Fahdy and her son with Meek Mill, "Papi"

MMG rapper Meek Mill and his baby mother Fahimah, who have a 2-year-old son “Papi” together, are known for constantly posting subliminal messages towards one another via social media, but in this case– I think they might be seeing each other again on the low. His BM’s birthday just passed and she posted a very romantic photo collage on her Instagram which showed two home-made meals, a flower trail, and even some candles to set the mood (if that was you Meek, you did great!)

Previously in the week, she also posted some other Meek-related pictures while poking fun at their rocky relationship. Hit up the gallery and let us know if you think they were able to rekindle their relationship despite his sudden fame.


I know how it is to have those crazy relationships that regardless of the circumstances, you just can’t seem to let go or give up on the situation. I truly hope these two can work things out and be a big happy family together for their son’s sake. I’m rockin’ out with #TeamFahdy on this one. From the looks of her Instagram page, she seems like a real down to earth chick and that’s what some of these industry dudes need in their lives!