Man Pleads Guilty To Giving Fake Butt Shots

A man by the name of Vinnie Taylor from Wilmington,NC has plead guilty to injecting a woman with fake silicon butt shots killing her.

BET Employee Dies From Fatal Basement Butt Shots

Sometimes, a big booty is not always worth it. 34-year-old Kelly Mayhew’s death has been ruled a homicide after she received illegal silicone butt shots in a Queens house from a fraud doctor. After she got the shots, sources said she started “gurgling and struggling to breathe.” She was quickly rushed to the hospital and was pronounced dead shortly after.

Transgender Rapper “Black Madam” Admits To Administering Butt Shots To Amber Rose & Karrueche!

It’s no secret that majority of these famous “vixens” now-a-days all go under the knife for plastic surgery, but it’s always entertaining when hearing the stories from those administering the implants. Transgender rapper from Philly who goes by the name Black Madam (real name Padge-Victoria Windslowe) is currently on trial for administering illegal booty shots. During her trial, she recently revealed that Kanye West used to drop Amber Rose at the Doubletree Hotel in Philadelphia where her appointment was booked at with the Black Madam so she could plump up Amb’s booty. Windslowe explained that the Philly native came in for silicon implants and “left a walking billboard” due to the great quality of her work. She also worked on various celebs such as “Chris Brown’s girlfriend (Karrueche Tran)” and was supposed to also do work on Nicki Minaj, but it ended up not going through last minute. Due to privacy agreements, Black Madam was not allowed to come clean about who she worked on but it all came out recently during the trial. However, Windslowe’s work might not be the most credible resource to get your booty shots done with. She is facing murder charges after the death of 20-year-old Claudia Aderotim, a dancer who died from complications after being administered butt implants. Moral of the story: STAY NATURAL, FOLKS!

Pebbelz Da Model Charged With Manslaughter & Sentenced To 7 Years In Prison For Fatal Booty Shot Case

Super thick urban model, Pebbelz Da Model, has been charged with manslaughter and sentenced to 7 years in federal prison after setting up an illegal butt shot procedure which resulted in death for 37-year-old Karima Gordon. According to reports, Natasha Stewart (Pebblez’ real name) “took $200 to refer Gordon to the injector and falsely claimed the person was a nurse.” However, Gordon’s family wrote a letter to the court asking the judge to go easy on Stewart. Pebbelz offered a heart-felt apology during her court appearance. “My heart and deepest condolences go out to Karima Gordon and her family and friends. I’m so deeply sorry. All I ever wanted to do was help Karima,” she said.

(Video) Nya Lee Explains Why She Chose To Publicize Her Butt Shot Procedure

Fake butts have been the new epidemic this past year, and the strippers of the world are definitely not making it any better. However, Love & Hip Hop star Nya Lee pulled the ultimate brave move and decided to make her booty injection procedure viral for the public to see. In a recent interview, she explains how she’s “pro-truth” and has nothing to hide about her physical appearance. See exactly what Ms. Lee had to say about her a** shots below!

(Photos) Naya Rivera’s Back Side Is Looking A Little Thick… Did Big Sean Buy Her Some Butt Shots For Christmas?

Naya Rivera and Big Sean are by far one of my favorite celebrity couples out right now. Naya has an absolutely beautiful model body with a tall and skinny figure, different from the rest of these super thick video vixens. HOWEVER, the “Glee” star recently posted a photo on her Instagram and she grew some serious cakes over-night! We’re not quite sure where they came from, but check out the gallery to see a few before and after flicks.

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