(Photos) OK!! Barack Obama Prevents Michelle Obama From Having A Wardrobe Malfunction!!


According to The Obama’s, chivalry isn’t dead. After arriving in Austin, TX this past Thursday, while walking down the steps of Air Force One, a big gust of wind almost pulled the FLOTUS’s skirt up — channeling Marilyn Monroe. Thankfully, the president was there to assist. Check it out after the jump.

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(Video) NCAA: Barack-etology! President Obama Reveals His Final 4 Picks!


March Madness is in full effect!  He does it every year and he’s back again!  Oh how I love our President.
Check out Obama’s picks for the Final Four (*updated with his full bracket*)…

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Crimea Vote Forces President Obama To Freeze Assets & Ban Russian Officials From Entering The U.S.


“We’re making it clear that there are consequences for their actions,” president Barak Obama announced in the White House after the massive vote in Crimea to separate themselves from the Ukraine and join Russian officials.
Although the citizen’s vote is an announcement that Crimea is now known as an individual state, Obama states that the U.S. will not recognize the change. He’s since announced expanded sanctions to “increase the costs” on those responsible for the stand-off as well as banned certain Moscow individuals from entering the states.
Check out the jump for more details.

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(Video) The Foolery Continues – George Zimmerman, I’m A Scapegoat For The President


It’s news, so we must deliver it. By now, we’ve heard the background story of George Zimmerman – killing a black teen, calling it self-defense, being acquitted and more recently, trying to attain fame in the realm of boxing (CANCELLED).
He’s hardly let his non-conviction die down with the madness of being arrested on numerous occasions, yet he’s made it on CNN’s New Day to protest the aftermath of trial.
The wicked mind of Zimmerman has taken him on a journey of government conspiracy theories stating that he’s become a “scapegoat for the government, the president, the attorney general…” PLEASE, tell me why would these people use this man as an example?! Now, Barack Obama stops everything he’s doing to talk to WHO, the attorneys of Florida who failed? Be real.
Get this, he also wants to “become an attorney, to stop the miscarriage of justice.” Well, I sure hope you’re better than Florida’s prosecution team. Hit the jump and have a listen.

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LIVE STREAM: President Obama To Deliver 2014 State Of The Union Speech At 9 PM

gop goes in on obama

Tonight at 9PM sharp, President Obama will be delivering his 2014 State of the Union speech. Check out the live stream below!

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First Lady, Michelle Obama Celebrates Up-Coming Birthday By Doing WHAT?!


First lady, Michelle Obama is turning the BIG 50 on January 17th, and she plans on bringing in the day properly. Find out what hubby, Barack has given his lovely wife for the up-coming festivities, after the jump.

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Kanye West’s “Outstanding” Music Remains On Barack Obama’s iPad!


How can we all forget about Barack Obama’s famous Kanye West, “He’s a jacka**” line? WE CAN’T! The thick blood between the two has been all but silent, but that hasn’t stopped our nation’s President from praising Kanye’s musical talents. During a People Magazine interview [set to release, Friday, Dec. 27th], Obama was asked who he’d rather hang with, KimYe or the family of Duck Dynasty. See what he has to say after the jump.

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(Video) LOL! President Obama Singing, “Jingle Bells!”

The Christmas holiday is rapidly approaching! Some of are not ready (#ME), but some are! Maker Music gets our President to sing, “Jingle Bells,” and it’s HILARIOUS! Hit the jump to check it out.

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(Photos) President Obama Flirting AGAIN?! Michelle Isn’t Having That!


It’s been rumored that our President likes to get his flirt on, but unlike these, Love & Hip-Hop side pieces, Michelle Obama doesn’t deal with that mess! Early this morning, the memorial for Nelson Mandela took place, and President Obama was one of the key-note speakers. Well, the Mrs. wasn’t feeling the seating arrangements…especially, since next to her man was an overly touchy, happy Prime Minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt. After Obama and the blonde, Schmidt took a selfie (YES, selfie), Michelle had decided, that was enough. Hit the jump and check out how she put her man in his place, literally.

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(Photo) Nelson Mandela’s Funeral Program Released!


Last week, funeral arrangements for Nelson Mandela was released, and tomorrow, the leader continues to be remembered. Another service will be held in South Africa, where former as well as current Presidents from all around the world will speak – including Barack Obama, who took Air Force One with wife, Michelle to the country this afternoon [see in the gallery].
A list of others to attend are, “George W. Bush and his wife, Laura; the Clintons; and former President Jimmy Carter,” according to the NY Daily News. This will be a great home-going. Check out other attendees in the gallery.

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