(Video) Man Gets Away After Vicious Battle With Grizzly Bear

This guy was hiking through the Montana woods yesterday morning, searching for elk. What he found was a Grizzly bear and two cubs instead and actually lives to tell the tale.

Woman Marathoner Attacked By Bear

It seems like you can’t have any safe leisure time nowadays. Every week theres a different animal in the news. This time it was a black bear.

Woman Punches Bear In The Face To Save Her Dog

If you haven’t check out this documentary called Grizzly Man. After watching that you will know that bears are not to be messed with. I mean you probably know that already without looking at that documentary. Common sense disappeared from Brook Collins when a bear snatched up her dog and she decided to punch it in the nose. Check out the story on Collins brainless act after the jump. @ShottaDru

Never Take Wild Animals Lightly, RIP Trainer Stephan Miller

We feel for his Family

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