(Photo + Video) Jonny Quest Is Coming To The Big Screen

Jonny Quest is making a comeback.

(Video) Boxing: Mike Tyson Releases Clip Of New TV Show!

Mike Tyson took to social media earlier today, Twitter to be exact, to reveal the exciting news of his new TV show, Mike Tyson Mysteries. Mike Tyson Mysteries has a Scooby-Doo for adults vibe. The show is set to air on AdultSwim next Monday at 10:30 PM. Hit the jump to view a snippet of the new cartoon!

(Video) Nicki Minaj Takes On Animation For Cartoon Network!

Put all of the Anaconda craziness aside, Nicki Minaj has more going on than just a controversial picture of her backside. Nicki has been working her acting chops since her role in The Other Woman with Cameron Diaz and now she’s taking on the animated side of things! Find out more about Nicki’s cartoon role after the jump!

(Video) LOL, This Is Great! Dipset The Movie: Where Is Cam’Ron? [Part 1, 2 & 3]

As an avid Dipset fan (former Dipl0matxmami on AIM), anything involving Killa Cam and the other Dips makes me happy. A new Diplomats cartoon hit the net called “Dipset The Movie: Where Is Cam’Ron?” Check out the three part parody below for a great laugh. It’s still DIPSET, you DIPsh*ts!

(Check The Pics) If Blac Chyna Was A Big Booty Cartoon Character, This Is What She’d Look Like!

As I was scrolling through my IG this morning trying to see what I should blog about, I came across this dope Instagram page with a bunch of hand-drawn pics of Blac Chyna. This young girl is super talented because they all came out really official! One of the most impressive fan pages I’ve seen. If you want to see what Tyga’s wifey would look like as a cartoon character with a big ol’ donk (just like her real one), check out the Chyna Toons in the gallery!

LMAO! Oh Sh*t! South Park Creators Make Fun Of Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

They just can’t catch a break! It all goes down during an episode titled ‘The Hobbit’, which aired on Wednesday night. Kanye West is seen blowing his top as his fiance Kim Kardashian is compared to a ‘Hobbit.’ It all started when the cartoon’s lead characters Butters refusing to go out with an overweight classmate, and subsequently showing his friend Wendy a picture of his ‘ideal woman’, which happens to be Kim. But Wendy clearly disapproves with what Butters thinks of Kim, comparing the reality star to a ‘Hobbit’ Butter is heartbroken when Wendy screws up the picture in his locker and throws it on the floor. LOL see the photos from the episode in the gallery!

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