(Video) SMH: Queen Latifah Had A MAJOR Item Stolen From Her!

Photo Credit: Instagram Atlanta does not play. A new report out of Fulton County reveals that robbers jacked Queen Latifah’s 2015 Mercedes Benz S63 from a local gas station last week – but thankfully, not only was no one harmed, but the car has already been retrieved! It was not Latifah herself with the vehicle that day, but rather a friend (or employee) that she’d loaned it out to. This person was pumping gas when a white BMW pulled up beside him, he heard the ignition start and off went the Benz he was caring for. Talk about the panic he must have been in!

Philly PD Goes After Two Men Who Stole A Car And Killed Three Children With It!

Police are on the haunt for two carjackers who stole an SUV and then drove it straight through a fruit stand where a family was trying to make charitable profit for their church, resulting in the killing of three young children. Find out the whole story after the jump!

(Warning*Graphic*Video) Caught On Tape: Car Jacker Shot & Slumped While Attempting Theft

This should be a solid lesson to all those thinking jacking a car will be easy. security raw feed shows as a man was locking up, a car jacking thought he could just shove a gun in this guys face and he’d get out the car, but that is NOT what happened!!

(Video)Check It Out: Fake Chief Keef Fails Carjacking Because He Could Not WHAT???

This is hilarious, a 29 year old from Escambia County Florida who police are calling the fake chief keef on may 18th of this year attempted to Robb a woman on the high way for her car at gun point but when Mr. Antorn Bell aka Fake Chief Keef got in the car he could not drive stick shift(pause) What a idiot. Check out the video on this report.

(Video) Singer Bobby V. Carjacked In Atlanta… Reacts On Twitter

Things got real last night when at least 1 individual armed with a gun jacked singer Bobby V. for his Bentley. Fortunately he survived the situation unharmed & the suspect has been arrested with the vehicle being returned to the Atlanta bred singer. Check out full report & Bobby V’s reaction on twitter after the jump. DJ RellyRell

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