(Video) NBA: DeMarcus Cousins Flops & Joakim Noah Throws The Only Fit


During last night’s Kings v. Bulls game, Noah fouled Cousins who kinda exaggerated the contact and flopped. What happens after the flop has to be one of the best temper tantrums by Noah in a long time. Hit the jump for details.

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NBA: Joakim Noah Tells Media “Chill The F*** Out” While Defending Derrick Rose


Joakim Noah has had it with people in the media and some fans bashing Derrick Rose seemingly every chance they get. Joakim is doing what you are supposed to do by holding your boy down, but if he is being real he has to admit the injury bug Rose seems to attract brings the doubters. Earlier this week Rose caught some heat from the media when he made comments that sounded as if he really didn’t love the game, but Noah has a very specific message for everyone.

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NBA: Derrick Rose: I Sit Out Games Because I Don’t Want to Be Sore at My Son’s Graduation or Future Meetings


After two major knee surgeries and more recently two ankle sprains, Derrick Rose’s time on the court has been severely limited. As he continues to sit out games here and there, many fans are wondering if he’ll ever be the player he once was or if he’s “damaged goods” like one Chicago newspaper called him.  Well Rose gave a very honest interview about why he misses some games and it certainly rubbed fans the wrong way.

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NBA: More NBA Player Rankings Released, Check Out Where Carmelo Anthony and Joakim Noah Are Placed


After the uproar surrounding Kobe Bryant’s ESPN ranking, numbers 15-11 were released earlier today. Hit the jump to see where some of your favorite superstars were placed.

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(Videos) NBA: Derrick Rose & Kyrie Irving Go At It With Crossovers & More in Epic PG Battle!

NBA: Preseason-Chicago Bulls at Cleveland Cavaliers

Last night the Chicago Bulls and Cleveland Cavaliers battled it out in a preseason game but what many think is a preview of the Eastern Conference Finals.  And no the spotlight wasn’t on LeBron James but instead the point guard battle between Derrick Rose and Kyrie Irving.  Between crossovers and flawless jumpers, it was definitely a sight to see.

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NBA: Check Out Which Team LeBron Says Is “Much Better” Than The Cavaliers Right Now

IFWT_LeBron beats

Since Lebron signed with the Cavaliers earlier this summer, many have speculated that the team would immediately dominate the conference. In a recent interview, James admitted that the Chicago Bulls were the better team. Hit the jump for details.

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FIBA: Derrick Rose Grades His FIBA World Cup Play


After missing the majority of two seasons due to career threatening injuries, the Bulls star recently rated his quality of play during the World Cup tournament. Hit the jump to see what he gave himself.

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(Video) NBA: Charles Barkley Discusses Why He And Jordan Are No Longer Friends


We remember when these two were close! There was a considerable amount of distance between the two legends through the years and now we kno why. He now feels that Jordan “doesn’t like him too much”. Hit the jump for details.

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(Photos) NBA: Brandon Jennings Reveals Who He Thinks The GOAT Is & It’s Not MJ


The Detroit Pistons Guard took to Twitter today and called Kobe Bryant the greatest player ever. He then defended his position by explaining why he gave the Black Mamba that distinction.

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NBA: Carmelo Anthony’s Former Coach Jim Boeheim Says He Should’ve Picked This Team Over the Knicks

IFWT_Boeheim x Melo

When Carmelo Anthony became a free agent he said his main objective when making a choice is his want to win a championship.  It is for that reason that many people thought he would pick the Chicago Bulls.  Instead he chose to remain with the New York Knicks.  The Knicks were able to offer Anthony over $40 million more but Anthony maintains it wasn’t about the money.  He loves New York and believes in Phil Jackson and Derek Fisher.  Anthony’s Syarcuse coach Jim Boeheim says he didn’t make the right decision, from a basketball standpoint.

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