(Video) Newborn Baby Girl Found Buried Near A Compton Riverbed

Two woman say they were walking on a bike path near a riverbed in Compton, California when they heard a baby crying. Well they weren’t hallucinating. A newborn baby girl was found buried alive near that river bed.

(Video) 10 Year Old New York Boy Dies Buried In Snowbank?!

10 year old Cory Denoncourt died after playing in the snow near his home in Greece, New York. He went out to enjoy the season’s first snowfall and now his family will be missing him for the holidays. While digging snow tunnels, Denoncourt fell in a 3 foot deep hole and died, as a result of his injuries, on Thursday. To see news coverage of this story, click below.

Boy’s Body Buried In Parent’s Backyard For Two Years

This is a very astonishing story how can a secret like this be kept for so long.  A young boy’s body was uncovered in his parent’s backyard after being buried there for two years.  Although people recently noticed that the boy had been missing and the parent’s are yet to be arrested.  The mother revealed her son’s body location once the police questioned her, but did not reveal any other details like the cause of death. Hit the jump Steph B

Newborn Girl Was Buried Alive By Dad Because Of Abnormalities!

A newborn girl was buried alive by her father because she was born with an abnormally large head.  The Pakistani father claimed that his daughter had been born dead and even held a service for her, he also asked a doctor to dispose of the baby.  He then proceeded to bury his daughter alive because of her features, Pakistani human rights activists are demanding a severe sentence for him when found. Hit the jump. Steph Bassanini

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