(Video) Kevin Gates Gives An Awkward Interview During Birthday Bash In Atlanta

Idk if he was just messing with her or if he truly didn’t give lol. Either way his awkwardness made her awkward and that was pretty funny…watch this odd Kevin Gates interview below.

(Video) Really Now? : White Fox News Co-Host Asks Black Co-Host If She ‘Makes Kool-Aid’

My God, this really couldn’t have been any more awkward, the little girl’s face says it all. It’s actually so awkward that for the slightest second you almost feel bad for him but then that goes away just as fast as it came. I guess this host thought it was necessary to play into the stereotype that all African Americans drink Kool-Aid, having no beef to ask the African American host if she was sippin’ on Kool-Aid with her well cooked meal; look into the article to see this subtle racism at it’s finest, smh.

(Video) Young Thug Gives The Most AWKWARD Interview In Life!

Young Thug has always been a bit odd but watching him get interviewed is quite possible on the top 5 most awkward things I’ve ever seen in my entire life! Fresh off the stage from his show in London, Thugger sat down with UK’s hip-hop DJ legend, Tim Westwood. During the interview, YT literally said one word for every question (if even) – making the entire ordeal SO unbearably awkward. Although it wasn’t a very detailed interview as you could imagine, Young Thug did however reveal that he has many upcoming Slime Season mixtapes in the works with producer London On Da Track along with other various music projects that his fans can look forward to. Get into the most awkward interview you’ll ever see below.

Awkward Much? Man Paints A Nude Picture Of Kim Kardashian With His Penis!!

I don’t know if this should be considered cool and creative or freakishly awkward! I need you to tell me! Read more after the jump…

(Video) Sports: Pop Superstar Katy Perry Makes Awkward Appearance On College Game Day

Perry’s appearance made me cringe due to how uncomfortable it was. Not only was it weird, but the sexual innuendos were out of control! I don’t think Perry would be invited back to the show again! Hit the jump for details.

(Photos) Real Tears: Check Out The Most AWKWARD Pregnancy Photos Ever!

I’m not sure if there’s something in the water or if I’m just getting old, but almost every single one of my friends is pregnant right now. I randomly came across this hilarious page with awkward pregnancy pics and I’m still cracking up. If you need a good laugh, check out these super funny yet slightly disturbing prego flicks in the gallery!

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