Funk Flex Presents Technician The DJ In #5MinutesOfFunk010 on Hot97

Since we left you dry for a small bit, we figured we’d turn it right back around and give you some more of that good culture you crave for, #5MinutesOfFunk!!! Another dope DJ in the house, Technician the DJ, an apprentice of Dj Kid Capri and currently tour Dj for the Lox and other dope acts, recently even Dj’ing with Rae and Ghost at Prodigy last performance.

(Video) Is De Blasio Trying To Get Rid Of Food Pantries In NYC??

To many New Yorkers disbelief, talk of cutting New York City’s food pantry and kitchen budget is more of a reality then we think. Mayor de Blasio wants to slash 1.8 million dollars from last years budget amount of about 11 million dollars.

Wtf…Bronx Woman Cuts Baby From Mother’s Womb And Slits Her Throat

A crazed NYC woman from the Bronx, cut her childhood friend’s baby from her stomach after slitting the 22 year old mother’s throat. The victim died late Friday night and the suspect has been arrested. Read the full story after the jump.

What’s Going On With Our Money? Scientists Laid Off Due To Budget Cuts

It took time, but forced federal budget cuts are costing hundreds of science and medical research jobs. Some lose their job next month at Arkansas State University all cause of forced spending cuts. 30 jobs have been lost because of defense funding cuts for their work detecting bombs. On Friday, they were given plaques for their service. But are the plaques enough? These are just a FEW of the lay-offs underway all thanks to $85 billion in forced spending cuts, called sequester. And as more research grants don’t get renewed, the layoffs will get worse, experts say. It’s just sad because we need treatments for cancer, HIV, and so many more diseases.. and now we’re getting rid of people that can help? Unfortunate.

(PHOTO) NFL: No, He Wasn’t Kidding! Ravens WR Torrey Smith Cuts Off His Trademark Dreadlocks

It’s amazing how different men with dreads look once they cut them.  You just get so used to their look. Well Super Bowl champ Torrey Smith has done it…he cut his signature dreadlocks.  He joked about it before and he really did it.  Fans on Twitter were saying he now resembles 50 Cent.  Check out the pics after the jump…

More Than 2 Million Jobs To Be Cut?!

If immediate federal spending cuts kick in, there will be more than 2 million jobs lost! This definitely isn’t good considering what our unemployment rate is already like. Click below for more information. Melissa Nash

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