Bobby Shmurda Tried To Withdraw From His Plea Saying He Was Forced Into It

We recently learned that Bobby Shmurda took a plea deal for 7 years. Bobby now tried to get out of the plea. He says that he was forced to take it by his lawyer.

Bobby Shmurda And Rowdy Rebel Gives First Exclusive Interview Since Plea Deal

While speaking with Complex, Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy Rebel gave their first interview since taking a plea deal. Bobby spoke about the way of the world, why he took the plea, and more.

Bobby Shmurda Dismisses False Arrest Lawsuit Against NYPD

Bobby Shmurda filed a lawsuit against the NYPD shortly after he was arrested on multiple charges in 2014, accusing police of falsely arresting him. He alleged that he was targeted because of his anti-police music, and the arresting officers had a vendetta against him for a run-in from the year prior. He added that they lied about what went down and neither the gun or drugs found were his.

(Audio) PSA: Bobby Shmurda Says He Will Be Back Soon

Bobby Shmurda recently took a plea deal for 7 years. In a recent phone call, Bobby says don’t trip because he will be back soon and may even get out early for good behavior.

Bobby Shmurda Takes A 7 Year Plea

Bobby Shmurda has just taken a plea deal. He will spend 7 years in prison & will be given 5 years probation. Shmurda plead guilty to conspiracy to possess weapons and possessing a weapon.

Bobby Shmurda’s Pre-Trial Hearings Have Started

After more than a year and half locked up, Bobby Shmurda’s pre-trial hearings for conspiracy to commit murder and weapons charges finally begin.

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