We usually hear about women going to the extreme when it came to their physical appearance. You hear stories about all different types of procedures females go through just to look and feel good. Seems like they aren’t the only ones that feel the need to look sexy.


Men are starting to get into the maintanence of their appearance for the ladies. Thousands of men are spending large amounts of money to give their beards a full and more manly look. What beards are to men is what good eyebrows are to women. Ever since it has become a trend and more appealing to the eyes of women, more guys are letting their facial hair grow out. Some men have confessed to spending up to $14,000 and more just for their beards to have a sexier look. That’s BANANAS!!!

Yes I agree, most women that do indulge in cosmetic surgery takes it over board with the botox, butt shots, brazilian butt lift and all the other surgeries that can be done but to spend that much money on facial hair seems a bit much! To each its own. These men that have had the beard transplant says they could careless if anyone knows they had the procedure done. Their biggest fear is people finding out how much money was spent on such a surgery.