(Video) Obama Says $400 Million To Iran Was Not For American Hostages

Republicans are finding yet another thing to criticize Obama about, as usual. Are they right this time though? Giving the Iranians 400 million, straight cash, might look a little suspect.

Cha-Ching! World Poker Funds Holding Confirms Soulja Boy’s $400 Million Deal

Soulja Boy just got a check mate, an And1, a hole in one, and a two point conversion. World Poker Funds Holding has confirmed that they did indeed reach an agreement with Soulja boy for a $400 million endorsement deal. This is the same deal which the rapper tweeted about earlier this month that garnered massive skepticism. Man, who is his agent cause he is the epitome of the real MVP. The deal is for $400 million over 5 years. More on this story after the jump.

(Photos) Soulja Boy Inks Deal With Billionaire…For $400 Million??

Last week we heard Soulja Boy was bringing in 400 M’s but we didn’t know how, all he said was that news outlets would be breaking the huge story very soon. Well he might have just done so himself after posting a few pictures with Greek Billionaire, Alki David, with saying he’s “in the fam”. Mr. David is the CEO of FilmOn TV and Soulja has reportedly signed with the label/streaming service.

Tech Talk News: Apple Gives Its Execs $400 Million Bonus

Apple has awarded seven of its key executives with massive stock grants worth approximately $400 million in total. @TatWZA @Yungjohnnybravo

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