Dad Pulls a ‘Catfish’ On His Family?!

Here’s yet another story where a person wasn’t actually the person that one thought they were communicating online with. An ex-husband wanted to keep in touch after the divorce, but it wasn’t in a good way.

NBA: Uh-Oh, Steve Nash Ex-Wife Says He Isn’t Paying ANY Child Support

Steve Nash and his ex wife Alejandra have been locked in a legal battle for a while now. She is accusing him of blocking her from moving to L.A. from Phoenix with their three children. Now you might wonder why would he want to block her from bringing his kids closer to him. Well if you ask her it is all about money, and she might have a point. Read more about the drama after the jump.

NBA: Damn! Details Revealed on How Much Dwyane Wade Pays His Ex-Wife A Month!

I never ever count other people’s pockets, but when the information pops up – you can’t help but to look at it!  This information never came out before, but because of a pending case it has now been revealed.  Money can be such a blessing, yet such an evil thing.  Report after the jump…

This “Blast From The Past” Actor Is Stressed Out Over Major DEBT! More Than $85,000 A Month!

Brendan Fraser is really losing his hair dealing with the ex-wife. Fraser’s expenses exceed his income by a LARGE amount! This “Encino Man” makes about $206,000 a month and he’s in debt about $85,000. I know what you’re thinking. I would stretch his income for the whole year, let alone once a month. Most of his funds are going to professional reps and his ex-wife in alimony. YES, all the monies – alimony. Poor dude, check out his itemized break down of all the bills after the jump.

NBA: First A Groupie Goes After Dwyane Wade, Now His Ex-Wife!

These Heat players are really having some issues with their personal lives since All-Star weekend. First groupie problems, now ex’s. Yesterday, A woman groupie claimed that she slept with Dwyane Wade in his bed on Gabrielle Union’s side in an open letter to Gabrielle…in which Gabby responded to it.  Now, Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife is accusing the basketball star of depriving their children of life-saving asthma medication.  Report after the jump…

NBA: What?! Murdered Player Lorenzen Wright’s Ex-Wife Spent Most of the $1M Life Insurance In Less Than A Year!

The ex-wife of late NBA star Lorenzen Wright is under fire for spending $973K of a $1 million insurance payout in just 10 months. Lorenzen Wright was murdered in 2010 and the case remains unsolved. The whole case is just crazy to me. I talked to a few people that do think her spending habits are bananas (including myself), but there are others that think it’s easy and possible. Check out what she spent the money on & let us know what you think.

(Photos) Usher Officially Puts Up Tameka’s House For Sale (It’s SUPER Nice!)

He said he was going to do it, and now Usher is following through with kicking his ex-wife Tameka Foster out of the house he was paying for…by selling it. He has officially listed the Georgia mansion for $3.2 million, a little over the $3 mil he paid for it in 07. The crib hosts 6 bedrooms, 7 baths, 10-foot ceilings, a huge pool, an in-home gym, 4 fireplaces, a library and what appears to be a spa! It’s dope, yet reportedly Tameka is “unfazed,” saying that she’s good because she runs her own small business and “doesn’t need any handouts.” If that were the case boo, you’d have been left so he couldn’t hold the house over your head. Girl, bye! Check out the crib in the gallery! Marisa Mendez

Former Police Sergeant Drew Peterson Guilty Of Murdering Ex-Wife

Former Chicago-area Police Sergeant Drew Peterson has been found guilty of murdering his ex-wife, Kathleen Savio. The murder occurred in 2004. The jury took fourteen hours before delivering their verdict. Click below to read more. Jason J.

(Video) NFL: Footage of Troy Aikman’s Ex-Wife Arrested; Played The ‘Troy Aikman’ Card

Rhonda Aikman tried to GUILT police officers into letting her off the hook during her drunk in public arrest by throwing around the name of her famous ex-husband & now you can watch the shameless footage. Sabrina B.

Usher’s Ex-Wife Planning To Use His Crazy Stalker Against Him In Court

Man oh man, this guy Usher can’t win! It’s bad enough to have a crazed woman that you have no control of stalking you on your own property…to the point you have to get a restraining order. But it’s even worse to now have your soon-to-be ex-wife use that against you in court while you’re trying to gain full custody of your children! After news broke last week about Ursh’s crazy “friend” being arrested at his Atlanta home, Tameka Raymond has made the decision to bring that into the courtroom battle to show his place is “unsafe” for their children to live. Very unfair and hopefully this won’t stand in court! Details below. Marisa Mendez

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