(Video) NBA: DeMarcus Cousins Brings a Mother to Tears After Surprising Her Family With New Car

This was an amazing deed by DeMarcus Cousins and Chevrolet to surprise a mother and deserving family with a brand new car.  The video almost brought me to tears myself.

Auto: GM May Have To Recall 1 Million Cars!!

1 million cars as part of a recall is a big deal, even though the specific reason for it is not. GM may have to recall a total of 1 million cars including some Chevy Malibu’s, Satura Aura’s and Pontiac G6’s. The reason is so petty, but it can cause a inconvienence for drivers. The recall is because of faulty brake lamps. Will it cause any serious, or harmful crashes? Probably not. However it could be an easy reason for a police officer to pull you over and write you a ticket, or just to harass you. The models are from years 2004-2011. If you own any of these vehicles keep an eye out for the recall.

Auto:(Photos) Chevy Finally Releases Car That Has Been Years In The Making

This car may look like a family sedan, but believe me this car that has been literally years in the making is built for performance! The all new 2014 Chevy SS was finally revealed in person today at the Daytona speedweek. Part of the reason for debuting it there is because the Daytona 500 will have a new SS racing in it. It has been 17 years since Chevy last made the rear-wheel drive Impala. Chevy lovers and car enthusiasts alike have been itching for something similar since. The corvette is rear-wheel drive, but that is in a totally different category of rides. The 2014 Chevy SS may have disappointed some people as far as the look, but under the hood and other things that impact how it drives are getting nice reviews. Read more and see a bunch of pictures in the gallery after the jump.

Auto: Chevy Loses One Of It’s Biggest Dealerships

The Chevrolet company might wind up kicking themselves for this in the long run. Marc Heitz, who owns and runs the biggest Chevy dealership in the entire state of Oklahoma decided to sell his business and get away from Chevrolet. Why you may ask? Because the company refused to continue to keep giving the dealership quarterly incentives it would earn by it’s excellent sales. Chevy wants dealerships to look a certain way, even though they are individually owned. I do get they would want their namesake to be kept to a certain standard, but when you have a dealership who is the best in an entire state and the showroom looks amazing then whats the problem?? Read more after the jump. IamJOE357

Auto Talk: Chevrolet recalls 2012 Captiva fleet model over parking brake

That’s no Saturn Vue – that’s the brand-new (sort of) Chevrolet Captiva Sport, only available to most Americans through the magic of the rental car lot. And while we haven’t heard much about the General Motors fleet-only crossover since its debut a little over one year ago, it’s making headlines now because of a potentially faulty parking brake. Funk Flex

Auto Talk: Chevrolet Trademarks SS Designation… Why Now?

The 1961 Impala SS inaugurated the SS trim line to the brand, and its SS cars have found more than a million homes since – examples like this 1966 model helping the way. Turns out, though, that General Motors just got around to patenting the designator SS on April 13, 2012. Funk Flex Find Flex On Google+

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