NBA: People Close to Tom Thibodeau Expect Him To Be Fired By The End Of This Season


Amid a rough season where the Chicago Bulls seemed to lose a cog in their rotation every other week, they found a way to make the playoffs as the 2nd seed. Yet, according to people close to Tom Thibodeau, he expects to be fired at the end of the season. Being a coach in the NBA seems to be a tough job considering Scott Brooks was also fired after a string of long playoff runs.

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(Video) NBA: Jimmy Butler Tells Reporter “Put Your F*cking Hand Down” During Post Game Interview


The Bulls are in total command of their playoff series with the Bucks as they won last night 113-106 in double overtime last night. The victory gave the Bulls a 3-0 lead in the best of seven series. When you are up like that you are usually in a good mood and Jimmy Butler was after the game. During the post game press conference he told a reporter who wanted to ask a question “put your f*cking hand down”. He immediately chuckled so it was a light hearted moment but I am sure for a second the reporter was feeling some type of way.

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NBA Report: Chicago Bulls ‘Would Love to Trade Derrick Rose’


A Chicago native and star player, Derrick Rose has been viewed as the franchise player for the Chicago Bulls since he was drafted back in the 2008 NBA Draft. Unfortunately things went downhill for Rose.  He suffered three straight serious knee injuries and has missed large chunks or all of the last three seasons.  Publicly the Bulls have stood by Rose and accepted his choice to sit out the playoffs despite the huge criticism that followed.  A new report however suggests the Bulls are ready to part ways.

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NBA: LMAO! Michael Jordan Has No Chill, He Even Talked Trash To Extras In “Space Jam”


Michael Jordan is known for being the best basketball player to ever grace the court, and he is known for his trash talk game just as much. MJ didn’t care who you were, friend or foe, he was relentless with his talk on the court and it was known to frustrate some of the greatest players themselves. Apparently MJ has no idea how to turn it off thanks to this great story the happened back when they were filming “Space Jam”. Even extras on the set were victims or Jordan’s legendary talk.

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(Photos) NBA: Scottie Pippen Really Opens Up About What Happened When Michael Jordan Retired The First Time


When Michael Jordan lost his father to murder after some cowards attacked him during the summer of 1993, he was forced to look at life different and temporarily at least he lost his love of basketball. He announced his retirement and the entire sporting world was shocked. Obviously we all know how the stories ends now with MJ coming back and winning three more titles and solidifying himself as the GOAT. What we didn’t always know was how his teammates felt and what went through their heads. With the 20th anniversary this week of Jordan saying the two magic words of “I’m Back”, Pippen took some time on twitter to open up about those times and give us an inside look to how everyone, including MJ was feeling at the time. Check the gallery!

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NBA: Derrick Rose is Hopeful About Returning This Season


It sucks to see Derrick Rose injured again but we’ve seen this “will he or won’t he return” play out twice before and both times he went will the latter.  This surgery was however much simpler than the ones prior and will require significantly less rehab.  Rose was in good spirits when he addressed reporters on Monday and though he isn’t certain when he will return, he’s optimistic that it will be this season.

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(Video) NBA: White Guy Problems! Mike Dunleavy Gets Stuffed By The Rim On Ugly Dunk Attempt


C’mon Mike, you’re making us look bad bro! All jokes aside, this dunk attempt last night by the Bulls Mike Dunleavy suggest he should never try it again. Just hit those jumpers and be happy.

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(Video) NBA: Powerade Releases Inspirational Commercial Featuring Derrick Rose & Poetry From Tupac


Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose continues to deal with adversity. On Tuesday, the team announced he has a torn medial meniscus in his right knee, in which he underwent surgery Friday morning. Although the prognosis appears good for now, it is still another bump in the road for Rose. As he prepares for another long road to recovery, Powerade is launching the #PowerThrough campaign. On Thursday, the sports drink company released its latest commercial featuring Rose in an inspiring and powerful ad.

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NBA: Derrick Rose Needs More Knee Surgery! Will Likely Miss Rest Of Season


Chicago Bulls fans gotta be feeling like this can’t be life right now. Derrick Rose will need another surgery on his right knee, and although it doesn’t appear to be as serious as previous injuries, he is still likely to miss the rest of the season.

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NBA: Horace Grant Tells About the Time Michael Jordan Punched 7- Foot, 250 LB Will Perdue


Michael Jordan is infamous for going after his teammates in practice.  He really ripped into them, not just talking trash but actually physically went after them, throwing punches.  Steve Kerr got it once. Jud Buechler another.  Even Will Perdue once — yes Michael Jordan punched Will Perdue, the 7-foot, 250 pound center.

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