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Obama To Announce New Commitments To His “My Brother’s Keeper” Initiative!


President Obama is announcing new million dollar commitments including efforts from the likes of the NBA and AT&T towards his “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative on Monday. “My Brother’s Keeper” is a program aimed at helping boys and young men of color find their way down the right path in the life. Find out more about the program after the jump!

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(Video) LOL! While In Colorado, President Obama Was Offered Weed!


Fun times in Colorado. Not only for the obvious reasons, but also for President Obama. While on his visit to scenic state, it looks like fun was hard to miss. Check it out after the jump!

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President Obama Announces Plans for Immediate Action On Immigration Reform

_President Obama

President Obama took to his latest press conference to express his dissatisfaction with the House of Reps and their delay on passing an immigration bill. Obama stated simply “If Congress will not do their jobs, at least we can do ours,” by placing the focus on resources to border enforcement, as well as revamping deportation policies. Check out the full conference below.

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The Obamas WANT Their Daughters To Work For Minimum Wage! Find Out Why!


Well, working as a production assistant for Steven Spielberg isn’t exactly starting from the bottom. However, TMZ reported Malia got no special treatment and was even asked to get coffees while on set. The Obamas want their children to grow on their own and in an interview with Parade magazine, the first couple shared how they want their daughters to work for minimum wage to build their character. Find out what else they had to say after the jump!

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(Video) Obama Is Sending Troops To Iraq For WHAT?!?!?


President Barack Obama has made headlines for his inability to anticipate the rise of Sunni militants in Iraq, according to NBC News. Due to lack of preparation when dealing with the militants, who captured Iraq’s second-largest city last week, the U.S. is set to send 275 troops into the troubled country for embassy security. More info after the jump.

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(Video) President Obama Getting Slim & Trim In A Polish Gym [Leaked Footage]


So, the President of the United States tries to remain a healthy lifestyle and the world goes mad. A video of President Barack Obama working out in the most fierce way in a Polish gym was leaked. While we live in the times of Internet s**t talkers, some are calling his attempt at lunges – well, weak. I say Obama was flexing.

Hit the jump to check it out.

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Breaking News: President Obama Announces Shinseki Resignation After Veterans Healthcare Scandal


Early Friday morning, embattled Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki made apologies on the failures in the VA system. Shinseki replied to an interim inspector general report that found “systemic” problems with clinics lying about patient wait times among other things. Just bad practices.

President Obama had been recieving heat from both political parties to get rid of Shinseki, who has now resigned. The president has released a statement. Check it out down bottom.

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(Video) LOL! Was Obama’s 2014 White House Correspondents’ Dinner A Speech Or Stand Up Routine?

Obama will send no troops

This year’s White House Correspondents Dinner was anything but boring! President Obama’s speech was the highlight of the event, not because he addressed so many issues but because every other line had people dying!
Check it out after the jump!

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(Photos) Filipinos Protesting President Obama’s Visit Get The Super Soaker Treatment

Putin brushes off obama's warnings

A group of over 100 left-wing Filipino activists were protesting President Obama’s visit with rallies, riots and a bunch of nasty signs that read “Obama Not Welcome.” During their march outside of the United States Embassy in Manila, police gave them all the water hose treatment due to their out-landish behavior. President Obama just landed in Japan on Wednesday and will be making his rounds to South Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines with hopes of increasing American militia in Asia. See the pics from the water feast in the gallery.

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(Photos) OK!! Barack Obama Prevents Michelle Obama From Having A Wardrobe Malfunction!!


According to The Obama’s, chivalry isn’t dead. After arriving in Austin, TX this past Thursday, while walking down the steps of Air Force One, a big gust of wind almost pulled the FLOTUS’s skirt up — channeling Marilyn Monroe. Thankfully, the president was there to assist. Check it out after the jump.

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