(Video) Enraged Bus Driver Hits A Car And Runs Over Driver


A recent video caught a mean case of road rage. A bus can be seen hitting a car numerous times and then proceeding to hit the driver of the car.

Former Singer Scott Weiland Found Dead In His Tour Bus


Former singer and musician Scott Weiland was found dead Thursday in his tour bus by his fellow band mates. Read the full story after the jump.

(Video) From Humble Beginnings…Tyrese Takes It Back To Where It All Began


Tyrese has been traveling around promoting his album Black Rose. Earlier this week he was spotted on the subway and today we see that he took it back to the bus where he got his start. Find out the details and see the video below.

(Photos+Video) Bus Driver Texting Blamed For Fatal School Bus Crash


Knoxville police blame a school bus driver texting for the deadly December 2014 school bus crash, which killed two students and a teacher’s aide.

(Video) Update: Nelly Speaks On Arrest For Guns And Drugs

Nelly Arrested for Drugs and Guns on Tour Bus

Yikes!!! Word on the street is a felony might be coming down as global Hip Hop star Nelly Arrested for Drugs and Guns on Tour Bus today…

SMH: Driver Of Double-Decker Bus Crash In Times Square Was On Drugs At The Time?!?


Yesterday, two double-decker tour buses collided in Times Square on 47th and 7th Ave, leaving 18 people hurt. Now, one of the drivers is under investigation and has been charged with driving while his ability was impaired. At this time, it’s still unclear what drugs he was on. More after the jump.

A NYC Man Suing For An Amount Of Money You’ve Never Heard Before After Being Biten By Dog


What the hell is an undecillion? Never heard of it? Well it’s the number 2 accompanied by 36 zeros, making it just about more money than we even have on earth and this 62 year old man from NYC wants it all. After being biten by a rabid dog on a city bus Anton Purisma filed a lawsuit last month for his “priceless” suffering. Looks like you found a price though guy.

(Video) Caught On Tape: Cops Punch Special Needs Woman In The Face


The use of consumer technology is always up to each person, and someone used their smartphone to videotape this incident between the LA police and woman with special needs.

(Video) Caught On Tape: Armed Robber Get Tackled On Bus By Passengers

NJ Transit Bus

Before trying to put a gun in people’s faces on public transportation, remember 9/11 changed the way people think!

(Video) Sports: Usain Bolt vs. Bus In A Race — Guess Who Wins?!

IFWT_Bolt bus  2

Usain Bolt vs. a bus — who wins?! Nope, it’s not a riddle — it really happened and can you guess who won?! Always bet on Bolt!! Check it out…

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