NFL: Ray Lewis Blasts Ray Rice For “Putting People In Jeopardy” With His Actions


The Ravens legend weighed in on the Ray Rice dilemma and made some interesting and strong comments about the implications this mess has on the Baltimore Ravens organization. Hit the jump for details.

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NFL: Huh?! Ray Rice Now Alleges That Elevator Incident Video Was Edited

In his suspension appeal, Rice’s main defense is that TMZ edited the video! Huh?! Hit the jump for details.

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NFL: Could Ray Rice Return To The League As Early As Next Season?


With his indefinite suspension being the talk of sports over the week, new reports are claiming that Rice could be reinstated as early as next season. Hit the jump for details.

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(Video) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Directly Addresses His Domestic Violence History


After Mayweather made some rather strong comments about the Ray Rice mess, his history of domestic abuse came to the forefront, especially after his ex Miss Jackson directly accused him of abuse. Last night on CNN, Mayweather addressed the claims. Hit the jump for details.

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(Photos) NFL: Despite Graphic Video, Many Fans Still Supporting Ray Rice!


Even though a grizzly video was released this week showing more graphic details of Ray Rice hitting his wife, some fans, and especially female fans are still standing with him! They showed their support in droves last night prior and during the Ravens game with the Pittsburgh Steelers. I think more people expected jersey burning and negative talk but instead found quite the opposite. Fans seemed to be in a good mood and they were definitely making it a point to show they still love Rice. One woman who was interviewed even said Janay Rice deserved to be hit!! I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion but that comment is going to far to me. People idolize athletes and in the eyes of fans like that it makes it harder to look at their favorite player in a negative light. Hit the jump for the pics.

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NFL: Check Out Why Commissioner Goodell Did Not Want To Question Janay Rice’s Story

Ray Rice Press Conference

New reports are indicating that the commissioner handed Rice the 2 game suspension because he did not want to dig further into Mrs. Rice’s story. He feared that he would’ve come across as insensitive. Hit the jump for details.

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NBA: Pacers President Larry Bird Goes In On Paul George For Ray Rice Comments


Yesterday we reported that the Pacers superstar made some disparaging remarks about the Ray Rice domestic violence mess. George has since apologized for his comments, but it did not stop NBA Legend Larry Bird from speaking out against George’s remarks.

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NFL: The League Hires Former FBI Director To Lead Ray Rice Investigation


The league is looking to get to the bottom of the incident and hired Robert Mueller, who headed the FBI for 13 years. It’s about to get serious! Hit the jump for details.

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NFL: A New Report Says That The NFL Received Rice Elevator Incident Since April


Wow! Many sources are indicating that the video that took the world by storm on Monday was given to the league over 5 months ago. Hit the jump for details.

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(Video) Sports: Floyd Mayweather Apologizes For His Comments On The Ray Rice Incident


Last night, Mayweather made some interesting comments about the Rice family domestic violence incident. It appears that now, Mayweather has changed his tune. Hit the jump for details.

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