(Photos+Video) Happy Birthday, Papi! Meek Mill’s Son Celebrates His 4th Birthday!

Dream Chaser’s head honcho Meek Mill took to Instagram bright and early this morning (May 13th) to wish his son Papi a happy, happy 4th birthday. Meek is always showing off his fly little one, who is one of the most adorable little Hip-Hop babies ever. He also posted a video of his son with his baby mama Fahdy in the background waking him up to wish him a happy b-day. Super cute! Fahdy also posted up some adorable pictures of their son for his special day. Check out Papi’s special IG dedications over in the gallery. I wonder if Nicki is getting her soon-to-be step-son anything for his birthday?

(Photos) Oop! Meek Mill Calls Out His Baby’s Mama On IG For Liking Nicki’s Ex’s Pics; She Responds

Meek Mill used to use his Instagram to rant about his emotions, especially when he was arguing with his baby’s mama, and despite having a new chick on his arm – he was back to his old ways last night! After someone close to him noticed in their following tab on IG that Fahdy (Papi’s mom) had liked 3 of Nicki Minaj’s ex boyfriend SB’s pics, they screenshot it and sent it to Meek (we know Meek didn’t do this because it’s a Cricket phone, LOL), who then posted it on IG with the caption, “Follow my bm she b wildin! [crying emoji] why you getting in this baby” Fahdy may have been a TINY bit petty for liking the pics, but nowhere near Meek’s level for blasting it. She then took her page off of private (and gained like 40k followers – go ‘head girl,) and read her baby daddy to filth! Check out her response below, pics in the gallery. Phew!

(Photos) #MCM: Karrueche Defends Her Love With Breezy…& Is Meek Mill Back With His Son’s Mom?

#MCM is always an interesting day on social media! Sometimes girls’ “crushes” are somebody else’s boyfriend (LOL,) sometimes we discover new relationships, sometimes we discover old relationships being rekindled… Yesterday definitely was a case of the ladder, as both Karrueche and Meek Mill’s ex, Fahdy, showed some love to their former – and now possibly current – flames. As we already knew because of their public outing over the weekend, Kae and Chris Brown are once again back on, and she used MCM to defend their on-again/off-again relationship. “Lovers.. Friends.. We love, we laugh, we fight..” Kae captioned a photo of the pair on IG. “It’s complicated and I can’t explain it but it’s not for you to understand but us .. My MCM” Aww! Meanwhile, Meek’s ex and mother of his son took to her Instagram to proclaim the incarcerated rapper as her MCM. She’s since deleted the post, but of course I caught the screenshot as soon as I saw it since I knew she’d delete it, LOL. Meek was in court yesterday in an attempt to be released early but was denied, and it seems like Fahdy is supporting him through the tough time! I’d love to see these two get back together!

(Photos) Meek Mill’s Son’s Mother Lets The Haters & H*es Know What’s Up!

Meek Mill’s ex-girlfriend/son’s mother is usually pretty positive on her Instagram account, sharing images of her adorable sons (one with Meek, one from a previous relationship) and excursions with her girlfriends and family. However, every once in a blue, she has to set people straight (like the time she opened up about her split from Meek,) and last night, she had a word for the girls that always have an opinion about her and try to offer up advice, as if she’d asked them! Check out what she had to say in the gallery.

(Photos) Uh Oh! Is Meek Mill Back With His Baby’s Mother?!

MMG rapper Meek Mill and his baby mother Fahimah, who have a 2-year-old son “Papi” together, are known for constantly posting subliminal messages towards one another via social media, but in this case– I think they might be seeing each other again on the low. His BM’s birthday just passed and she posted a very romantic photo collage on her Instagram which showed two home-made meals, a flower trail, and even some candles to set the mood (if that was you Meek, you did great!) Previously in the week, she also posted some other Meek-related pictures while poking fun at their rocky relationship. Hit up the gallery and let us know if you think they were able to rekindle their relationship despite his sudden fame.

(Photos) Meek Mill’s Son’s Mother Opens Up About Their Breakup

Relationships are work enough in themselves, so one can only imagine how many times that’s magnified by when you add being famous into the mix. Meek Mill and his son’s mother Fahima were together way before he cut the braids off, and attempted to weather the storm as his celebrity began to rise, but finally called it quits right around the time his debut album Dreams & Nightmares hit stores. So what exactly went wrong? There were reports on the web for a while of a romance with Rihanna, but he quickly shut that down, telling interviewers he had someone back home. However, it seems stories like this and more were what ultimately split him and Fahdy apart. Taking to her Instagram just a little while ago, the Philadelphia native shared some insight on why they split, and why she’s happier now than ever. I am so thoroughly impressed, because it takes a strong woman to do what she did! Check out what she said in the gallery.

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