Border Control Endorses Its First Presidential Candidate

Border Control has endorsed its first Presidential candidate and guess who they choose? Thats right, good ol’ Donald Trump. Donald Trump is still standing with the fact that he wants illegal immigrants and terrorsists to go back to their homes away from the U.S. Trump believes that they pose a economic threat to our country.

Man Dies After Getting Tasered By Border Control On Christmas Eve

Man dies after getting tasered by Border Control In San Diego California, A wanted man died after getting tasered by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents at the San Ysidro Port of Entry on Christmas Eve.

Dallas County To House Over 1,000 Immigrant Children!

Well, this is a beautiful change of pace. Due to the fact that the Southwest border has been flooded with unaccompanied minors lately, Dallas County has agreed on a program where over 1,000 immigrant children will be given housing. Find out more after the jump!

Mexican Authorities Confiscate Marijuana Cannon Shooting Pot Across US/Mexico Border

US Border patrol spotted barrels filled with marijuana scattered along the US border apparently launched from Mexico, they immediately alerted the Mexican authorities of what they found and they tracked down the cannon. A cannon made of plastic tubing and compressed air shot barrels of up to 30 pounds of marijuana across the border. I’m assuming someone was supposed to be collecting those, but now not only are they out the pot the shot to the US, they are also going to have to build a new cannon. Hit the jump for more.

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