollywood. While attempting to light a cigarette, Gilbert Estrada also managed to set a part of his costume on fire. While he was able to take it off, the flames had already began to take over the rest of his clothing. Check out the video after the jump.

Wow! Adoptive Parents Of A Troubled Boy Decide To Send Him Back After HOW LONG?!?!

Move over, Casey Anthony. An Ohio couple just may have the top spot when it comes to bad parenting. Cleveland and Lisa Cox are now on the verge of indictment after they decided to return their adopted son after raising him for 9 years! Apparently, the duo claims that the child had severe mental health issues and was extremely aggressive when it came to members of the immediate family. Hit the jump for more info.

(Video) Florida Crazies: Orlando Man Kills Pregnant Wife!!

An Orlando man was arrested for fatally shooting his wife,who was 8 months pregnant with twins. Michael Boyce shot his wife, Alexis, in the head in the apartment they shared with her parents. The victim’s father called police, after he heard a gunshot in the living room. Only one twin survived the shooting. To see news footage of the incident, click below.

(Video) Garden State Plaza Mall Security Releases Video Of Gunman!

Security is finally releasing footage of an incident involving a gunman at Garden State Plaza Mall in Paramus, N.J. back in the beginning of November. You can see shoppers in a frenzy as Richard Shoop, 20, walks around the mall with an Sig Sauer riffle and even let shots off into the air. The 20 year old has a history of drug abuse and may have been trying to get police to kill him upon their arrival, but ended up committing suicide. To see the footage, click below.

(Photos) Is This The Real Life Hannibal Lector?

A 26 year old deranged homeless man killed a French villager and planned to eat some of his body parts. According to authorities in France, the homeless man ripped out his 90 year old victim’s tongue and heart, with plans to eat them with beans. This gruesome attack occurred in Nouilhan, located in Southern France. To read more, click below.

(Photos) NYC Law Firm Battles To Block Granny Killer From Collecting Her Savings!!

A powerhouse law firm is battling for one of their murdered employee’s rights! 62 year old Rosemarie Little was found dead in her Queens home back in 2011. Her grandson, Christopher Jackson, strangled her and stashed the body in the basement. The law firm, where Little worked as a secretary, Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP & Affiliates, are now seeking to disqualify her grandson from receiving any checks from her 401K savings. To read more, click below.

(Photos) SMH: 1st Grader Stabbed At Troubled Harlem Elementary School!!!

A first grader in a Harlem elementary school was tormented for weeks before being stabbed with a pencil. Deejah Goodwin was stabbed with a pencil in her arm at P.S. 194 and after alerting her teacher, was just sent to the school nurse to treat the wound with an icepack. This incident comes a month after the little first grader was punched in the face by a male classmate. To read more, click below.

(Photos) Jay-Z Finally Breaks Silence On Barney’s & Business Venture!!

The hip hop mogul finally broke his silence about the controversies surrounding the luxury store Barney’s in NYC! Jay-Z recently issued a statement, vowing to confront racial profiling at Barney’s and said he made his deal based under the condition that he has a leadership role on a council tasked with the issue of racial profiling. To read more,click below.

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