(Video) NBA: LOL Barack Obama Trash Talks Paul Pierce After Hitting Game Winner in Pickup

IFWT_Obama Pierce

Monday was the annual White House Easter Egg Roll event and a few basketball players were on hand thanks to NBA Cares, including newly elected Hall of Famer Dikembe Mutombo and Washington Wizards John Wall and Paul Pierce.  Everyone knows the President loves basketball so with a few players on hand, there was a pickup game.  “The Truth” got a taste of his own medicine as Barack Obama trash talks Paul Pierce after hitting game winner.

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Azealia Banks Wants To Have Sex With Barack Obama


Azealia Banks is the LAST person your going to see holding back. The outspoken Harlem rapper had some choice words about our U.S President , Barack Obama. op into the post for all the details! #IFWT

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(Video) President Barack Obama Is A Fan Of ‘The Wire’?!


Just when you thought that our president couldn’t get any better, we find out that President Barack Obama is a fan of The Wire. Of course as our nation’s leader, during his conversation with The Wire creator, David Simon, Mr. President kept some things strictly political. The two discussed the need to reduce the incarceration of nonviolent drug offenders and steps to make cities across the country safer.

Check out the details of the topic at hand down bottom.

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(Video) Sports: Charles Barkley Says Anyone Criticizing President Obama For Filling Out A Bracket Is Racist


For some strange reason people every year take issue with President Obama filling out his bracket for March Madness. It is always the same focus from these moron’s as well. always saying “shouldn’t the President be occupying his time focusing on more important matters and blah blah. As if him taking five minutes to fill out a bracket and be on ESPN is really hurting our quality of life. People always have an agenda and Charles Barkley is taking it a step further by saying the same people criticizing the POTUS are really just letting their racist side shine through.

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(Video) CTFU! Kanye West Says Barack Obama Definitely Has His Phone Number!

Kanye West

According to Kanye West, Barack Obama told a little white lie. The Prez had a talk with Jimmy Kimmel live on Thursday night and he was asked if he ever called Kanye at his home because that’s been mentioned before and this was Obama’s response, “I don’t think I’ve got his home number.” Well, he didn’t say he didn’t have his number, just not that one. TMZ spoke to Yeezy at LAX where he said he got nothing but love for the POTUS but he DID call his house. LOL!
Watch the full clip below!

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(Video) Original Selma Protester Refuses To March With George Bush At 50 Year Anniversary


Original Selma Protester Refuses To March With George Bush At 50 Year Anniversary
In an exclusive interview a Original Selma Protester explains why she Refuses To March With George Bush At 50 Year Anniversary. Hop into the post for the video , pictures and details !!! #IFWT

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(Video) Barack Obama Honors The 50th Anniversary Of Bloody Sunday In Selma


Barack Obama Honors The 50th Anniversary Of Bloody Sunday In Selma
At The 50th Anniversary commemoration of Bloody Sunday , president Obama marched across the Legendary bridge in Selma where Martin Luther King Jr. marched over 50 years ago ! Hop into the post for all the pics and Details !!! #IFWT

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Kim Kardashian , Barack Obama And Jimmy Fallon Named Most Influential People On The Internet By “Time”


Time Magazine named Kim Kardashian , Barack Obama and Jimmy Fallon the most influential people on the internet , hop into the post for the details !!!!

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Rudy Giuliani Says He’s Getting Death Threats Over Obama Comments!

rudy giuliani speaks on stop and frisk policy

Rudy Giuliani previously but recently accused President Barack Obama of not being as patriotic as he should be and Rudy Giuliani has been under fire ever since . According to Rudy Giuliani he has been getting numerous Death threats ever since he made the comment ! Hop into the post for the details ! #IFWT

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(Photo) NBA: Barack Obama Refuses Gift From Michael Jordan Because He Misspelled His Name?


Yes, the Jumpman, himself, decided to give a gift to Barack Obama, who just so happens to be PRESIDENT of the US, you know, where Michael Jordan lives. Apparently, the NBA legend isn’t too familiar as he misspelled Obama’s name on the gift & calls him strictly by his first name, leaving the POTUS with no other choice but to do what he did!

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