IFWT_Cassidy FlexFreestyles Freestyle034
#Freestyle034 Back just a day later, but when you got that heat, you gotta let the streets have it! Today we’re dropping an artist that quite a few of you have been asking for, Cassidy!!!

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Yeah, the Homie from Philly, which we’ve been seeking for a couple weeks now, but Flex finally said I think Cassidy is downstairs…. and he was, he popped up while we were getting ready to tape Bleek/Manolo, so we taped him too, and he went a cappella….. I already told the world about how the night started since it was the same night as Bleek/Manolo, so lets not waste time;

I do have a story from way back about Cassidy, which if he’s reading this he may not exactly be happy, but I roll honest, and I would have been real about it with him yesterday but he seemed to be in a bad vibe until Flex came, so I left it because I wanted the Freestyle to happen!!!! So years ago when Cass first came to the station, Flex had me take him and Swizzy into a smaller production studio to record a freestyle, which we had Never done before at the station for Flex’s Freestyles back then. Now I had seen Cassidy spit and knew he was dope, but that day it really didn’t translate, although Swizzy tried to give him energy, I don’t think he was feeling the set up. Any way Flex played it, so I suppose it was good enough, but one day Flex went up to the Morning show when Sway and Miss Info were doing it, Sway asked Flex what’s the worst Freestyle he had had recently, and Flex said he couldn’t think of anyone…. but me having to be there to set up Flex’s records(it was still vinyl) because he was going to mix in the morning…. so back to Sway having just asked about a bad freestyle, I made a face, AND Sway picked up on it, immediately asked what that was, I looked to Flex, Funk was like go ahead…. So I said ‘Well, Cassidy didn’t really do what he normally does, it could have been better(?). So any way some time(short time) latter Cassidy, Swiss and them came back up, and I was worried about a confrontation, but not cause I was worried but because I was worried about losing my job if anything happened(Flex and I weren’t as tight yet because I had only been working for him for about a year or so, it takes time to form a real one, And I was there for a long time already, AND I still had a very young baby). Although Flex and Dennis teased me a bit for not staying in the room, it was never actually addressed, I would now like to say I only said him because I KNOW Cassidy is talented, and could have done better, I was a bit disappointed as a fan, it really wasn’t meant to be malicious…….. With that being said, how do you feel this one was??