(Caught On Tape) NYC Bus Driver Fights Teen For Not Paying His Fare!


Being that we live in an era where camera phones capture everything, it’s almost impossible for anything to be missed. The latest fight drama to be caught on tape is a NYC MTA bus driver lashing out at a 16-year-old teenager for refusing to pay his bus fare. Check out the heated confrontation below!

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(Video) Thanks To Kevin Hart Bus Driver, Genesha Bradley Has Her Job Back!!!


Talk about above and beyond. If you saw Kevin Hart – or any of your favorite celebrities – while on the job, what would you do? TAKE A SELFIE FIRST! That’s what National Car Rental bus driver, Genesha Bradley did when she came across the comedian.

Bradley took a few minutes out of her route to embrace Hart and grab a photo-op. The funny man happily obliged, but the big wigs of the car rental service did not see any humor in the move. Genesha was fired without pay! Kevin got wind of the incident and posted to his Instagram, a plea for National to give the working woman her job back. It worked…

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(Graphic*Video) Caught On Tape: Bus Driver Gets Bad BEATING


Ok This is NOT cool, BUT the Bus Driver did put his hand on the guy before the guy did anything, And I repeat this is not cool, and more than likely will not help him legally, I’m just saying.

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Wow! Female School Bus Driver Gets HOW MUCH Time For Having Sex With Student?!?


I don’t know who’s worse, Florida or Ohio… This time, Ohio makes headlines thanks to another bus driver. This bus driver, unlike the many bus drivers HERE, didn’t hand out hits, but got hit … by a 14-year-old boy. And now, the 23-year-old driver is facing time. More info after the jump.

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(Graphic*Video) Caught On Tape: Bus Driver Pounds On Passenger

NJ Transit Bus

Apparently 61 year old Seattle bus driver Dennis Echols was aggravated that 23 year old Ethan McKinney was asleep at the last stop and preventing Echols from taking his break. Once The driver throws McKinney’s belongings off the bus, McKinney finally gets off but not before he bumps and allegedly spits on Echols, which leads Echols to hit McKinney with an 8 pound rubber wheel block, and Pounding on him from behind.

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(Video) OH SNAP!! Another Bus Driver Beating On A Passenger!!!

NJ Transit Bus

“You gon pay for this b**ch” I mean it’s not as rough as the original knock out upper cut the male driver to the female passenger, and this is female on female, but this is def gladiator action! Hit and See.

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(*Graphic**Photos/Video*) Bus Driver Fired After Commuter Catches Him Doing THIS!!!

NJ Transit Bus entering Lincoln Tunnel

For 21 and 1/2 years, George Simpson Jr. has been driving NJ Transit buses, however, there is no seniority when it’s comes to who gets to jerk around on the job… literally! On June 24th, while pulling into the toll plaza at the Lincoln Tunnel, Simpson pulled out at the same time –much to the dismay of a Manhattan librarian that caught it all on tape.

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Caught On Tape: Another Bus Driver Goes In On Passenger….And For WHAT???


These Bus Driver’s man, they need some type of therapy but this one though, the Driver was Completely in the wrong! At 1st I was like I wish a Bus Driver Would, but then I think Homie did the right thing by Not hitting the driver back, He’s looking at a serious payday from whatever city this happened in…Hit the Jump!

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(Video) Bus Driver Catches A Bad One From Passenger!!!

IFWT_Bus Driver

I mean You had the Uppercut of the year from that other Bus Driver, But it seems like this Bus driver is a diff story, Hit the Jump.

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Auto:(Video) Worst Bus Driver Ever Loves His Beef Patties


Most of the time you don’t even realize if your bus driver on your local city bus is a good or bad driver because you are more concerned with getting where you need to be. Unfortunately for this driver, his own camera caught him being a fool. He has already been disciplined multiple times during his employment with Broward County, Florida. Most of the issues were minor, but still, with that many occasions, you would of thought he was fired a long time ago. If he was, he would not of been able to be caught on camera eating his beef patties, which is against the rules, trying to purposely cut off cars or not let them in a lane, and he would of never been caught being the single reason an elderly woman fell and hit her head on the fare box. The driver got mad that he had to let a car in and slammed on his brakes sending passengers flying. One of those passengers happening to be standing and was thrown to the floor and hit her head when he stopped. Showing his true colors, he doesn’t even acknowledge the hurt woman, he just keeps driving. This jackass has since retired but not before he left his county on the hook for a $100,000 lawsuit that woman won for his reckless driving. Check out the video below.

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