(Video) Cassidy Does The “You Name It Challenge” Freestyle

Cassidy joins in on the thanksgiving fun with his family by doing the “You name it challenge”. He spits some bars with his family in the background. Check out the funny video after the jump.

(Video) Sick: Mother Does “Drink Your Child’s Pee Challenge”

Mother creates a new challenge called “Drink your child’s pee challenge” then does it. The challenges were getting out of hand but this is way past crossing the line. The Mannequin Challenge started a challenge creation frenzy and while many were cleve many are disturbing. People always have to ruin a good thing. Warning the video is graphic but you can check it out after the jump.

(Video) A New Dangerous Challenge Has Gone Viral; The #BackPackChallenge

Since the running man challenge went viral it seems like every other month another challenge goes viral as well. Recently with the assistance of the Rae Sremmurd, the Mannequin challenge went viral. Now, another challenge has come about; the #BookbagChallenge. In this challenge, a line is formed, and somone runs through the line while they are hit by Backpacks, most of them filled with books. Check out the video after the jump.

(Photo) Blac Chyna Trying To Gain How Much Weight???

We all know Blac Chyna as the sexy stripper from King of Diamonds. When Drake first dropped her name in “Miss Me” back in 2010, everyone started taken notice of her and criticizing her for having a “fake” “plastic” body because her shape was too ideal.

(Video) Florida Begins It’s 2nd ‘Burmese Python Challenge’

You definitely read that correctly. Florida is kicking off it’s second Burmese Python Challenge…where you have an assembled team to hunt down and capture the pythons that lurk in Florida’s everglades. Winners get a nice chunk of change. Hit the jump.

(Photos+Video) LMAO! Find Out What The New Kylie Jenner Lip Plumper Challenge Consists Of!

Ever since 17-year-old Kylie Jenner emerged onto the scene randomly with these nice plump lips, we’ve all been infatuated as to how she really does it since she swears up and down it is “just lipliner.” Everyone, including myself (yes, I went to MAC to ask what products to buy to get my lips to look like hers but please do not judge me), has been trying to purchase every shade and brand that looks similar to Kylie’s to attempt to recreate these beautiful “natural” lips she has going on. WELP FOLKS, it looks like there’s another solution to getting the infamous “Kylie Jenner lips” we all know and love. A challenge has been going around the internet to succeed in doing so. You’re supposed to take a shot glass and put your lips inside it for awhile. When you take the shot glass off, your lips should be looking similar to Jay Z’s. We’ve seen a bunch of people try it and it worked BUT….. there’s a catch. Your lips remain HUGE like you ate something you’re deathly allergic to. However, of course people are still continuing to do it because they’re idiots. See for yourself below for a good laugh.

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