Rihanna Getting Married To Chris Brown In A Two-Piece ?!?!

Rumor Mill: Apparently, the bad gal is planning a wedding for the summer and summer attire is what she’s wearing – FOR REAL. A source close to Rihanna says that she plans on getting married to Chris Brown in Barbados, in a BIKINI, for a carnival-like ceremony. I know that some couples have been known to create an outrageous themed wedding, but Rihanna girl, clowns will make you the butt of all jokes. “This is her “F*ck you!” to the world,” says the source. “She wants to get married in her bikini and have a carnival atmosphere. They want it to be relaxed and fun, like a ‘playground’,” the source adds. I guess we’ll find out when they move in together and she’s rockin’ a diamond studded bikini. Hit the jump for more.

Video: Cop vs Clown- Clown Refuses to Stop Squirting Cars With Water Gun & Attacks A Police Officer!

A well known clown in Milwaukee was squirting people passing buy with a toy water gun. A local police officer asks him to stop and the clown retaliates by attacking the police officer. Check out the Video Below! FunkFlex

Professional Clown Found With Child Pornography

Eww… so creepy! “Sondance The Clown” who was a professional clown at children’s parties and claimed he was a child development expert, was found downloading child pornography in his home! Click below to read more and to also view his mugshot. Melissa Nash

(Photo) NBA: Lol, Really Again? This Is How Gilbert Arenas Met Laura Govan Out At Dinner

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl What’s wrong with this guy? lol It’s not Halloween yet, but Gilbert Arenas has been having fun with his gf/fiance Laura Govan the past couple days. 2 days ago he showed up at the airport looking like THIS. Then last night he went out to dinner at Mortons with her and showed up like…Check it out after the jump…

“Clown” Steals Golf Cart Charged with DWI After Joyride

37-year-old James Straub does not have the best fashion sense. He doesn’t make the wisest decisions while driving either. Apparantly after attending an outing at Terry Hills Golf Course he decided to take a golf cart for a spin. Check out the full story of the grand theft auto clown after the jump. @ShottaDru

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