(Video) The Biebz At It Again: Justin Bieber Fights To Keep His Pants Up While Lip-Syncing


Justin Bieber has no chill…what..so…ever. During a recent show in Jacksonville, Florida, Justin was lip-syncing the words to his songs while performing with no shame as he struggled to keep his baggy pants from falling. He was VERY close to exposing the goods to the crowd of teeny-boppers who were probably all hungry for a piece of the Biebz. Hit the jump to see the video footage from his Boyfriend Tour.

Usher’s Ex-Wife Is Looking For Aunt RENA, But She’s No Where To Be Found!


And the drama continues. After Usher’s son, Cinco nearly drowned in their pool, ex-wife Tameka Raymond requested that the courts grant her an emergency hearing for custody. Usher wasn’t home during the incident, however his aunt Rena – the sitter – was. Now, Tameka is wondering how does a 5-year-old almost drown on your watch. Tameka had something else in mind for the aunt, before the court appearance today. What is it – hit the jump to find out.

(Photos + Video) Kelly Rowland Speaks Out On Queen Bey’s New Short Hairdo


After Kelly Rowland aired her “Dirty Laundry” out and cleared the air with her former Destiny’s Child bandmate Beyonce, it has been all love from here on out. After Bey recently chopped her hair off, she’s had everybody talking. Kelly came to her rescue saying, “Beyonce can have a strand of hair on her head and still be fine.” Hit the jump to hear everything Ms. Rowland had to say about her “sister’s” new hair style!

(Photos) Orlando Bloom Seen Kissing WHO?!


Click the jump to see photos of Orlando Bloom getting close to his broadway co-star, Claire Huxtable’s (Phylicia Rashad) daughter!

Oh, Hell No! Joseline Hernandez Taking Shots At WHO?!


Okay, I have nothing against the strippers. They have to make a living as well, but Joseline needs to recognize where she came from…the pole! Always saying something to piss someone off, Steebie’s new wife takes a diss at someone I found to be – not deserving of the words. Hit the jump and check out who it is.

What Happened To Oprah In Switzerland?!

Click the jump to hear about the racism Oprah Winefrey faced in Switzerland, and their response to it!

(Photos) These Rappers Are Posing With WHAT?!


Click the jump to see one of the funniest websites that you don’t even know about!!

THIS App Will Find Parking For You !!!


You’d think that since we live in an age that cars can practically park themselves that there would be a way to alleviate the headache of looking for a parking spot. Not to worry the app ParkMe for Android has updated and has answered everyones prayers.

(Photos) Venezuelan Thieves Are Holding Women Up At Gun For THIS?!??!


Hair weave killers in Venezuela are holding true to the name. Street life has elevated in South America. Thieves are now holding women up at gunpoint in order to cut their hair and sell it. Hit the jump to see how they do it.

(Photos) Then & Now: ‘Back To The Future’ Still Holds Its Weight!!


Classic 80s movie “Back To The Future” has regained headlines. This time around, it’s the movie’s makeup artists. Unlike the quick aging processes done by most TV shows, the makeup done for “Back To The Future” is so realistic, that the characters then and nearly identical to the actual people now. Check out the pics after the jump.

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