(Photos) Man Busted at Airport for 30K Worth of Cocaine In His Sneakers

Everyone can’t be like Jay-Z, who had “a cousin in customs that get sh*t through…”—just ask the South American Man Busted at Airport for 30K Worth of Cocaine In His Sneakers (SMH). Among the pairs of illegal kicks were some fresh Nikes and Asics running shoes strategically but unsuccessfully secured for a trip he’ll have to miss. At the rate ‘transporters’ are trying to be more creative, airport security will only be getting worse (SMH)!!!

(Photos) NYPD Find $1.6 Million Worth Of Light Blue Crystal Meth In Drug Bust!

NYPD find $1.6 million dollars worth of light-blue crystal meth in ‘Breaking Bad’ type drug bust. Cops had to use a dolly in order to haul all 25 kilos of crystal meth out of a Hyundai Sonata vehicle. Check out the photos and read more on the story after the jump!

(Photos) Police Bust Two Men In A U-Haul Truck Filled With $76 Million Worth Of What?!

So, two men who were driving a U-Haul truck filled to the ceiling with $76 million worth of marijuana decided it would be a good idea to run a red light. Now, they’ve got much more than a red light ticket to worry about. Read the whole story after the jump!

(Photos) Real Life “21 Jump Street” Unfolded Right Outside Of Philly, As Cops Make A Major Drug Bust!!!

This came right out of a movie. Apparently in Montgomery County, PA — not too far from Philly — Police have just come up on a pretty big drug bust that included over 7 high schools and colleges. Similar to how Nino Brown took over The Carter, 25-year-old Neil K. Scott formerly of Haverford High and 18-year-old Timothy C. Brooks of Villanova attempted the same with the local high school and college students. See how after the jump.

Local Brooklyn Rapper Caught In The NYC Gun Bust

As we told you about the Bust last night, but A local Brooklyn Rapper named Neno Best got shuffled in with 18 other individuals apart of an NYPD year long investigation, ending in 552 counts(Charges) that include but not limited to conspiracy, criminal sale of a firearm, criminal possession of a weapon. Get below for details.

(Photos) NYC Has The Largest Gun Bust In City History!!

It’s real life, but you would think that this was a TV show the way it played out. During an undercover investigation by the NYPD, one lone officer was responsible for the take down of 19 gun smugglers. Ironically, in light of the stop-and-frisk controversies, Mayor Bloomberg credited the laws for taking 8,000 guns off of the streets. Hit the jump for the full scoop.

(Video) Whoa!! 150 Pimps Arrested And 105 Kids Were Saved During Nationwide Prostitution Sweep!!

Across the country, FBI agents have been rounding up suspected Pimps and saving victims of under aged prostitutes. Underage prostitutes that were known to work venues such as the Super Bowl, NCAA play-offs and tourist hotspots. Known as “Operation Cross Country 6,” more than 2,500 state and federal workers swept 76 cities.

(Warning*18+*Video) Man Pulls ‘Porno Prank’ On Woman?!

LLLLMMMMAAAAOOOO……This is kinda Not funny, But Super funny ‘At the Same Damn Time’, either with preparation of Super timing, or faked just right. I mean shorty seemed as though she could be doing porno’s(no judgment), but if this is an actual prank…Man dude did her DIRTY….Hit the Jump!!

(VIDEO) YUCK! Ex-NBA Player Evicted From Mansion Leaves Behind Filth, Guns, Bullets, Feces & More!

This is bananas.  NBA bust Robert Swift was facing foreclosure last year and refused to leave his house until now and when he did…OH MY…how disgusting!!!! I can’t even stand one crumb on the counter or socks being left on the floor let alone living anywhere near how this kid was living!  Besides just leaving a mess – he left behind guns, bullets, trash, alcohol…and feces! WTH?!  SMH. Check out this video from the new owners of the home….

NFL: Seriously?! Guess Who The Jets Reportedly Have Interest In?! Hint: Bust

Soooo remember last week when we told you that JaMarcus Russell is attempting to make an NFL comeback?!  Oh you didn’t stop laughing yet?!  Well Jets fans, this could become a reality for you. You’re not surprised are you?!  Report after the jump…

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