(Video) Another One? Man Falls Overboard Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship

Video footage has emerged of another Royal Caribbean cruise ship attendee falling into the sea. I don’t know what it is about the cruise line that’s got everybody feeling froggy, but you can check the video after the jump.

(Photos) SMH: South Carolina Man Misses His Cruise Ship Out Of NY, Stabs Wife, And Then WHAT?!?!

Wanna get away? It’s bad enough that this guy and his wife were late and missed their cruise ship. 48-year-old Michael Barber of Fort Mill, South Carolina along with his wife, Thelma, flew from their home state to New York to cruise to the Bahamas, but lacked the proper identification and couldn’t gain entry to the ship. After that, the pair decided to hurry and rent a car and trail the ship with hopes of making it at its next stop. However, during their trek down south, an argument occurred and what happened next came right out of a movie. Check it out after the jump.

(Video) So Sad!!! Two Passengers Fall Off Cruise Ship In Australia?!?

This is a worst nightmare situation when you go on vacation! A couple traveling on a Carnival cruise were with family and friends. At the end of the cruise, their luggage hadn’t been picked up, and the search for them began. Carnival says the couple fell off the balcony in their cabin, and had fallen 65 miles away. Unfortunately, the couple has not been found and the search for them has been called off. When you go on a booze cruise. be careful! Carnival has had the worst year, with one ship getting stranded for days and another shutting down. Check out a video of the story after the jump.

(PHOTO) NFL: Colin Gone Wild?! 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick Caught With Girls Doing Body Shots Off Him!

Do we have another Gronkowski on our hands?!  Oh please say no, we can only handle one Gronk. Lol. Listen, the kid is young and is making major moves – so why not?!  I just don’t see what the big deal is. The National Enquirer got their hands on a pic of Colin Kaepernick on boat cruise in Mexico being used as a bar and a couple ladies taking tequila body shots off him.  The report doesn’t say when this pic was taken, but at least we can tell he’s in good shape. Lol.  Boys will be boys and girls will be thirsty (in more ways than one).  Check it out after the jump…

Tom Cruise Had Wife Auditions!

Tom Cruise has revealed that before his marriage to Katie Holmes his religious group,Scientology, held wife auditions for him!  Members of Scientology were sort of interviewed over a period of time by the head of the church and were in a challenge to be Tom’s next wife.  Hit the jump for details. Steph B

Rihanna Is Rekindling Her Romance With Which Ex?

Rihanna is rumored to be rekindling her romance with one of her exes! According to reports, the duo will be hitting the French Riviera and cruising the Mediterranean. The former lovers won’t be alone, some friends of hers will be joining them on the yacht. Apparently the death of Rihanna’s grandma changed her outlook on life and she wants to make it work with this guy. Read more below. Julie1205

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