Charlie Sheen Is PISSED That Teen Porn Mom Leaked His Texts …You’ll Never Believe What He Said To Her!

Charlie Sheen is FURIOUS at Farrah Abraham for exposing their private text message conversation. He’s so mad that he calls her, “a desperate guzzler of stagnant douche agua.” You’ll NEVER believe what Charlie says, check it out after the jump!

(Photos) No, She Didn’t! Teen Porn Mom Leaks Text Messages Between Her & Charlie Sheen

Never trust a chick that screen caps! Teen Porn Mom “Farrah” is on a roll these days! To make a long story short, since Farrah’s porn has dropped — she’s been trying to make her way into an acting career. She’s seen in the text messages trying to score herself a role on “Anger Management.” She’s even seen in the texts asking him for a date! See the text messages for yourself below!

Charlie Sheen Changes His Name To What???

Charlie Sheen has decided to change his name back to his original birth name for his upcoming film. Keep reading to find out what it is.

(Photos) AND They’re Off – Charlie Sheen & Denise Richards Battle For Custody!

To court that is. After her suspected use of drugs, Brooke Mueller had her two twins – with Charlie Sheen – Bob and Max taken away from her by L.A. County D.C.F.S. They deemed her home an “unsafe environment,” and since she’s in rehab now, Mueller wants Richards to have temporary custody of her kids. Who will win, Charlie or Denise? Drop down bottom and fill us in on your thoughts. Also, check out the gallery!

Charlie Sheen’s Twins Taken From Mothers Custody, Given To Who?!?!

Charlie Sheen is glad to his twin boys Bob and Max with Brooke Mueller have been taken from their mothers home and will now live with their sister at Denise Richards house. The boys were removed because of their mother’s suspected drug use, and Charlie supports it saying he knows they will be safe and in a stable, loving environment, along with their sister. A hearing has been set to determine where the boys will stay long term and Charlie Sheen’s reps say that he will be fully cooperative and a participant in the process. Hit the jump for more.

“Two And A Half Men” Renewed, Will Angus T. Jones Be A Cast Member?!

Many people thought “Two And A Half Men” was going to tank following Charlie Sheen leaving the cast of the sitcom and now the show has signed for an 11th season. Ashton Kutcher replaced Charlie Sheen during the show’s 9th season and many wondered if Angus T. Jones will still be part of the cast. As you may remember, Jones slammed the show last fall calling it “filth” and urging people to stop watching! So will “Jake” be on the show? Find out below.

(Photos) NO WAY! This Is What Charlie Sheen’s Ex-Wife Denise Richards Looks Like NOW?!

Whoa! Never said skinny was a bad thing until I saw how bad these flicks were. Honestly, the weight loss just made her look way older! Her skin is saggy and I have no idea why she decided to do this when she already had an amazing bod! SMH! Check out what she looks like now!

(Photos) Celebs React To Boston Bombing Capture!!!

After the recent capture of the remaining Boston Marathon Bombing suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, normal folk as well as celebrities have tweeted their relief. Check out who said what in the gallery.

Christina Aguilera Is Moving Next To WHO?!?!?

Christina Aguilera is moving in the same neighborhood as Charlie Sheen. She spent $10 million for a an 11,000-square-foot mansion in Mulholland Estates. The Mansion has 6 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, library, bar, screening room, salt water pool, spa, gazebo, and bathhouse.

(Photos) Lindsay Lohan Attends The “Scary Movie 5” Premiere

Lindsay Lohan attended the Scary Movie 5 premiere yesterday. LiLo showed up to the premiere a half hour late to the event even though she was told not to be late for the event. LiLo and her co-star Charlie Sheen posed on the red carpet for some pics. According to sources, Charlie laughed about LiLo’s lack of professionalism but that he is “absolutely disgusted by all her antics.” Sheen is really feeling some type of way since he tried to help out Lindsay and practically handed her a guest spot on Anger Management. You know it’s bad when Charlie Sheen is complaining about someone’s actions! See pics of them together at the premiere in the gallery.

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