(Video) Baltimore Teen Who Tripped On Drugs Is Okay And Will Be Receiving Help

The other day, a video went viral of a young girl from Baltimore tripping off of drugs. We now have an update on the girl and her condition. She took to record a video with another women stating she is fine. She went in on the man who recorded her while she was not in her right state of mind.

(Video) 19-Year-Old Young Women Starts Tripping After Doing Drugs

Drugs are terrible folks! This 19-year-old girl starts completely tripping after doing drugs. And what do her peers do? They record her rather than trying to get her help.

(Video) Two People Passed Out Completely On Facebook Live

This is crazy. In a video, we see two people completely passed out on Facebook Live. Pretty obvious that these two were probably on some type of drug but it’s truly a sad sight. We can see people standing around the passes out duo with there phones out.

Dallas Woman High On Cocaine Arrested For Spitting On Cops

27-year-old Lacresha Craig was recently arrested on four counts of harassing a public servant. The paramedics were called once Craig started screaming incoherently and flailing her arms around when police asked for her name.

SMH: Cops LIED – The Drugs Found In Desiigner’s SUV Were ONLY Prescribed Steroids

Late Thursday night, Desiigner was arrested in NYC after a motorist called 911 and said they’d gotten into a road rage altercation, and the “Panda” rapper waved a loaded gun at them. Cops had pulled his SUV over minutes after receiving the call, and upon finding pills in the car, charged him with felony possession, felony possession with intent to sell, felony criminal possession of a loaded weapon and menacing. (All 5 car passengers were charged with the first two, just Desiigner got the latter two.)

Chris Brown Was Tested For Drugs While In Jail

According to Chris Brown’s accuser, when he pulled a gun out on her he was on some type of drugs. Brown was later arrested after a stand-off with police. While in jail, he was tested for drugs.

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