(Video) Rihanna Always About That 420 Life

During a performance while Rihanna was talking to her fans, she read a sign from one of the fans.

DEA Allows Research On Smoking Medicinal Marijuana!!

While the official/unofficial weed holiday 4/20 may have passed, it looks like marijuana enthusiasts might want to toke up again for this one.

(Video) Snoop Dogg Shares How He Is Spending His 4/20

Today is a national holiday for many. People all over are celebrating with a little …or maybe a lot of Mary Jane.

(Fellas Check The Pics) Happy 4/20! [That Sexy Stoner Chick Edition]

To celebrate national light it up day (4/20) – head over to the gallery to see some sexy females indulging in some Marijuana smoke with minimal clothes on! Happy 4/20, everyone!

(Photos) Ty Dolla $ign x HUF Releasing 4/20 Collection

Avid weed lover Ty Dolla $ign has teamed up with HUF for a new capsule collection, fittingly dropping on 4/20. The 6-piece collection will keep it very coast coast, and include chinos, a tee-shirt, 6-panel, long-sleeve, socks and a bandana. Part of the collection is available at select retailers now, while the full collection will be released on the intended 4/20 date. If you want to wait, you can cop the pieces AND meet Ty at an in-store meet-and-greet at HUF’s Fairfax store on Friday, May 13, from 6 to 8pm PST. In the meantime, check out pieces from the collection in the gallery!

Sheeeeesh!!! Paul Wall Rolls The First Ever 4 Ounce Actavis Blunt

This past 4/20, Paul Wall and friends decided to take smoking to another level. They decide to roll up the first ever 4- ounce blunt in the shape of a bottle of Actavis. Now if you don’t believe it, just check out the video after the jump.

(Video) WELP: Former Police Officers Smoke Weed & Talk About The War On Drugs

Police officers, for many reasons, are not allowed to smoke weed or partake in any illegal activities involving drugs. However, a bunch of former cops gathered together to celebrate 4/20 and to take some tokes from the bong. While they were getting high, the ex-police officers spoke out about the war on drugs and dropped some knowledge. Very interesting. Check out the mind-blowing video below.

(Photos) Lil Wayne Clowns Drake For Kissing Madonna and Other 4/20 Posts!

He got jokes: Instagram had more than enough room for everyone’s 4/20 tributes, munchie flicks and funnies today, but none quite like the post by Tunechi! Lil Wayne Clowns Drake For Kissing Madonna in 4/20 Joke and welp…looks like Drizzy’s not gonna live this down for a while (LOL). As for the rest, looks like Hip Hop celebrated 4/20 from coast to coast!

(Fellas Check The Pics) LAWD! Naked Women & Weed Smoke [That 4/20 Edition!]

To celebrate national puff, puff, pass day (4/20), head over to the gallery to see some sexy females indulging in some Marijuana smoke with minimal clothes on! Happy 4/20, everyone!

Are You Smoking Today? Do You Know The History Of 4/20 Or National Weed Day?

Puff Puff … Cough Cough … Pass and Stop! Today, April 20th or 4/20 is deemed as National Weed Day. A day where cannabis lovers can get together, roll something, smoke something, laugh and joke about the lame individual who can’t roll a simple joint (sounds like any other day). But where does this day come from? It didn’t just grow from the ground up. Check out the story behind National Weed Day, after the jump.

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