LMFAO: Amanda Bynes Only Follows 4 People – And 3 Are Big Name Rappers!

Amanda Bynes dated rapper Kid Cudi in the past, so it comes as not too much of a surprise that she has love for other rappers as well. She also urged Drake to “murder my [email protected]!na” in the past, so there’s that too…. As she continues her troubles, Amanda often vents on her Twitter account, using it as her “press release” of sorts on a daily basis. When she loads up her timeline, she’s only seeing tweets from 4 people, as that’s all she’s following…and 3 are rappers that you’d never think Amanda would care about: Sage The Gemini, YG and ScHoolboy Q. West sideee! Her fourth follow is cosmetic surgeon to the stars, Dr. Ramtin Kassir. What do you think about Amanda Bynes following rappers on Twitter? Let us know in the comments!

(Photos) Amanda Bynes Catches Another ‘L’ & Gets Kicked Out Of VIP In LA Club By Which Celeb?

Poor Amanda. A club is the LAST place she needs to be, but according to sources she and a male friend made their way to 1OAK in L.A. where Amanda ended up having it out with a fellow celebrity, where she was then removed from VIP. Not only was the mentally ill star caught on record plotting out ways to kill her parents… then publicly came out and said it was a joke. Yeah…until someone winds up murdered. Now she’s also a social pariah amongst her peers. See which celeb told Amanda “You can’t sit with us” inside.

(Audio) Certifiably Crazy? Amanda Bynes Rants About Killing Her Parents Caught On Tape

Amanada Bynes troubles and incidents of mental instability, are becoming far more frequent, and downright scary. As some may recall, she was initially put under a conservatorship with her parents after starting a fire in a neighbor’s yard. Fast forward two years later, Amanda is still lashing out at loved one, and now taking it even further by plotting on ways to MURDER her family?? Hear crazy rant inside!

Amanda Bynes’ Former Roommate Demands Money From Her For WHAT?!

According to Amanda Bynes’ former roommates, she’s like living with two completely different people. Bynes was staying with three girls in West Hollywood, one being her hair dresser. According to the [crazy] females who willingly let her stay with them, Bynes would lash out randomly and burn cigarette holes in the carpet and walls and splash blue hair dye all over the place… just because. The issue is, the mother of one of the roommates was the one who signed the lease. They’re now trying to sue Amanda and her parents for $1,500 to pay for the damages. However, Mr. and Mrs. Bynes told the woman to kick rocks because they let the former Nickelodeon star stay in the apartment against their will. HMMMM, this could get messy (literally.) Check out some pics of the damage in the gallery. HOTMESS.COM!

(Photos) Amanda Bynes Must Be A Wiz Khalifa Fan…

Taking a page out of Wiz Khalifa’s book, Amanda Bynes has gone ahead and dyed her blonde locks a lovely shade of purple. It actually would be kind of cute if we didn’t know the sad story behind it is simply her mental breakdown. “I dyed my hair violet 😀 I’m not sure if I like it , and this is a blurry pic but here it is!” Amanda tweeted from the salon on Friday. Check out more pics in the gallery and let us know your thoughts!

In Today’s SMH Chronicles: Amanda Bynes Wants To Work WHERE?!

Looks like former troubled Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes has a new career path in mind. After just leaving yet another psychiatric ward, Bynes expresses how she wants to “live a normal life” and become a bartender. She knows that since she’s famous (for all the wrong reasons at this point) that she’ll attract tons of people to whichever bar decides to give her a job. The thing is she’s in desperate need of the money because she no longer has access to her $5.7 million due to her conservatorship and is only allowed $50-$100 a day. She also needs the moolah to get plastic surgery because according to Bynes, she feels as if she’s extremely “ugly.” Can someone say Hotmess.com?!

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