MTV’s Wild & Crazy Show “Buckwild” Is Making A Comeback?

Ya-Hooooo! Wasilla, Alaska will be plastered on your television screens. MTV’s reality show, “Buckwild” was cancelled after the death of Shain Gandee (and multiple arrests of Salwa Amin), but sources are telling TMZ that they’ve been recording the show for the past month. It’s an entirely new cast and let’s just say, they like to go skinny dipping.

(Video) DAMNNN! MTV Buckwild’s Anna Davis Gets Hit By A Huge Light Post!!!

I guess as Anna Davis entered the club everything went Buckwild including the lighting post?! As the MTV reality star seemed to be hosting a club event, a HUGGGGGGE fixture fell on the poor girl! Although it looks like it did major damage, Davis’ stated to TMZ that she is only experiencing minor pains but may head to the hospital if it continues, hit the jump to see her tragic downfall!

Another Sex Tape From An MTV Reality Star! (Two Of Them, Actually!)

A new trend seems to be sex tapes from MTV reality stars (a la Farrah Abraham), and “Buckwild” stars Shae Bradley and Jesse J are the latest to join the wave. The on-again/off-again couple have a pretty nasty tape that they made before their show even aired, and producers had previously told them to keep it quiet. They’d listened up until this point, but now that the show’s been cancelled in light of their castmate’s passing, the tape is being shopped around. “Yes there is a sex tape and I regret making it with someone who I obviously couldn’t trust and is looking to exploit the relationship we had,” Shae said in a statement. People ALWAYS deny it’s their own doing at first, so it’s pretty likely she and Jesse are the ones ready to sell it. Who knows, though!

“Buckwild” Might Be Cancelled But Two Re-Vamps Are On The Way

In the wake of the death of Shain Gandee, MTV announced that they would be giving the show the axe. Now a producer for the show said that although “Buckwild” is cancelled, the network is bring similar style shows to two other states that aren’t near West Virgina. “Buckwild” was the third highest rating show on the network and Gandee soon became a fan favorite. Find out where the new versions of the show will be taking place below.

MTV Releases Statement About Cancelling “Buckwild”

Earlier this morning, MTV made the decision to pull the plug on their reality show Buckwild, just 8 days after the death of one of the show’s stars, Shain Gandee. Now they’ve followed up with an official statement, explaining their full reasoning and what to expect moving forward. See what they said below.

MTV Cancels Buckwild In Light Of Shain Gandee’s Death

Just 8 days after the death of Shain Gandee, MTV has decided to pull the plug on the reality show he was featured on, Buckwild. They were actually in the middle of filming the second season already. 4 episodes were already in the can, but they will not air. However, a special that was taped 2 months ago is expected to air. MTV will be making an official announcement later today.

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