Matthew Perry
Matthew Perry played Chandler Bing in “Friends.” During his time on the show, Perry was hiding a deep dark secret: he was facing many addiction issues. I had heard that Perry had issues with alchol abuse, but nobody really knew how bad his abuse was. The actor says that after a while people around him began to catch on despite how well he was hiding it. He is now sober and helping others accomplish the same task. Perry is so dedicated to helping people get and stay clean that he has transformed his former home to a rehab facility. Hopefully he can stay clean! Read more below.

Julie A.

Perry spoke about his addiction on Wednesday saying that he was “a sick guy.” The actor not only had issues with alcohol but prescription drug abuse as well. Throughout his abuse, he also struggled with depression. Perry’s addiction and depression spanned not only during the run of “Friends” but also continued after the show stopped filming in 2004.

Source: HuffPost