Bam Margera Arrested In Iceland For What?!

“Jackass” star Bam Margera was arrested in Iceland yesterday, because he apparently rented, destroyed and never paid for a rental car there last year. Yup, sounds about right for the crazy reality star! Here’s the back story: Bam visited the country in 2012 and rented a Toyota Landcruiser from Hertz. He didn’t return the car until 5 days after the rental was due, it was in horrible, beyond-repair shape and he never paid. Then he left the country. Needless to say, he was promptly arrested as soon as he touched down there yesterday. Luckily he was able to buy his way out quite quickly, but it made for the great post-interview below.

Senate Passes A Compromise Deal For Student Loan Interest Rates!


After deadlines have come and went, Senate has created a compromise for student loan interest rates. With a 81-18 vote, many Democrats still don’t agree with the decision. A subject passionate to me, I would have to agree with those Democrats. Hit the jump for details.

(Check The Pics) Oh BOY! Guess Who Has A Sex Tape Coming!

Oh dear, this is disturbing. Super-young and ridiculously vain Courtney Stodden has a sex tape coming out with her old-man creeper husband, Doug Hutchison. The video drops next week and will be a sex “tell-all” with sex specialists, Dr. Ava Cadell and Malcolm Day. I just…have no words. Who wants to see an old man have sex?! That’s like…some weird fetish porn, and I want no parts. Are you going to be checking for this?

Kanye West Won’t Be Prosecuted For Paparazzi Incident

Despite beating down the paps, Kanye will NOT be prosecuted. Surprising, right? Details below!

Amanda Bynes Won’t Be Charged With A Crime For Fire

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes won’t be charged for the fire she set in an elderly woman’s driveway earlier this week…but at this point, that’s the least of her trobles. It appears she’s dealing with a severe mental illness (that’s the word coming out of the hospital where she’s on 5150 hold and the reason why she won’t be charged with this crime,) and will likely be placed under a conservatorship. However, she still has pending charges of a DUI in L.A. and reckless endangerment and weed charges in NYC. This is so sad.

(Video) Curse Of The Carlton? Alfonso Ribeiro Speaks Out!!


In recent interview to promote his new show ‘Spell-Mageddon,’ the actor we all remember as Carlton Banks spoke to an interviewer about “the curse,” also, the origin of and why he retired the Carlton Dance. Check it out after the jump.

(Video) Police Chief Fires Shots At Liberals…Literally!!


Pennsylvania police chief and school board member, Mark Kessler, has some explaining to do. He shot his way to local limelight with a –now viral– video where he proclaims his disdain for ‘liberals.’ However, it’s not his message, but his approach that has people in shock. He’s seen on video firing rounds from his various weapons. Check out the video after the jump.

Florida Man Sets Fire To Library For WHAT???


A man from East Hernando, Florida is now in police custody. He’s held in connection with arson for intentionally setting fire to the town’s library. But, what’s even more crazy is his reason for setting the fire. Hit the jump to find out.

(*Graphic**Photos*) Train Derails In Spain Killing 60!!!


Right outside of the ancient Spanish city of Santiago de Compostela, a train derailed –killing around 60 people, leaving hundreds injured. It’s now noted as one of the worst train wrecks in all of Europe! So far, Spanish Government is calling the wreck an accident. Sad, especially with the amount of casualties. Check out the images after the jump.

(Caught On Tape) Crocodile Attacks Trainer At A Show In Thailand!!!


In a popular tourist spot in Thailand, crocodile trainer Pravit Suebmee was attacked while performing a show for guests. During the show, where the 27-year-old places his head into the croc’s mouth, the giant reptile did what any other living creature would do when something’s in its mouth. It closed it! Hit the jump for the actual video.

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