(Photos) Seem Like Men Are More Concerned With Their Appearance than Women

We usually hear about women going to the extreme when it came to their physical appearance. You hear stories about all different types of procedures females go through just to look and feel good. Seems like they aren’t the only ones that feel the need to look sexy.

(Video) #BeardGang: See What Each Facial Hair Style On A Man Means!

Over the past few years, bearded men have become all the rage for us ladies. However, there are many other looks that must be considered. Blogger Jenna Marbles dedicate a whole segment of her show to speak on what each stage of facial hair means, ranging from the freshly-shaven face to a lumberjack beard. If you need a good laugh, take a look at this video below to find out what your man’s facial hair means! Fellas, are you rocking the clean look or are you a manly man with a nice beard on that face of yours?

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