Sex Sells: Farrah Abraham Lands 6-Figure Endorsement Deal With Diet Pill Company

Farrah Abraham

Sex really does sell. Following in the footsteps of Kim Kardashian, Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham is pumping more dollars out of her sex tape, now signing a SIX FIGURE endorsement deal with Raspberry Tones, a diet pill company. Though they claim it’s her bikini photos that had them hooked, I’m sure the sex tape only helped! “Farrah represents a growing audience of young, active people who take care of their health and use only natural products to look and feel great,” the company said in a statement. “Farrah looks fit and fabulous, and takes care of her body, and a lot of health-conscious people can look up to that.”

So what have we learned here, folks? Get pregnant really young, then make a sex tape…and you can cash out. SMH.

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Guess Which VH1 Star Was Almost A Cast Member On The Gossip Game!

The Gossip Game

The reality world was introduced to Jen The Pen via the most recent season of Love & Hip-Hop New York, but she almost was a cast member on the new show, The Gossip Game, instead! “I had went for a bunch of interviews with the executives at VH1, [and] I ended up choosing Love & Hip Hop because that’s where my life was at the time when we started the filming process,” Jen said in a recent interview. More details below. Do you think L&HH was a better fit for her?

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(Photo) Uh-Oh! Elton John’s Husband Grab’s Which Famous Male Celebrity’s Booty Behind Elton’s Back!?


Uh-oh, I smell trouble. Elton John’s husband was caught grabbing famous actor, Neil Patrick Harris’ booty literally behind Elton John’s back at a recent event. Is Elton and his husband on the rocks and we did’t know it? Click below to check out the pics.

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(Video) Lauryn Hill Headed To Jail For 3 Months For Tax Evasion Charges

Lauryn Hill

Despite the fact she paid off most of the $1 million she owed in back taxes, Lauryn Hill will be spending 3 months in a federal prison, then 3 months on house arrest, and THEN 9 months on supervised release for the charges. The judge basically threw the book at the hip-hop legend.

L Boogie has to report to prison by July 8th.

“I was put into a system I didn’t know the nature of. I’m a child of former slaves. I got into an economic paradigm and had that imposed on me,” Lauryn said in a statement following the sentencing. “I sold 50 million units…now I’m up here paying a tax debt. If that’s not likened to slavery, I don’t know what is.” So sad!

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Staples Will Be One Of The First To Sell THIS!!!!


Staples announced last week that it will sell the 3D printer, Cube, online and in stores. The portable Cube 3D printer come in 5 different colors and retails at $1299.99.

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Funeral Arrangements For Chris Kelly B.K.A. Mac Daddy Have Been Made


Soon after a video of Mac Daddy’s last hours was released, we find the information stating when and where his funeral is going to be held. Drop down bottom and check out the details.

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Some Big Names Are Being Thrown Around For Potential New American Idol Judges!

American Idol

With American Idol ratings at their lowest since the show began in 2002, producers are looking to vamp things up in a major way…and the first place they’re going to start is with the judges. A source close to the show says that NONE of the current judges may be returning (that’s Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey, Keith Urban and AI vet Randy Jackson), and that they may be replaced by an even more star-studded team. Find out who’s being considered below!

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(Photos) Blah, Blah, Blah…Nicki Minaj Goes Off On Yet ANOTHER Person!


I think Nicki Minaj has just gone off the deep end. If it isn’t someone disrespecting her because she’s “a female” rapper, it’s another woman who’s acting like a diva (not her), or her walking away from and interviewer (in this case). Access Hollywood reporter, Laura Saltman had made an attempt to ask Nicki a few questions (two to be exact) about the continuous beef between herself, and Mariah Carey. Apparently, since she thought the question was a “negative” one, she exited stage left. Saltman wasn’t too happy about that since she wrote her deepest feelings about the YMCMB raptress in a blog. It’s obvious that, Nicki wasn’t feeling her comments either. #Disrespectful! Drop down bottom and check out how they these two ladies are acting.

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(Video) Scary! Shots Fired Near Set Of J. Lo’s Video Shoot With Pitbull!

"Live It Up" video

Jennifer Lopez was shooting the video to “Live It Up” with Pitbull this weekend in Ft. Lauderdale…when shots rang out very close to the set. Quickly and calmly, the singer was escorted off the shoot and “secured inside her vehicle.” So far, no arrests have been made, and thankfully, no injuries reported!

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Trick Daddy Is Willing To Have A Chit Chat With Lil Wayne, But NOT Before Saying WHAT ?!?!


We all know that in these past few months, Wayne has been involved in a few squabbles here and there. Miami’s own Trick Daddy being one of those squabbles. In case you didn’t know, Wayne and the “Thug Holiday” rapper got into it, because not only was Wayne talking smack about Miami, but while both were suppose to be enjoying the booty shakers at, ‘King of Diamonds’ in the 305, Wayne alleges that a member of Trick Daddy’s crew flicked a cigarette in his hair. #Disrespectful!
Now, Trick Daddy is saying that he’s willing to sit down with Wayne, have a lil’ chit chat to hash out their problems, but the thing is, I don’t know if Weezy would be willing after he hears what Trick said about him. I smell TROUBLE! Drop down for the line!

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