(Video) Cassidy Recites His Very First Rap From The 4th Grade


In an exclusive interview with DJ Vlad , Cassidy takes it back to the old days. Oh I don’t mean du rags and jerseys, I mean the 4th Grade! Cassidy spits a verse that he wrote in the 4th grade and its still hot! #IFWT!

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#DJFunkFlexApp NEW MUSIC: Cassidy – Who Gone Help Me


On his new record, Philadelphia based spitter Cassidy laments about all of the non-believers that he has crossed paths with throughout his career.

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Battle Rappers A Threat To Artist Says 50 Cent


Are Battle rappers a threat to artist? Well 50 cent says that these new rappers and artist would be in for it if a battle rapper got on a track. Lately if you pay attention to the shots 50 has taken at everyone , in my prior post, you notice when he discredits someone he is merely just saying they can’t keep up with the times. In the very same interview he said how he felt about battle rappers and he had something nice to say … for once.

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(Video) Philly Rapper AR-Ab Talks “Mud Muzik 2″ & Reflects On His Mother’s Passing


AR-Ab has truly been to hell and back. In 2011, he survived being shot multiple times and has been behind bars more times than he’s wanted. After doing a bid in prison for 18 months, AR-Ab is finally in a better place in his life. The Philly rapper is making his way back into the spotlight after releasing the sequel to his Mud Muzik mixtape not long ago. Recently, he spoke out about the project and reflected on the unfortunate passing of his mother. See what he had to say after the jump!

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(Video) Chubby Jag Speaks On Beef With Meek Mill


Chubby Jag Speaks On Beef With Meek Mill
Chubby Jags a part of the Larceny team, and being that hes an artist signed under Philly Legend Cassidy, He was pretty much in beef with meek mill by default after Meek and Cass’s Fall out going track for track a while back. Chubby Jag spoke about his past beef with Meek Mill in this clip from his exclusive interview with VladTV . CLICK READ MORE TO CHECK IT OUT !

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(Photo) Cassidy Vs Dizaster In A Celebrity Boxing Match ?

cassidy vs dizaster

Cassidy Vs Dizaster In A Celebrity Boxing Match
There has been a lot of different perspectives on how people feel the Ether event went about earlier December 2014, Dizaster and Cassidy’s small room rematch has been the source of many debates, with fans splitting the vote down the middle. Those more into complex bars leaned towards Diz while Cassidy’s performance gave him the battle for some others.

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Battle Rap: The Full Cassidy Vs. Dizaster Battle


Over the weekend there was an epic battle taking place(or not). Cassidy and Dizaster were set to go bar for bar. Technical diffucluties and other distractions led to the battle being cancelled. Both rappers did agree to do it all over again the next day. Check out both battles below.

The Rough Draft

The Rematch

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(Video) Cassidy Steps Into The Battle Rap Ring With Dizaster In L.A.! & WHAT Happens?! [Update: Rematch Footage]


The battle rap fans were waiting to have a field day with this one. Cassidy finally found himself on foreign turf after months of interviews and preparation he went up against Dizaster. It isn’t hard to see that Cassidy struggle with his first round, and Dizaster claimed that Cassidy’s crew was preventing him from spitting. The battle lasted nearly one round before the lights were shut off in the building and fans were asked to leave. Both battlers have publicly blamed one another for the mishaps, which included fans and entourage members heckling the MCs. You be the judge. Who won? Check out fan reactions and the video footage after the jump!

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Lil Kim Says She Felt “B.I.G.’s Spirit” When Recording Her New Mixtape


Lil Kim is never one to hold back punches and always states whatever is on her mind, especially when it comes to discussing the late and great Notorious B.I.G.

In a recent interview with Hello Beautiful, Kim shared how Biggie has influenced her career and her.

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(Video) Cassidy Say’s WHO Is Gay? And He Refuses To Battle Them?


In an exclusive sit-down with Philly Rapper Cassidy, VLADTv explored why he does not want to battle Daylyt. Cassidy made it very clear that he’s not fond of him and said “I Don’t Want to Battle a Gay Ni**a.” Daylyt has been in the publics eye a lot lately for saying some controversial things. Daylyts most recent stunts included stripping to his boxers at the Total Slaughter rap event where he was beaten by T-Rex, and admitting in a previous VladTV interview that he “would F*CK Diddy..” It is unclear whether or not Daylyt is doing this for attention, but Cassidy is totally unflattered. Catch the whole interview after the jump.

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