Ok… We’re getting back into action and here’s a great start with the spicy HOODCELEBRITYY!! She’s petite but packs a an exciting lyrical punch.

(Video) Racist Chant SAE House Mother Caught Saying N Word Repeatedly

They say “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” well in the case of Racist Chant SAE House Mother Caught Saying N Word Repeatedly–the old saying is more than on point (SMH)! What Hip Hop song does the house mother claim she was rapping along to in her defense???

(Video) One Expelled Student from SAE Racist Chant Issues Apology

Just in time or too little–too late? Heads have been rolling since the Oklahoma University president brought the hammer down in response to the SAE fraternity’s caught-on-tape racist chant. Now One Expelled Student from SAE Racist Chant Issues Apology, will he be embraced or nah?

(Video) NBA: Dwight Howard & Rockets Players Mock Lakers Fans on Team Plane

Earlier we shared videos of Lakers fans booing Dwight Howard in his return to Staples Center and they also chanted “Howard Sucks.”  Not only did Dwight join in with them on the court, afterwards he got the help of his Rockets teammates to mock those fans on their team airplane.  The hate for Dwight will continue to grow for some. Lol. Check it out…

(Videos) NBA: Dwight Howard Booed In Return To LA; He Joins In On “Howard Sucks” Chants

Dwight Howard couldn’t have cared less what Lakers fans thought of him in his return to the Staples Center for the first time since leaving in the off season to the Rockets.  Fans are still upset and heavily booed him and then chanted “Dwight sucks.”  Well Dwight showed just how much he cared by joining in on the chants.  I mean, what did you want him to do?! Lol. Check it out…

Sports: Matt Kemp & More Athletes Hit Up Jay Z Concert In LA; Kobe Bryant Chants Break Out Between Songs

It seems like everybody made it out to Hov’s show last night at the Staples Center! Limping Matt Kemp along with a few other athletes were there to support Jay Z. Steve Nash actually shared a pretty funny conversation between himself and J on Twitter & apparently Kobe chants broke out in between songs (no surprise there). Check it out…

NBA:(Video) Pacers Fans Create New Chant For Lebron

Fans yelling out chants at opposing players are nothing new. It usually happens when the other team is shooting free throws, just like it did last night in Indiana. But you might have to argue that this particular chant Pacers fans were yelling at Lebron was dead on accurate. The chant “He’s a flopper” rang out all around the arena as James shot some free throws. Just a few minutes before it appeared Lebron flopped again after Paul George gave him some slight body contact. Listen to the chant after the jump. Bron seriously needs to stop before it starts to hurt his legacy.

NBA: Knicks Fans Boo Melo In Pregame Intros & Chant “Fire D’Antoni” During Game

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl Carmelo Anthony heard noticeable boos during pregame introductions, but Mike D’Antoni and the rest of the Knicks deservedly felt the crowd’s wrath, too, for the ugliness that transpired thereafter Sunday afternoon at the Garden.

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