Frank Ocean Releases A Statement About The Fight With Chris Brown


It takes a BIG man in Frank Ocean’s position to let live and let go. News in the recent week has been the fight between R&B singers Frank Ocean and Chris Brown. Everyone wants to know who started it, what happened exactly, and what will be the next step. Frank gives us some insight. Drop down bottom to see his personally released statement.

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Talk About Work…This Guy Was Caught With 100+ Pounds Of Weed In His SUV

Devin Peterson and three of his comrades were drug trafficking in Nevada when the driver ran a stop sign and got pulled over. State trooper, Chuck Allen found 109 lbs worth of that Mary Jane in the SUV. Peterson stole the troopers cruiser and then shot and killed himself with the officers gun. The trees were worth $500,000 on the streets. Talk about BANK. Other suspects were Manuel Rodriguez and get this, MOLLIE Bass and CHRISTIAN Magliano. Funny! Drop down bottom for more.

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Alert: You May WANT To Change Your Password, 250,000 Users On Twitter Hacked!!!


Twitter, alongside other prominent websites such as the Wall Street Journal & the New York Times have been compromised & their security breached. Twitter has already gone on to have the passwords reset & any account that has been attacked will receive an email to do just that. But just to keep safe, you should probably go ahead & change it. Read more in the links after the jump regarding what happened to Twitter as well as the others.

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The Super Bowl Commercial That Got Banned!! (Video)


CBS, the network that is hosting Super Bowl XLVII, has banned a commercial for attacking two of it’s biggest sponsers, Pepsi & Coca-Cola. The company, SodaStream, makes products that lets you make your own soda at home, which is obviously a threat to those sponsors if it catches on. Lucky for you, the company has released the video online for everyone to enjoy. Peep it after the break.

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Fab Speaks On How He Feels About The State Of New York Hip Hop!!!


With New York rappers not as dominant as they once were at a time, many wonder how the New York pioneers feel about the state of NY rap. Fab spoke to XXL about the situation NY is in, saying that he doesn’t believe the 90’s-00’s NY rap that once controlled the country will EVER come back. See more of what Fab said after the jump.

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Alabama Child Hostage Situation Enters 5th Day


A crazed man killed a bus driver and took a 5-year-old child hostage on Tuesday. Today Alabama authorities are scrambling to put the hostage situation to rest and ensure the safety of the young boy. Retired truck driver and Vietnam vet, Jimmy Lee Dykes, recently moved into the area surrounding Midland City and has a troubled history. On Tuesday, he boarded a school bus filled with children, demanded the 65-year-old bus driver to hand over two children and when the bus driver refused, Dykes took one of the children. The armed man and the young boy are currently held up on a bunker near where he shot the bus driver. Read more below.

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Kerry Washington Shines, Takes Home Three 2013 NAACP Image Awards


Kerry Washington is doing major things right now from the her role as Broomhilda, Django’s Wife in the Quentin Tarantino “Black Western” to her hit television show Scandal, she has really been showing just how talented she is. Her speech at the Democratic National Convention was an inspiration for all little girls who look up to her as a strong positive role model. On top of all the wonderful things she’s doing, she’s also absolutely gorgeous and it makes perfect sense that she would take home the most 2013 NAACP Image Awards. She won in the Best Supporting Actress in a Film category for her role in Django, Most Outstanding actress in a series drama for her role as Olivia Pope in Scandal, and The Presidents Award given in the recognition of special achievement and exceptional public service. Hit the jump for more.

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Masta Killa From Wu-Tang Wants To Release A Reggae Album !!!

Masta Killa

After 4 solo albums, Wu-Tangs Masta Killa wants to experiment with a new lane of music. Recently he said to “I’m a fan of music first, so I have many songs. I can formulate and create and bring a world into existence. I have a Reggae project that I had in the wings for a minute as I’m always working. Since the ‘One Blood’ from The W album, I’ve always loved the Reggae music and I’ve always worked with different Reggae artists. So doing that Reggae album was always in the making, but timing is everything.”

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Justin Bieber Seen Riding What?!?!


I guess with all the trouble surrounding Justin Bieber lately with the Weed and Lean and irresponsible friends it makes sense he would take a break from the Ferrari for a more simpler life. Bieber was spotted by TMZ riding a real life horse. A nice break from that white Ferrari that has been involved in far too many incidents lately.

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Update: DJ Whoo Kid Arrested ???

DJ Whoo Kid

* Whoo Kidd fills us in on what the MINOR arrest was about exactly to .

* DJ Whoo Kid was arrested yesterday evening after leaving G-Unit’s NYC offices. Word has just been released that he was being held for driving with a suspended license and outstanding traffic tickets. Hit the jump below.

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