(Video) Teen Posts A Video Of Her Throwing A Cat Off A Balcony

a 19-year-old by the name of Tikeemah J. Lassiter, was arrested on animal cruelty charges. She reportedly threw a cat from a third story balcony and posted it on social media. Lassiter was visiting relatives in Newark,NJ when the incident occurred.

(Photos) Nicki Minaj Is Looking Ferocious Fierce For The Cover Of V Magazine

Go Nicki Go Nicki GO…the “Only” femcee covers V Magazine‘s latest issue and she works wonders with the cat look. Check it out down bottom.

(Video + Photos) Get A Behind-The-Scenes Look Of Jhene Aiko Getting Feline Friendly For Peta 2

The soft spoken Jhene Aiko links up with Peta 2 for an animal adoption PSA. As she embraces a furry feline, “The Pressure” songstress talks about the importance of adopting as opposed to buying. “It’s important to adopt rather than buy, because there’s so many animals in the shelters that need homes. And they have anything you want …. I just feel like it’s better to give those animals a second chance,” Aiko says. Drop down bottom for more.

(Caught On Tape) A Cat Saves A 4-Year-Old Boy From A Dog Attack!!

Wow! People like to sleep on cats, but this one earned its stripes. California-born Jeremy was playing on his bike outside, when — out of no where — a dog came to him and attempted to attack him, dragging him a few feet. Then, out of no where, the family cat, Tara, came to his rescue and scared the dog away. Check it all out after the jump!

(Video) LOL! BBW, Jackie Christie Screams Murder Plots To Get Rid Of A CAT

CTFU! Jackie Christie is too much for me! Someone call PETA! After TmZ asked the reality star, what should a pregnant women do with her jealous cat, since she’s having a baby, Jackie details all sorts of murderous plots. “Cats are known to suck the air out of the babies,” Jackie says. “That’s a myth, but it’s true.”

(Photos) Two Dogs Chasing A Cat Chew Through A WHAT?!?!?

Here, we got dogs that’ll chew a hole through the wall — or in this case, car. Two pit bulls were on the hunt for the cat — which, after spotting them ran for dear life. It found its way to the wheel well of a car, waiting on top of the tire, when the dogs began to bite through the car. Many residents of the Florida town expressed much concern for their children: many feared that it could have been one of them chased down by the pits. Check out pics after the jump.

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