(Video) LMAO! Oh, Sh*t! Billy Joel Put Madonna On Blast & Said WHAT?!

Billy Joel’s now hopped on the Madonna-bashing bandwagon, first Nelly, now him… firing shots at Madge for her crappy singing. TMZ claims, “Billy skewered Madonna Monday night in NYC, during the first of his residency shows at Madison Square Garden. He jokes about using a special spray to help soothe his throat before a song, and then says, “I saw Madonna use this once … it didn’t help her much.” The crowd went nuts.” You gotta listen below…

(Photos) Ex-Wife Of ‘Two and a Half Men’ Star Jon Cryer Gets SHUT DOWN Over Child Support Plea!!

Seems baby mama drama is (unfortunately) all too common nowadays. You know why. This go-around, Sarah Trigger, the ex-wife of Jon Cryer from ‘Two and a Half Men’ decided to take him to court over child support. We all know that the show was a major success, yet, the problem wasn’t that Cryer had not been paying. Trigger was looking for an increase from $8,000 a month to $88,000! Check out her wild claims after the jump.

Prince’s Lawyer Releases A Statement About His Client’s $22 Million Lawsuit!!

The Artist… known as Prince has recently made headlines for allegedly taking 22 bootleggers to court for illegally uploading footage of his concert(s) to YouTube. As many should know, the artist is stern about his music. So stern that he rarely remasters any of his old music for digital download. The lawsuit added up to $22 million ($1 mil per each offender). However, after the lawsuit made headlines, it –for some reason– went away. Well, Prince’s lawyer released a statement, telling us why.

(Video) SMH!! Staten Island’s Congressman Threatens To Throw Reporter Off Balcony On Camera!!!

Almost immediately after the President’s State of The Union Address, eager reporter Michael Scotto approached Rep Michael Grimm for an impromptu interview. From the video, it seems the Congressman was under the assumption that the interview would be solely based on the President. It wasn’t, and his reaction was priceless, however not the proper reaction for a man in his position. Check it out after the jump.

Rumor Mill: Lil Boosie’s Release Date Is Right Around The Corner

In December, we were so excited to hear that Lil Boosie would be released in 2014 – sometime during the summer. Clearly, he’s been abiding by prison rules since that date has now been pushed up. Find out when, after the jump.

(Graphic) After Receiving Plastic Surgery, Woman Strips And Jumps To Her Death From A Beverly Hills Building!!

According to reports, 53-year-old Sandra D’Auriol allegedly snapped after waking from her plastic surgery. It went down (no pun intended) on January 22nd, where D’Auriol, who once worked for a jewelry company that supplies the royal family, underwent a face lift procedure performed by sought-after surgeon Brian Novak. So far, investigators believe that she may have had a bad reaction to the anesthesia. Either way, you can see her pacing the rooftop of the 15-story building after the jump.

Billboard’s Top 10 Album Sales, Week Ending 1/26/14 … Grammy Compilation Debuts Big!

The Grammy compilation album, comprised of performers and nominees from that year’s broadcast, typically drops a few weeks before the show, but this year, it was released the very same week. However, this proved to actually help, as it starts with the best debut sales week for the yearly compilation series since 2007, coming in at number 2 with 59k. Get the full top 10 list below.

Dom Kennedy: “No More Free Music!”

Dom Kennedy is basking in the limelight, from his –so far– successful tour, bringing fellow west-coast rapper Kendrick Lamar on stage while in NYC. It started from mixtapes — free mixtapes– but now, with the success of his album, Get Home Safely, Kennedy feels that he may not be able to give music away as freely as he did in the past. Check out what he has to say about it after the jump.

Justin Bieber Deportation Petition To Be Viewed By President Obama?!

I’m sorry, but this is crazy! If this is how the people feel about Justin Bieber, what about law-breaking citizens of America?! A certain ex-Disney star tweeted out a petition to get Justin Bieber deported back to Canada, and at this point, Justin may have to go. Yesterday, the petition was 25,000 signatures short of the mandatory 100,000, before it can be viewed by the big wigs in Washington. Today, the petition is 2,000 signatures OVER. Forget all of the wars, unemployment benefit cuts, student loans and more, Obama has to find out if Justin Bieber smoking weed and drag racing, enough evidence to send his a** back to Canada.

(Photo) Lorde Returns To New Zealand With A Message For Her First Supporters!!

You definitely know who she is by now, especially after her breakthrough Grammy performance. But this time, 17-year-old Lorde has a message for the people that knew of her way before we caught wind of it; her supporters in New Zealand. The two-time Grammy winner decided to use an entire page in the New Zealand Herald to show her appreciation. Not only that, but it’s handwritten. Check it out after the jump.

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