(Video) LL Cool J Considering Staring In Chris Dorner Movie?!?!

Since Chris Dorner, the former LAPD officer who went off the deep end and killed four people, made headlines people have been saying that he looks a lot like LL Cool J or Rondell Sheridan (the dad from “That’s So Raven”.) Last night LL addressed whether or not he is considering staring in a movie about the tragic life of Chris Dorner. Watch what he said below.

No Way! Christopher Dorner’s Gruesome, Bloody Death Pics ..For SALE

Christopher Dorner’s badly dismembered, cut up body was photographed after his death, and the pics are now being shopped to the media. TMZ claims they have seen the photos, the sellers showed up to their doorstep — and the shots are extremely gruesome. The top of his head, is gone due to a self inflicted wound due to gun shot in Big Bear, CA last week. TMZ reports, “The body is missing several limbs … including an arm and parts of a leg … and his midsection is charred from the fire that consumed the cabin during the Feb. 12 shoot-out. Despite the intense blaze, several body parts remained intact … including his eyeballs, chest area and penis.” Although, his teeth were barely damaged, that’s why they knew it was him. Photographer is currently on the prowl for a buyer since every website so far has declined.

(Photos) Take A More Closer Look At Chris Dorner’s Cabin

The Chris Dorner Manhunt was finally over a few days ago, when Police finally caught up with him at his cabin. Get a closer look, right after the jump!

Seriously ?! Pro Chris Dorner Protesters Rally At LAPD Station!!!

Why are protesters in favor for Dorner Mad? Hit the jump to find out!

NO One May End Up With The Reward For Chris Dorner Because Of What?!

Those damn loopholes. They’re helpful and hurtful at the same time and in this instance…may piss off a couple people looking for a payday. There were 3 rewards announced for the capture of “cop killer” Chris Dorner, one for a whopping $1 million and two for $100,000 each. Unfortunately, the wording may prevent handful of people instrumental in his capture from collecting on this. Details below.

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