(Photo) NFL: LOL, Jay Cutler’s Son Is Not a Fan of Santa!

Jay Cutler’s 3 month old son Camden may not be a fan of Santa right now, but he will learn what a great man the big guy is as he gets older!  Check out Jay Cutler & Kristin Cavallari’s son’s reaction as he meets Santa for the first time… GameTimeGirl

NFL: Brian Urlacher Rips Bears Fans!

As someone that used to live in Chicago, I know that Bears fans LOVE Brian Urlacher but after this they may not like him as much.  I get where Urlacher is coming from,  if the Bears are your team – you stand behind them no matter what…ride or die.  There is no bandwagon sh*t going on.  BUT at the same time, c’mon fam!  Urlacher can’t say he doesn’t care about fans!  Without us, football would be nothing! Check out what he had to say & let us know what you think… GameTimeGirl

(Video & Pic) NFL: Huh?! Brandon Marshall Compares Bears Season To Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

This guy! Lol.  Not gonna lie though, I kinda like this comparison as silly as it sounds! On Wednesday Bears WR Brandon Marshall showed up to a press conference with the Charlie Brown Christmas tree and used it as a way for the media and fans to understand the hope he has for the Bears after losing the last 4 out of 5 game and now stand at 8-5. GameTimeGirl

NFL: Bears RB Matt Forte Gives Generous Gift To Entire Inner-City Chicago Football Team!

Whenever I hear about athletes giving back, I try to share the story.  I know it’s not drama so it won’t get read as much, but I think it’s amazing when athletes do things from the heart.  With that said it leads us to Matt Forte. He had specials gifts for a high school football team from an underprivileged section of Chicago. GameTimeGirl

Sports: Really?! Brandon Marshall Says Some NFL Players Are Using Viagra as a PED

The NFL’s fight against performance-enhancing drug (PED) use amongst its players has focused recently on Adderall, but now Brandon Marshall is bringing a new drug into the mix that you wouldn’t think of needing for performing … on the field. GameTimeGirl

NFL Reminder: Monday Night Football – Bears vs. 49ers

Week 11 of the NFL season comes to a close with the Bears taking on the 49ers.  Check out the info and a recap of week 11 after the jump… GameTimeGirl

(PHOTO) NFL: WHOA!! Brandon Marshall Tweets Pic of Gift, But What’s That in The Background?!?!

This is hilarious.  How did the person taking the pic not notice AND how did Brandon not notice when he posted the pic?! Crazy.  Brandon Marshall was excited about getting a gift from University of Central Florida (his alma mater) and shared with Twitter what he got (which was a t-shirt).  Problem is what’s in background!!!  Check it out… GameTimeGirl

(PHOTOS) Sports: Jalen Rose Pays Up On His Bet!

Jalen Rose was so upset with the lack of support for his Detroit Lions prior to “Monday Night Football,” he made an outrageous wager.  He said he would shave his head, goatee AND eyebrows IF the Bears won the game.  Well the Bears did win and Lions took an L.  Today on ‘Numbers Never Lie’ he paid up on his bet with T.I. on the set. #ShaveofShame I do have a problem with this tho.  They didn’t make him shave his eyebrows because he covered the spread.  C’mon B!  That wasn’t part of the deal!  The eyebrows should’ve went too!  SMH. Check out the after pics in the gallery. GameTimeGirl

NFL: Brandon Marshall Goes At Ndamukong Suh After MNF Game

Ndamukong Suh had a monster hit last night on Brandon Marshall’s good friend and teammate Jay Cutler.  Marshall saw it as dirty.  Suh said it was a “simply a football play.” Marshall took to Twitter after the game to vent about the hit. GameTimeGirl

Sports: @JalenRose Will Be Looking Crazy Soon After Losing Bet! Guess What He Has To Do?!

Bets can be SO much fun but can also drop you on your ass.  7 weeks later and I still have to pay up my bet to DJJuanyto. Don’t worry, I got you fam! SMH.  It just hurts when you lose, but at least I didn’t take it this far… Jalen Rose was so upset with the lack of support for his Detroit Lions prior to “Monday Night Football,” he made an outrageous wager.  As we all know, the Lions took an L last night to the Bears and now so will Jalen.  I wonder how long it will take him to pay up?!  They should televise this. Lol. Check out it out: GameTimeGirl

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