Fahdy and her son with Meek Mill, "Papi"

Relationships are work enough in themselves, so one can only imagine how many times that’s magnified by when you add being famous into the mix. Meek Mill and his son’s mother Fahima were together way before he cut the braids off, and attempted to weather the storm as his celebrity began to rise, but finally called it quits right around the time his debut album Dreams & Nightmares hit stores. So what exactly went wrong?

There were reports on the web for a while of a romance with Rihanna, but he quickly shut that down, telling interviewers he had someone back home. However, it seems stories like this and more were what ultimately split him and Fahdy apart. Taking to her Instagram just a little while ago, the Philadelphia native shared some insight on why they split, and why she’s happier now than ever. I am so thoroughly impressed, because it takes a strong woman to do what she did! Check out what she said in the gallery.

Marisa Mendez