Facebook Can Drive A Person Crazy, For Real Though !!!


I just think that some doctors will do anything to make a buck. That’s why people don’t go to doctors now, because they believe the doctors make S*** up. Out of all the millions of people on Facebook, Dr. Uri Nitzan did a study on THREE people. The theory of this study was that social media’s attempt to connect people from different countries and the developing of social relationships can cause a threat to users who are lonely, vulnerable and technologically naive. Mind you, these people were already classified as a little off for various reasons like the death of loved ones. Now they are trying say FB is driving these people crazy. I’m too through. Drop down bottom for more on this study.

Tat Wza

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R.Kelly’s ‘Trapped In the Closet’ Coming To Broadway


R.Kelly is bringing Twan, Sylvester, Pimp Lucius and “the package” to Broadway. On Monday, while debuting the latest version (it comes out today) at Sunshine Theater, R.Kelly announced that his long-running “Trapped in the Closet” series is headed to Broadway.
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Being Late To Airports On Her 777 Tour Is Going To Cost Rihanna How Much?!


The 777 tour might have seemed like a great idea but it seemed to unfoil right before our eyes thanks to the tweets and posts by the bloggers and journalists who were on board. The writers weren’t the only ones who have voiced their disappointment, now airports are hitting Rih with a pretty large bill because she was late! Rih already tried to apologize to the fans and media who were disappointed by her lack of presence on the Rihanna Plane, but her wallet will be paying airports for her late arrivals. Read more below.

Julie A.

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IFWT Wishes GMA’s Robin Roberts A Happy Birthday!


This goes out to a woman who has been through a lot this year. Robin Robert has dealt with a bone marrow transplant and recently came out of the hospital, because of a ‘latent virus’. She’s a strong woman. The whole IFWT team says happy born day! Drop down bottom for more.

JaaiR (JR) && IFWT Team !!

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Rita Ora Is The New Face Of What !?!?


Rita is dipping her feet in a little bit of everything, and I am not mad at her. Literally she’s dipping her feet into some Superga shoes. Elle UK has recently released a statement letting the world know that Ms. Ora is the new face of Superga, taking the place of Alexa Chung. Drop down to see how Rita feels about her new commitment.

JaaiR (JR)

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Black Friday Shopping Tips!

ifwt_black friday

If you have already headed out or are on the way to go do some shopping read up on some tips to make your shopping experience go a little smoothly.  You don’t want your day turning out like this.   Hit the jump for some helpful advice.

Steph B

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Lady Gaga Shared Thanksgiving With Home Intruders??

lady gaga new hairstyle

Lady Gaga spent her day with her family and then went home just like everyone else.  Except she woke up in the middle of the night to eat some leftovers and found herself sharing the rest of her night with trespassers!. Hit the jump for details.

Steph B

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Don’t Count On A Kenan & Kel Reunion Happening Any Time Soon!


Remember how great Kenan & Kel were as a duo? In my youth, Kenan & Kel had the best skits on “All That” followed by their hit TV show and one of my favorite movie, Good Burger but that’s are all we’re going to ever have left of the duo. Kel Mitchell is speaking out saying that Kenan wants nothing to do with him in the public eye! Although Kel said there’s no bad blood on his side, it has to sting him a little that Kenan is now doing big things on ‘SNL’ and Kel isn’t. Read more below.

Julie A.

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(Photos) His And Hers – Kim K And Kanye Do What???

Kim and Kanye Cover photo

Kanye’s leather wearing eccentric style has rubbed off on Kim K, but style is not all that she’s taken from him.  I guess she has learned to like a few things that he already does. Hit the jump for pics of what else she has decided to have similar to something he does.

Steph B

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IFWT Anniversary Concert At Webster Hall !!!


Fabolous just came out and murdered the stage with some tracks from the SoulTape2 if you haven’t gotten that yet, put that on your “Things to Do List”. Check the Gallery as Fab performs some of his newest pieces from SoulTape2 as well as a few of his dopest tracks.


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