(Photo) Study Says More Teens Are Choosing Weed Over Alcohol

A recent study says that more teen these days rather smoke weed that drink alcohol. The study says when you ask teens what they have done in the past 30 days, most of them say smoke weed.

NFL: Johnny Manziel’s Friends Think He’ll Die as Drinking & Drug Use Continue; Vegas Clubs Banned Him

Johnny Manziel’s drinking and drug use is worse than ever and he seems to be on a never-ending party tour, refusing to seek help.  Now the people close to him are convinced he’s going to die unless something changes soon.

(Video) Matthew Perry Says Due To Substance Abuse, He Doesn’t Remember Filming Most Of ‘Friends’

Matthew Perry played in Friends for the entire 10 seasons that it was on air from 1994-2004. We’ll always remember the show until the end of time but unfortunately for Perry, his memory of the show isn’t as good as ours. Perry, who we knew as “Chandler” for so many years on Friends, admitted to extreme substance abuse during the filming of the show awhile ago, but nobody knew it was quite this bad. During a recent interview on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show via BBC Radio 2, Perry admitted that he has no recollection of filming seasons 3-6 due to his alcohol and drug intake at the time. Get into the full interview below.

Ray J & Princess Are Getting Married But Only Under ONE Condition

Love & Hip-Hop stars Ray J and Princess recently got engaged back in October, despite their EXTREMELY dysfunctional relationship. Now they definitely plan on actually going through with the wedding but only under one circumstance and one circumstance only – if the two can both manage to stay 100% sober.

Charlie Sheen Is Drowning His Sorrows In Alcohol & Ensure

I could only imagine what Charlie Sheen is going through as an individual diagnosed with HIV. In addition to the sexual transmitted disease, the man has not been eating. Drop down bottom for more.

Sports: Michael Phelps Says He Didn’t Want to Be Alive Anymore After DUI Arrest

“I was in a really dark place,” Michael Phelps says. “Not wanting to be alive anymore.”  This was after his 2014 DUI arrest, but he now says he’s cleaned himself up and insists he’s swimming better than ever.

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