SMH: Lindsay Lohan Accused Of Stealing Once Again

I’m not surprised to report this, but I am annoyed. I just don’t understand why Linds can’t get her act together! The girl has the world at her fingertips and she just keeps throwing it away! UGH! Alright let me stop ranting, LOL. For her latest feat, Lindsay Lohan has been accused of stealing an expensive bracelet that once belonged to Elizabeth Taylor, during the filming of Liz & Dick. Details below. Marisa Mendez

Producer Of Film Takes Out Incarceration Insurance For Lindsay Lohan!

Many of us probably didn’t know this existed ,but incarceration insurance exists in Hollywood. In fact the producer of the film “Liz & Dick” had to take out this form of insurance on a well known Hollywood rebel- Lindsay Lohan! She played Elizabeth Taylor in the film. The producer claims it cost him about $25,000 for a shoot that required Lindsay to be there 21 days!   Hit the jump. Steph B

(Video) Lindsay Lohan’s Interview On GMA!

Although Lindsay Lohan snubbed Barbra Walters for a tell all interview, Lohan still went on ABC’s Good Morning America to promote her new movie! Lindsay Lohan plays the Legendary Elizabeth Taylor in the made for TV Movie “Liz & Dick.” During the interview they managed to inform Lindsay that she has a “Half Sister” on “Live” TV!! Ouch! However, Lohan acted surprised and said that not even she knew of such a thing! Click below to see the full interview! Eloisa Melo

Guess Who Passed Michael Jackson On Forbes’ List Of Top-Earning Dead Celebs

Forbes has released their annual list of Top Earning Dead Celebrities, and someone has kicked the King out of his throne, making $210 million in the past year over MJ’s $145 million. Neither figure is chump change though, that’s for sure! I’m sure Mike isn’t up there made about this friendly competition either, since these two were friends before their deaths. The list looks at earnings between October 2011 and October 2012, counting money coming into the artist’s estate, but not deducting for how the estate handles it. The year’s number one likely won’t stay on top for next year, however, as a major chunk of this past year’s earnings came from a huge estate sale. Find out the top 10 below. Marisa Mendez

(Video) Go Behind The Scenes With Lindsay Lohan

Go behind the scene and watch the making of Liz & Dick with Lindsay Lohan. Click below for video Eloisa Melo

(Video) Lindsay Lohan As Elizabeth Taylor

She might be having the worst week ever but any press is good press right? Check out a preview of Lindsay Lohan portraying Elizabeth Taylor in her lifetime movie below! Eloisa Melo

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