NBA: Royce White Will Miss the D-League Playoffs

I’m not sure how to remedy Royce White’s situation concerning his anxiety disorder and his professional career.  He’s often said that conditions within the NBA weren’t suitable for his health and is often quoted saying the Rockets haven’t complied with what treatment should be upheld.  While I along with many others are in dark about exactly what he needs, he’s also having issues in the D-League.  After leaving without permission he returned to only soon leave again citing the playoff schedule would be too hectic.  Read more after the jump.

NBA: Yikes! TMI?! Woman Claims Royce White Likes Girls To Eat His —, Shares Texts & MUCH More!

Well got damn! I don’t know how some of y’all do it! Ladies AND gents – you are both smarter than this! Right?!  SMH.  I don’t even know how to react to this story. NBA baller Royce White (who is currently playing for a Rockets D-League affiliate) is involved with some major baby mama drama. He already has two kids and now apparently has a third and possibly a fourth on the way. Well one of the ladies is speaking on the current situation revealing all kinds of personal information including she’s pregnant, sexual preferences and texts — then you have one of the other baby moms speaking on that situation. To be fair, we don’t know what’s true and what’s not.  We are just sharing what other sources are putting out there…BUT Royce does respond to what one of the current baby mama’s had to say. You’re still with me right?  Ok, enjoy…

NBA:(Video) How Are You 7’5, & Still Getting Dunked On!

7’5 Will Foster, meet 6’3 Chris Roberts. These are NBA D-league players, so I don’t expect you to even know these guys, but a crazy dunk is a crazy dunk anywhere. Roberts, who plays for the Austin Toros, which is an affiliate of the San Antonio Spurs, decided the best way for him to get to the basket was to go OVER the 7’5 Foster. The result is one of the best dunks of the year even though it wasn’t during an NBA game. Check out the dunk after the jump.

NBA: Delonte West Pulls Out of D-League Contract With Texas Legends

Delonte West was suspended and subsequently let go from the Dallas Mavericks.  Since then no NBA teams made him an offer but he was extended an offer by the Mavericks’ D-League affiliate the Legends.  This was West’s chance to prove himself on the court and hopefully garner offers from NBA teams but it appears West will turn down this opportunity.  Read more after the jump.

NBA: Allen Iverson Reveals If He Will Sign With Mavs’ D-League Team & Sends Message To Fans!

Yesterday reports came out that the Texas Legends were lobbying for Allen Iverson to try to work his way back to the NBA by playing for the Dallas Mavericks’ Development League affiliate.  Today, AI took to Twitter to announce his decision.  Check out what he had to say…

NBA: Mark Cuban Addresses Whether or Not He’ll Pick Up Delonte West From the D-League

After a couple suspensions and then being subsequently let go from the Mavericks, Delonte West wasn’t picked up by any NBA teams.  He decided to throw his name in the D-League pool and was picked up by none other than the Texas Legends, the Mavericks affiliate.  So does that mean he could make a comeback to the Mavs?  Read more after the jump.

NBA: Houston Rockets Assign Royce White to the D-League But He Refuses to Go

Selected 16th overall by the Houston Rockets, Royce White has still yet to see an NBA court.  The rookie is battling an anxiety disorder that has caused issues with his team and his NBA career.  The Rockets have decided to send him to the D league as part of a new plan they’ve worked out.  Read more after the jump. Shay Marie

(Video) NFL/NBA: Keyshawn Johnson Thinks Lamar Odom Should Tell The Mavs to ‘F**k’ Themselves!

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl Former NFL stud Keyshawn Johnson knows what it’s like to get jerked around by a coach … and that’s why he believes Lamar Odom should tell the Dallas Mavericks to EFF THEMSELVES for threatening to kick him down to the NBA Development League.

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