(Photos) From Bad To Worse: Teen Star Amanda Bynes Hospitalized On ‘5150 Hold’ After Wreaking Havoc In NYC

Looks the teen star may be getting the much needed help she requires…. yet again. A few months ago, things seemed to be looking up for the starlet. Up until Amanda’s parent’s temporary conservatorship ended, The 28 year old was taking her meds, and had even enrolled into Design School. Well after week long rampage in NYC that consisted of Twitter rants accusing her father of sexual abuse, OH and twerking up on a security guard while shop lifting in Barneys, looks like she is back under the watchful supervision that she needs. Get deets inside.

Amanda Bynes Asks Permission To Get The Dog Back That She Soaked In Gasoline

Amanda Bynes soaked her beloved dog in gasoline during her bizarre episode last week when she lit a fire in a woman’s driveway (the incident that led her to her current residence at the psych ward.) Now that she’s coming to, the troubled actress was said to be “almost inconsolable” when she realized what she did to the dog and is asking for special permission to reunite with it. “Amanda has been taking medications as prescribed by her doctors. With that, her thinking is becoming much more clear and concise,” a source revealed. “Amanda is fully aware that she accidentally caused her Pomeranian puppy to be mildly burned in the fire.” The puppy was treated for the burns and is being cared for by Amanda’s parents and is expected to make a full recovery. “Amanda has been asking her mother to bring her dog to the hospital to visit her,” the source added. “The policy of the facility is to not allow non-service animals on the premises, but her doctors are contemplating allowing her to remain on the hospital grounds with supervision and visit with the dog outside.” I’m happy that the medications are already starting to work! Let’s hope she stays on course.

Amanda Bynes’ Mother Will STOP Trying To Get A Conservatorship If…

Amanda Bynes’ mother is desperately trying to get control over her troubled daughter’s life with a conservatorship (against Amanda’s wishes), and she’s willing to stop at nothing until she gets it…except for one thing. Lynn Bynes is open to dropping the bid, if and only if Amanda agrees to continue psychiatric treatment in a hospital. Lynn went to court this past Friday for the conservatorship, but the residing judge ordered a full investigation before giving a “yes.” He felt there was no need to grant a temporary conservatorship at this stage, because Amanda was already ordered to remain in the hospital for another two weeks. The judge set another hearing for August 9th, where he will require Amanda to be present as well. Hopefully Lynn’s plan works, though, because sources are saying that Amanda “is agreeing to stay in treatment. She will say anything to get out and stop her mom from getting a conservatorship. Lynn needs to carefully evaluate the situation before deciding anything.”

Update From Amanda Bynes’ Psychiatric Ward

Amanda Bynes‘ parents will be going to court tomorrow to seek a temporary conservatorship over her. Meanwhile, a judge will decide in the next few hours if she should stay under her 5150 hold for another two weeks. Doctors “have formally petitioned to keep her for further treatment and assessment for the next fourteen days,” a family source reported. “Amanda will likely attend the proceedings, which will be closed to the public. “The judge will be able to ask Amanda questions directly, as well as her doctors. Her parents won’t be there. However, Amanda’s parents are extremely concerned about their daughter’s safety if she is released, before they have a chance to go to court to ask for the conservatorship.”

The Reason Amanda Bynes Was Back In California Revealed

Amanda Bynes returned to her hometown in Southern Calirfornia this week, though it wasn’t long before she found herself in trouble and subsequently, hospitalized under a 5150 hold. The troubled actress had been living in New York City for the last year and had not expressed plans to leave, but the reason she returned home has now been revealed she was broke and unable to find any place to live in NYC. “She had run out of money she had access to,” a source revealed. “Amanda was unable to find any place to live in New York City because of her bizarre behavior. No one would rent an apartment to her. She does own a house in Calabasas (California).” They also added she still has money from the fortune she made as a child star, but doesn’t have access to it all and what she does have access to is now gone. Meanwhile, Amanda’s parents are considering getting a conservatorship. Let’s hope that works, because it doesn’t seem like she’s going to get any better any time soon!

(Photos) Amanda Bynes Hospitalized & Put On 5150 Hold After Starting A Fire

This is so sad, but hopefully it gets her the help that she truly needs. After a run-in with the cops just earlier this week, Amanda Bynes is currently hospitalized on a 5150 hold, stemming from starting a small fire in the driveway of someone’s house last night. The cops later spoke to the elderly woman whose house it was, and she has no connection with Amanda. Sheriff’s deputies questioned Amanda about what she was doing, and why she was doing it — and based on her answers they determined she needed to be hospitalized on a 5150 hold (which is an involuntary hospitalization for mental evaluation.) She can only be held for 72 hours, though, but hopefully something keeps her in past then. Check out photos in the gallery of how crazy Amanda looked yesterday, as well as the fire marks from the driveway.

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