A NYC Man Suing For An Amount Of Money You’ve Never Heard Before After Being Biten By Dog

What the hell is an undecillion? Never heard of it? Well it’s the number 2 accompanied by 36 zeros, making it just about more money than we even have on earth and this 62 year old man from NYC wants it all. After being biten by a rabid dog on a city bus Anton Purisma filed a lawsuit last month for his “priceless” suffering. Looks like you found a price though guy.

(Caught On Tape) A Cat Saves A 4-Year-Old Boy From A Dog Attack!!

Wow! People like to sleep on cats, but this one earned its stripes. California-born Jeremy was playing on his bike outside, when — out of no where — a dog came to him and attempted to attack him, dragging him a few feet. Then, out of no where, the family cat, Tara, came to his rescue and scared the dog away. Check it all out after the jump!

(PHOTO) Shantel Jackson Has A New Love

Awww how cute!  No this has nothing to do with Nelly or Floyd Mayweather, but Shantel Jackson does have a new love.  She shared the news with a picture on Twitter & Instagram.  At least this love won’t cause any drama.  Check it out…

(Video) LMAO: This Dog Has ‘Beatles’ Mania!

Kinney The Corgi has Beatle mania, and will not respond to anyone lacking the amazing Beatles British accent. Watch as the dog hilariously ignores his owner again and again until the Beatles accent comes into play!

(Caught On Tape) SMH! Watch As A Man Runs Over A Helpless Dog!!

Come on! It seems that nowadays, no one knows how to take rejection, or in this case divorce without going crazy. Going through a bitter divorce, Michael David Parker took his beef to a new extreme by running over his ex’s chihuahua with his car. He was caught when the entire event was captured on a security camera. Parker’s claiming that the event was an accident, but if you hit the jump and see for yourself, it’s obvious that it wasn’t.

(Photos) Uh Oh! Ray-J Lost His 3 Pound Dog & Will Do ANYTHING To Have Him Back!

Ray J is on the hunt for his missing maltese and he’ll stop at NOTHING to get him back. Ray J’s manager, David Weintraub, says last night Ray J’s puppy Boogotti slipped out of his gated community home in the San Fernando Valley. Boogotti is less than a year old and weighs about three pounds. Ray J is seriously depressed about it and spent the night looking for him in the rain. Ray J is working all day today, so he’s looking for a bloodhound rescue team to go out and try and find his baby! See the doggie below!

(PHOTO) NBA: Paul George Posts Cute Pic With Dog, But Everyone Is Focused on Something Else! LMAO!!

Paul George has been going through a lot lately (along with the rest of Pacers).  He’s been frustrated with refs, his nude photos were leaked online and some of his fashion choices have been questioned.  Well we might of well add this to that list.  He posted up a super cute pic of himself resting with his dog — and while it’s an adorable picture, fans were super focused & had jokes about one certain thing. Check it out & read the hilarious comments…

Doggy Style: Woman Catches Boyfriend Giving Her Pet Dog The Business

This man just took the term “doggy style” to a complete other level. A woman was looking through her boyfriend’s phone when she came across a video of the 19-year-old male having sex with her Staffordshire Bull Terrier. After quickly submitting the phone to the authorities, Wayne Bryson of Louth, Lincolnshire was booked for bestiality. Bryson pled guilty to a charge of performing an act of sexual penetration with a dog and will be sentenced on March 5th. He’s currently out on bond and has been court mandated to stay far away from any animals.

(News) Girl Catch Husband Cheating With What?!

Ladies, imagine going through your mans phone and you catch him having sex with somebody…or something that is not you ! Read what a girl found her man cheating on her with after the jump.

(Video) AWW: Dog Tries To Revive His Friend After Being Run Over!

If this doesn’t show the amount of emotion and compassion filled in a canine, I’m not sure what does! This pup is clearly distraught after his friend was run over. Check out the emotional video, of the mourning companion below!

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