PSA: NY Emergency Shelters Info

New York residents have to evacuate or drown! The governor just released new information regarding emergency shelter access. Find out where you can go to be safe after the jump. Emma RABID

New York Evacuating Because Of Irene?

New York is in a State of Emergency. Make sure you stay locked in to #IFWT for updates. Bloomberg has already prepared some of the highest flood threat areas for Hurricane Irene like Battery Park City and Coney Island. Check out the full story on New York’s preparations after the jump. @ShottaDru

Man Shoots Himself In Both Legs, Now Faces Arrest!

This guy is having the worst day ever. First, he dropped his loaded gun on the floor WHILE DRIVING and picked it up by the trigger. After he shot himself in both legs and called 911, they want to arrest him. Hit the jump for more. Emma Rabid

2 Rescued From Water Neck-High in Elevator

Two men almost went under high above sea level-in an elevator! The flood watch is for a reason, apparently. Details after the jump. Emma Rabid

L.A. Sheriff’s Department Responds To Game’s Denial of Involvement In The Investigation

In what seems to be a back and forth battle, the LA County Sheriff’s Department is not believing Game’s denial of tweeting their phone number out to over 500,000 people causing them to back up the emergency phone lines… and they now, the Department has released a statement regarding the situation. Find out what they have to say after the jump!! @ItsLukieBaby

Game Being Investigated After Prompting Fans To Call The Sheriff’s Office

Yesterday Game followers were told that if they called a number that Game tweeted out they could find out information on becoming a intern at Black Wall Street, his record label. As predicted a few hundred fans calls the number only to find out that the number was to the L.A. sheriff’s office and they were not too happy about all the calls. According to the sheriff’s office, the calls flooded their phone lines and slowed up deputies trying to do their job. Game is now being federally investigated for his actions. The tweet has since been deleted, but Game is claiming that it was not him who tweeted the number. Read more about the investigation and the tweet after the jump. @Julie1205

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